The Voice UK 2018 Blind Battle Rounds 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

The Voice UK 2018 Battle Rounds continue on ITV 1!  Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and Olly Murs pit team members against each other in epic duets. Only one of the two will advance to the Knockouts, unless stolen by another coach. Each coach is allowed ONE steal.

Team Will

Anna Willison-Holt Vs Nandi – Teardrops by Womack & Womack (Joss Stone Version) – Anna is only 17. During her audition Will turned for Nandi at the last minute. Will advises the singers to find the emotion in the song.  He confesses that somebody broke up with him using that tune. Yikes. Anna has tuning problems. She did in her audition too. I think Nandi is the clear winner here. Neither are winner material, however. Tom loved it. He wouldn’t know which one to pick. Olly liked them both as well. Will wants Tom to steal the loser. Hm. Team Will chooses Anna. Uh. NO. Dang. The whole gang is bullying Tom into stealing Nandi. And now the crowd. Team Tom Steals Nandi

Team Olly

RYT Vs Jamie Grey – Falling Slowly By Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – Neither act knows this song!!! Even the brother sister folk duo What the heck. Olly is worried about all of them–they were flat in rehearsal and lacked confidence. Jamie is really good, though. The duo were iffy in their audition, and they are still here. Jamie’s solo was a standout and should earn him a spot in the next round. Jennifer calls the performance “beautiful.” Olly felt the performance came together. He can’t decide. Team Olly chooses Jamie. RYT is Eliminated. Good choice.

Team Jennifer

Jake Benson Vs Jilly Riley – Every Breath You Take By The Police – Jennifer reminds them they were being too “friendly.” It’s a battle! There needs to be tension. Not to mention the song is about a creepy obsession. They are both good, unique singers. But I’d pick Jilly. She’s a retro rocker, but at the same time, she’s interesting. Alas…Team Jennifer chooses Jake. Jilly is eliminated.

Team Jennifer

Harri Oakland Vs Ross Anderson – September Song – JP Cooper – Jennifer began coaching these young singers on the spot. i.e. neither is ready to compete. “They took their notes well, but they still have a way to go.” Yeah. Maybe in a few years they would have been ready. Ha. She’s not EVEN attempting harmonies with these boys. Both are hopelessly out of tune. THIS IS BAD REALLY BAD. Oh wait. There ARE harmonies. Unfortunately. BAD. “I really love the energy,” says Olly, diplomatically. He’d prefer Harri. Jennifer admits she took them on as a challenge. She thinks nerves got the best of them. She should DITCH THEM BOTH and bring back Simon Davies from last week. Team Jennifer chooses Ross Harri is eliminated.

Team Tom

Chloe Jones Vs Kalon Rae – Vincent by Don McLean – Kalon is the fabulous singer from Italy. I hope he wins the battle. Chloe is really good though. Her phrasing and tone is beautiful. I have to say, I can’t blame Tom if he chooses her. It’s a good duet. They’re actually singing together, with restraint and feeling. One of the best Battles so far. I wish they could both advance. Tom can’t go wrong with either, says Jennifer. Will likes Kalon’s amazing earrings. Tom mentions that he’s friends with Don Mclean. Team Tom chooses Kalon. He was impressed with the singer’s range. Oh too bad. Only Will has a steal left. He’ll probably save it. Chloe deserved to be saved. Simon and Chloe BOTH ROBBED.

Team Olly

Bailey Nelsen Vs Kirby Frost – Friends by Justin Bieber and BloodPop – Olly picked a song young fans would like. Unfortunately, neither was feeling it. They are both teens, but neither of the singers is familiar with the tune. Olly feels they aren’t grasping that they’re in the big time now. They need to step it up, he says. Bailey is underpitch. But Kirby, while she has a few vocal issues herself, has tons of stage presence. I’d pick her. Jennifer calls the performance “amazing.” Will liked both performances too. Olly breathes a sigh of relief. Team Olly chooses Kirby. Bailey is eliminated. The RIGHT choice. Will tells him not to quit. But he’s not going to steal him.

Olly encourages a Will impersonator in the audience to sing “I’ve Got a Feeling.” They hug it out!

Team Jennifer

Jason Nicholson-Porter Vs Tesni Jones – Let It Be by The Beatles – They’re both parents. “The singing parents,” Jennifer calls them. Both oversing in rehearsals, so Jennifer gives them tips on how to dole out those bells and whistles judiciously. Jason is clearly the best singer in this matchup. He not only has an effortlessly soulful voice, but confidence as well. They both overdo the last verse. But Jennifer probably doesn’t mind. Jennifer calls them the strongest vocalists on her team. Team Jennifer chooses Jason. Jennifer tries to convince Will to steal Tesni. He says he’s got someone on his team like her already. Tesni is eliminated. Wow All that went on in front of the contestant, who is just standing on stage awaiting her fate. Cold.

And that’s it until next week. More Battles.

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