The Voice UK 2017 Blind Auditions 6 Live Blog (VIDEO)

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The Voice UK airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV 1.

The Voice UK 2017 sixth night of Blind Auditions air on its new channel ITV 1. Season 6’s new coaches Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and Gavin Rossdale continue to build their teams.

Tom Seals – Mess Around by Ray Charles – Twenty-three year old still lives with his mom They are very close! He helps out around the house. “I’m the biggest mummy’s boy,” he says. He’s been studying piano forever. He’s a chubby lad, so he figures it’s better the coaches hear him first. Dude is very Elton John-like. He’s a good piano player. His singing is decent, but the 50’s era Jerry Lee Lewis schtick is kinda corny. Nobody turns. – No Turns

Stacey Skeete – Shackles by Mary Mary – This 27 year old music teacher instructs children. She’s done session work and “function” gigs, but is ready to break out. For a gospel singer, I think she lacks passion. She’s no Jhud, but Jennifer is entranced nevertheless. Pitch problems everywhere. Still, Jennifer and Tom hit their buttons. Gavin loves her style and voice. “Singin’ that song, I had to turn around,” gushes Jennifer. “I think you have a wonderful voice…wonderful range,” Tom notes her pitch problems. No surprise Stacey chooses Team Jennifer Hudson

Lia White – Four Five Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney – Her little brother loves She wants to make her family proud. She’s seventeen years old and sounds it. A pleasant tone, but there are pitch problems and she’s not really digging into the lyrics. Will and Tom both turn. Will says he turned because there was something in her performance that was “glimmering,” He admits some of it was “wobbly,” but he sees potential. Her brother is brought out to sit with his hero Will. They play with the chair a bit. Little bro makes the decision for her. Lia chooses Team Will

Ciara Harvey – Nessun Dorma – Eighteen year old lives in a “little village.” Oh geez. She’s an opera singer. Nobody is going to turn around. It’s been established that these coaches aren’t interested in venturing outside of the pop box. We’ve seen a couple of opera singers rejected already. WE GET IT. She’s pretty good for a young gal though. The family is backstage, gutted. Gavin almost turned. The coaches have second thought and ask to bring her back out on stage. Huh? Oh, they see that she’s young and pretty and REALLY regret it. They want to give her a pep talk rather than just allow her to walk off. – No Turns

Sam O’Hara – “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys – He lives in a “caravan” aka a trailer in a park, which his parents own, apparently. Oh wow. He performs a slowed up take on “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys. I’m intrigued. This is nice. He’s got a soulful voice with a bit of a rasp. He’s distinctive. Then he breaks out into a Brian Wilson falsetto. If nobody turns…c’mon. Gavin should turn! He’s thinking about it. NOBODY TURNS. IDIOTS. Geez. What the hell. “I don’t think he believed it,” says Tom. Eh. He had as much potential as that off key teenager Will chose earlier – No Turns.

Keziah Rodell – Work Song – Twenty year old is first year in University. She’s been singing since 11 years of age. She admits she hasn’t sung much in front of people–but that’s hard to believe. A sweet slinky tone, she’s good for somebody with so little experience. Gavin, Will and Tom all hit their buttons. Oh. A rare four chair turn! The coaches give her a standing ovation. “I think you can save me,” says Gavin. “You have a handle on what you’re doing.” Gavin boasts that he just signed a deal with Jay Z as a writer. Hm. He promises to help her create a full package. Jennifer promises to do EVERYTHING to grow her talent. “Team JHud takes care of her own.” Tom admits that he may not be a song writer or record producer but he is a SINGER. An experienced one. “I love the tone of your voice.” Will scoffs at Gavin’s offer of fashion advice. He’ll help her grow as an artist. Surprisingly, Keziah chooses Team Gavin Rossdale

Hannah Omerad – Wake Me Up by Avicii ft Aloe Blacc – Twenty seven year old works on a farm. We see her baling hay and tending to the cows. Her boyfriend sent off her application without informing her. She’s a “secret singer” who performs on her tractor. She admits she’s never sung in public. I believe it. A super nasally country singer, she’s twanging up this Aloe Blacc song. Gavin notes how pitchy she is. Definitely not ready for prime time. Aw. She’s devastated when nobody turns. “She wasn’t pouring herself into the song,” says Tom. – No Turns

Septimus Prime – Love Yourself by Justin Bieber – Ha. The first name is for real, but he goes by Prime like the transformers. He’s a 19 year old from a large family. He stopped music in high school to play football. But an irregular heartbeat put an end to his sports activity. Now he’s back to music. He calls himself a “real life transformer” because he has a pacemaker thing inserted for his heart. He’s covering The Biebs. He’s got pop potential. Somebody is gonna turn for this. He’s an OK singer, but he could be marketed. Tom turns at the last minute. The others are a little shocked when they turn. Probably because he’s black. Will digs the name of course. – Team Tom Jones

Nadine McGee – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – Eighteen year old lives with her mum and dad. She works in an office during the day. She sings a jazzed up version of the song. There are a few pitch things, but her tone and delivery are unique, and mature for a teen. Oh…she’s gotta work on that pitch though. Tom hits his button at the last minute. She breaks down into sobs. Tom loved the tone and control of her voice. “You’re too good not to be on this show,” he says. She continues crying. “I hear all kinds of wonderful things in your voice,” Tom adds. – Team Tom Jones

Looks like we’re going on to week 7 for the Blind Auditions. The coaches teams are nearly full, so I expect next week will be the end of blinds.

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