The X Factor UK 2018 Spoilers: Top 24 Contestants (Six Chair Challenge) VIDEOS

X Factor UK 2018 Judges Panel

The X Factor UK 2018 Spoilers: Top 24 Contestants (Six Chair Challenge) VIDEOS

In about a month, The X Factor UK will be back on ITV, with judges Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field sitting on the panel. But the 6 chair challenge has already been taped. Thanks to some awesome audience members, a list of the top 24 acts has leaked. Their names are below, along with (when available) YouTube links to them singing.

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You’ll notice that one act in each category got the Golden X. This is a twist that you might recognize from Got Talent that has now been adapted to X Factor. Each judge can press the Golden X once for an act, and that act can no longer be swapped out for anyone else. The Golden X does not allow an act to skip a round, but it does give them peace of mind, and I guess that’s worth something.

I wrote up initial thoughts on each act we have a YouTube video for. My initial thoughts? This year is already a lot better than last year.

Without further ado, the 24 acts through to Judges Houses ARE…

Girls – Simon Cowell

  • Bella Penfold (GOLDEN X) – YouTube – She’s got a lovely voice but this was pretty generic.
  • Shanice Smith (Shan Smile) – YouTube – Nice voice, plays guitar, great song choice – she’s got potential.
  • Maria LarocoYouTube – I like her a lot. She’s got charisma and a strong voice. I could end up rooting for her.
  • Scarlett LeeYouTube – I didn’t love her last year, but the judges seemed too. So I’m not surprised she’s back. I hope she improved.
  • Georgia BurgessYouTube – I like her a lot. She’s got a great voice, and I like the arrangement on the song.
  • Molly ScottYouTube – The song choice didn’t help. It’s been done to death. She sounded good but she’s probably not going to make live shows if this is the best she can do.

Boys – Louis Tomlinson

  • Dalton HarrisYouTube – I like his voice but I hated the arrangement of the YouTube clip I saw.
  • JSOLYouTube – He’s got a great voice. Very soulful. He also clearly knows who he wants to be as an artist. I think he could go far.
  • Thomas Pound – No videos yet.
  • Brendan Murray (GOLDEN X) – YouTube – He was in Eurovision in 2017. His voice is high pitched but I really really like him. He’s a contender, and I’d say that even if he didn’t get that golden X.
  • Armstrong MartinsYouTube – Was on The Voice in Nigeria. He’s got a good voice, but I don’t think he stands out too much.
  • Anthony Russell  – YouTube – He made it to judges houses last year but dropped out for personal reasons. I didn’t love him last year. I hope he’s better this year, otherwise I don’t understand why he made it through again.

Overs – Ayda Field

  • Olatunji YearwoodYouTube – He’s in the same genre that Reggie N Bollie were in except he can sing. Not my thing but he could do well.
  • Janice RobinsonYouTube – She’s good an interesting voice. I could see myself liking her based on the song.
  • Ricky Rumour (GOLDEN X) – YouTube – I’ll be interested to see him sing live and not with autotune.
  • Claire – Don’t know last name, so can’t find a video.
  • Giovanni SpanoYouTube – He’s got a good voice but parts were a little bit off to me. Wonder what kind of edit he’ll get.
  • Danny TetleyYouTube – Great voice – best in his category.

Groups – Robbie Williams

  • VibeFive – Manufactured group, no videos yet.
  • Misunderstood  – YouTube – I love their voices. They blend really well together and are great individually as well. They could go really far and I could see myself rooting for them.
  • Sweet Sense – Manufactured group, no videos yet.
  • LMA ChoirYouTube – A choir on X factor? That’s a first. I don’t think they’ll do great. BGT is the show for choirs.
  • A-Star (GOLDEN X) – No videos yet.
  • Burgundy Williams & Panda RossYouTube (Burgundy)YouTube (Panda) – I remember Panda from X Factor USA season 2! I don’t know why they put her in a group but it will be cool to see her again. She lost a ton of weight but she hasn’t lost her vocals.

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