The Voice UK 2017 Blind Auditions 4 Live Blog (VIDEO)

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The Voice UK airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV 1.

The Voice UK 2017 fourth night of Blind Auditions air on its new channel ITV 1. Season 6’s new coaches Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and Gavin Rossdale continue to build their teams.

Jack Bruley – “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton – He’s a 20 year old and always being mistaken for a woman. It must be his blond tresses. He’s a teaching assistant. “Singing is a way of showing your emotions,” he says. His nine year old brother looks up to him. Jack has a pleasant soulful tenor. Nice falsetto too! Jhud whispers, “I’m on the fence.” He needs to bust out a big note to get a chair turn. This is a little subdued. Jennifer wrinkles up her face and hits her button. Clearly still on the fence. He has a nice voice, but he needs to work on his dynamics. Jennifer feels she can help him, because he has the raw materials. Gavin says he’s glad Jennifer turned her chair. Tom didn’t like his song choice. Will asks him if he has a girlfriend. That’s a bit presumptuous. He tries to push him to sing with emotion, a grittier edge. Will and Jenn are literally coaching him on stage! “You need to come to a place where you connect to the song,” Will says. Good advice – Team Jennifer Hudson

Ryan James – Heard it Through the Grapevine/Superstition – Twenty six year old works a high pressure job in finance. He’d rather be a musician. Yet another blue eyed soul singer. This one is a little more dynamic even if his voice isn’t as sweet. Nobody is turning though. He hits a big note and STILL nobody turns. NOBODY TURNED. That was crazy. He was better than the fella before him. Weird. He’s so disappointed. Dang. “I’m gutted,” cries mom. Gavin thinks he should come back next year. – No Turns

Hadleigh Ford – This Year’s Love by David Grey – He’s a 38 year old primary school teacher. He uses music as a tool to teach his kids. “You can stealthily teach children through music.” He and his wife recently had a daughter. Hadleigh says he’s naturally drawn to Gavin. He’s got an interesting tone. Very compelling Gavin turns, enthusiastically. The family celebrates. Gavin says the singer has a “truth in his voice.” Tom looks a little sorry that he didn’t turn. – Team Gavin Rossdale

Liza Baker – Alone by Heart – She’s a 44 year old tribute singer. Oy. She impersonates Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Whitney, Shirley Bassey, etcetera. She’s from Tom Jones’ hometown. She wants to step away from her tribute soundalikes. Well, good luck with that. She hits a huge note. Well, she sure knows how to belt. It’s still cheesy as hell, though. Jennifer hits her button. Oof. Oh well, she’ll make great Battle Round fodder. By request, she belts out a little Whitney. Doesn’t sound anything like her. Jennifer calls her delivery “effortless.” – Team Jennifer Hudson

Lots of one chair turns today.

Jon Middleton – “You’re Beautiful by James Blunt – He’s a shy 19 year old busker. When he’s behind his guitar, he can show the world who he is. He has a girlfriend, Megan. A trembly guitar plucker, Jon has a certain vulnerablity that’s appealing. But he’s got pitch problems and he sounds nervous. Tom considers pushing his button but he doesn’t. I’m not surprised there were no turns. He looks devastated. He admits he was very very nervous. – No Turns

Clara Hurtado – Latch by Disclosure – Twenty year old singer is originally from the south of Spain. Her parents met in a band. She sings in English and Spanish. Too many pitch problems. She’s warbling around the notes rather than hitting them. “Really good,” says Gavin. Not really? Tom, Gavin, Jennifer, Will all hit their buttons. I don’t get it. Will speaks to her in Spanish. Tom notes she started off flat. Uh…and she stayed flat. But the coaches don’t think so. Jhud says she can help her find great songs. Tom thinks she’s a beautiful singer. Gavin believes she has “so much potential.” Clara chooses Team Will

Ryhann Thomas – “Swear” by All-for-One – 28 year old works in a factory making car parts. It’s just a day job for his music career. He has a family, though. “My kids–this is for them,” he says. His voice is sweet and soulful, but a little generic. There are some pitch issues too. Tom turns at the very last second. JHud considered it, but didn’t. “It felt a little rocky to me,” says Jennifer. Tom loved his phrasing and senses a “fresh spark.” Well, he heard something I didn’t. Will babbles on and on nonsensically, which he has a tendency to do – Team Tom Jones

Chantelle Jackson – “Don’t Let Go By” by En Vogue – She’s a 23 year old receptionist and the youngest of five girls. She has a good voice: On point, a great tone and she sings with energy and verve. Ooh. She’s got a little rasp going too. Jennifer push your button. NOBODY TURNED FOR THIS GIRL. IDIOTS. Jennifer almost turned, but she didn’t. Chantal brushes it right off her shoulder. Good for her. She was way better than that Ryan dude Tom turned for. – No Turns

Tanya Lacey – All the Man that I Need by Whitney Houston – She’s 31. She co-wrote a song for That success gave her a bit of momentum, and then everything stopped. The money dried up and depression set in. She teaches youth music workshops now. She’s never met Will, and is excited to do so. Will urges Jennifer to turn. She hits some big notes in the chorus which prompts Tom and Gavin to turn. She sings underpitch throughout. It’s not pleasant. “I should have turned around!” says Will. Tom says she has a “wonderful way” about her. He touts his experience. Gavin calls her voice “beautiful.” Gavin notes he’s also a songwriter. Will flips out when he learns she wrote one of his songs. “I SHOULD HAVE TURNED AROUND,” he repeats. Tanya chooses Team Gavin Rossdale

I’m can’t figure out the logic behind some of these choices…

PS: Here’s the song Tanya co-wrote for Will. 2011’s T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) ft. Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez

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