The Voice UK 2019 Recap – The Knockouts 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

It’s part 2 of The Voice UK 2019 Knockouts. Tonight, the second and last set of 12 contestants will perform for their coaches. Only four will move on to the semi-finals.

The Voice UK Recap – The Knockouts 1 Live Blog (VIDEO)

The singers will rehearse with their coach and guest mentor. Years & Years’ Olly Alexander will join Jennifer Hudson, Anne-Marie will work with Olly Murs, James Arthur will team up with Sir Tom Jones and Nicole Scherzinger joins

Eight singers will move on to the lives, chosen by their respective coaches. However, at the end of the show, UK fans will be able to vote ONE eliminated contestant through to the next round via the “Lifeline” twist.

Team Olly Murs

Georgia Bray – Black and Gold by Sam Sparro –  Georgia was jazzy in the Battles and will bring more in the same vein this time as well. Anne-Marie thinks she can be a great role model for girls with similar voices. Georgia is scared of attempting the big notes. Olly has to convince her to go for it. She hits the big note, which is actually not all that high?  She fumbles the key change a bit. Jennifer loves her look and presence. Will felt she “put all her art in that.” Tom says, “The song suited you.”  Olly compliments her on hitting the high note.

Molly Hocking– Human by Christina Perri –  Olly thinks Molly lacks self-confidence. Molly just got silver braces, which she’s never sung with before. Upon hearing the song choice, she panics. “It’s a massive song and I lack confidence in singing bigger songs,” Anne-Marie calls her voice pure, but thinks she’s holding back on the chorus. she says.  “Open up and use that range you’ve got,” says Olly. The thing is she DOESN’T have a big voice. That’s not her charm anyway–it’s her pretty tone and subtle phrasing. But Olly did manage to tease some big notes out of her! Jennifer calls Molly “really really special in every way.” Will says she possess an old soul for an 18 year old. “Your voice gets me every time,” says Olly, “I loved it.”

Stefan Mahendra – God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande – Stefan is part of a band, who are along to support him. Stefan feels out of his comfort zone singing a female song. “All the girls will go mad!” gushes Anne-Marie. She felt he was playing it safe, though. “I just want to believe it…a bit more flavor,” says Olly. Stefan begins the performance from the balcony, making his way to the stage. It’s an interesting song choice. I like his soulful tone. He’s really pushing his upper range, here. Jennifer thinks he’s amazing, “Yes God is a woman!” she says. Will thought it was too mellow until he brought the “fire.” Olly feels he delivered “massively…you smashed it.”

Results: Olly chooses Molly Hocking. Georgia Bray and Stefan Mahendra are ELIMINATED

Olly invites Stefan to join his London shows on tour. That’s nice.

Team Jennifer Hudson

Nicole Dennis – Because of You by Kelly Clarkson – She’s currently in Dreamgirls London. She and Jennifer dueted during the Blinds. Nicole is thrilled with the song choice. Olly notes her vulnerability. “Tell your story,” says Jennifer. During stage rehearsals, Nicole becomes emotional. Up until now, she has performed Broadway type songs. She applies some of the same techniques to “Because of You” and I think she oversang it. But she does have a big strong voice. Olly says she smashed it out of the park. Will feels she really delivered. “You have a tremendous voice,” says Tom. Jennifer felt her heart and emotion. “I feel like you’re my baby sister!”

Remember Monday – Jailbreaker (Original) – The trio is a “country pop girl band.” Oh, they sang Phillip Phillips “Home” in the Battles. Jennifer is allowing them to sing an original. Mentor Olly is “blown away” by the song. “I think they may have written a hit,” says Jennifer. They sound much better harmonizing than they do as solos. The song’s chorus is catchy. But this performance is a bit sloppy. “Loved it!” says Olly. One of the girls is crying. I wonder why. Will appreciated the risk they took. “I loved it,” says Tom. “It’s a hit.”

Bukky Oronti – Set Fire To The Rain by Adele – 17 year old Bukky is very VERY excited by the song choice. The song is a little too big for her. But she’s got a nice tone and good phrasing. She’s a young singer with lots of potential. Tom “loved it…I can hear you come through that song,” he says. “You’ve really come of age in this competition,” says Olly. “You have so much character and personality in your voice.” says Jennifer.

Results: Jennifer Chooses Nicole Dennis. Remember Monday and Bukky Oronti are ELIMINATED It’s no surprise that Jennifer chose the singer she identifies with the most. 

Team Will

Again, Will is allowing his team to choose their own song. 

Ilianna – Street Life by Randy Crawford – Oh. Ilianna has such a weird voice. I still don’t get Will choosing her.  Nicole and Will have SEVERAL suggestions for her. She oversings and has trouble staying on beat.  She’s tamed down some of her vocal tics. It’s her best performance so far. But she still does that weird hiccuppy thing and dips annoyingly into her lower register. This is a great classic song, by the way.  “Really quirky, really different,” says Olly. 

Emmanuel Smith – Made A Way by Travis Greene – He did such a beautiful job with “Hallelujah” in the Blinds, he got a 4 chair turn. The singer chose a gospel song. Nicole calls it honest and pure. “I think he’s special.”  Emmanuel is a very heartfelt singer. He conveys emotion beautifully. Olly says, “It really inspired me.” Jennifer is on her feet as Emmanuel explains why he chose the song, by singing bits of it again. She throws her shoes. “He’s gonna minister!” Will runs on stage to deliver a hug. Oh boy. Christina should probably just head home now. Will is proud that he chose a song “true to your heart.”

Christina Ellinas – Pretty Hurts by Beyonce – Christina was completely star struck by Nicole. Will likes her vibrato and how she controls it. “If she wasn’t afraid, Christina would be unstoppable,” says Nicole. The song shows off Christina’s range, she pours herself into the song, despite being nervous. “You really sung that from the heart,” says Olly. Christina admits she’s never sung the song in public because it’s hard to sing. 

Results: Will Chooses Emmanuel Smith. Ilianna and Christina Ellinas are ELIMINATED

Team Tom Jones

Ayanam Udoma – Thunder by Imagine Dragons – Oh gosh. This is such an odd song choice for the shey Ayanam. “Slight insecurity and he wears it on his sleeve,” observes James. “I’d buy the album right now.” Yikes. There are so many songs better suited for Ayanam’s style. This song needs to be sung with strength and confidence. Ayanam literally SHAKES with fear on stage. His pitch is terrible. BAD BAD BAD. Tom picked great songs for his singer’s last week. It’s like he’s trying to sabotage him. Jennifer is “proud” of Ayanam. Tom is also “proud.” Ayanam’s  entire family is in the audience. 

Bethzienna Williams – River by Bishop Briggs – Tom still can’t pronounce her name correctly. Hm. Oh. He stole her in the Battles. She’s shouty in rehearsal. “You’ve got a sound,” says James. “Give us more growl in the chorus” he tells her. Her vocal is over-stylized, but she’s got a strong stage presence. Good song choice for her. She needs to watch her pitch! Olly calls her “brilliant.” Jennifer says, “I’m happy to see you shining.” Tom thinks she can command the stage. 

Cedric Neal – Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel – I can tell already that Cedric is going to nail it. He totally connects to the lyric. James warns him not to oversing. “Don’t’ give away any notes until you get to the chorus.” Yep. Everyone else can just go home now! Cedric is taking the studio to church, right here. He breaks down at the end as Jennifer throws both of her shoes AND a book. Olly calls it “incredible.” Jennifer says, “It was so pure, so honest.” Tom calls it “perfection” and challenges anyone to sing it as well. 

Results: Tom Chooses Cedric Neal. Ayanam Udoma and Bethzienna Williams are eliminated. 

The LIFE LINE vote is open for UK viewers. Y’all got 1 hour and 30 minutes. The winner will be revealed at next week’s LIVE SEMI-FINAL. 

Moving on to the Semi-Finals

Deana Walmsley – Team Tom
Cedric Neal – Team Tom
Moya – Team Jennifer
Nicole Dennis – Team Jennifer
NXTGEN – Team Will
Emmanuel Smith – Team Will
Jimmy Balito – Team Olly
Molly Hocking – Team Olly

Eliminated and Eligible for Lifeline:

Equip to Overcome and Roger Samuels – Team Tom
Ayanam Udoma and Bethzienna Williams – Team Tom
Sarah Tucker and Connie Lamb – Team Jennifer
Remember Monday and Bukky Oronti – Team Jennifer
Callum Butterworth and Gabriel Dryss – Team Will
Ilianna and Christina Ellinas – Team Will
Harrisen Larner-Main and Eva Campbell – Team Olly
Georgia Bray and Stefan Mahendra – Team Olly


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