The Voice- Top 12 Rankings/Power List (with a dash of X-Factor)

Now that The Voice has chosen 12 acts to battle it out to get to win a recording contract, they’re all on the same playing field. No longer are they just competing against their own teammates, they’re competing against singers from other teams (just like on X-Factor).

With that said, here’s how I think things stack up:

12) Melanie Martinez- I think her special quality is not something that grows on America over time. I think, like DeBorah, her quirky palate is limited. Could you see her doing an uptempo song? I can’t. Not believably anyway. She may be long for this world…

11) Dez Duran- I’m actually surprised he got America’s vote. I don’t know what that says about Adriana Louise, but I’m guessing Dez’s vanilla approach to music isn’t going to get him to the finish line in this competition. There are better singers, and there are better performers.

10) Adriana Louise- That being said, I think Adriana is a fantastic singer, but her inability to beat Dez has me concerned about her staying power in the competition. Plus, now that America is voting for everyone, she’s losing votes to power singers like Amanda Brown and Michaela Page (and even Cassadee).

9) Michaela Page- Basically the same thing I said about Adriana can be said again here. She failed to be in the top 2 of her team losing to Cassadee (who is NOT as good of a singer). She might get a chance to increase her standing through the weeks, as I don’t think she’s at risk of leaving the competition next week.

8) Cody Belew- I practically have to put the “judges picks” at the bottom, since we know that they didn’t get as many votes as at least 2 other people. Cody really surprised me last week with a great vocal. I’m worried that his chameleon like talents are causing him to lose out to people less talented than him. it seems like Cody isn’t sure who he is as an artist, or where he fits in. Cody will need to stick to a genre/type in order to see this thing to the end.

7) Nicholas David- I’m a little worried about how his quirky quality will translate through every performance. He falls short in group numbers because they’re out of his style. I feel like it’s entirely possible for Nicholas to win this thing, but I also feel like just one wrong song choice could go horribly awry and get him eliminated.

6) Sylvia Yacoub- She’s been flying mostly under the radar until last week. One good performance does not make a frontrunner. A dark horse? Perhaps.

5) Cassadee Pope- A polarizing contestant that somehow managed to snag America’s vote. Are her fans from her previous efforts voting for her? One thing I’ll give Cassadee high marks for is her stage presence. Her and Amanda are tops in that category. They’re born performers. Which brings me to…

4) Bryan Keith- His lack of performance quality could keep him from winning this thing. Though, his voice seems to be just the thing that wins singing competitions. And a lack of personality didn’t seem to hurt Lee Dewyze…

3) Trevin Hunte- I know. I know. Look, I’m completely realistic. This type of singing almost never wins. I think he’ll go far (like AI’s Josh or like Frenchie on Season 1), but I don’t know if he’ll be the winner. I do think he’ll make the finale. For sure.

2) Terry McDermott- Likeable. Great singer. Has the ability to do both ballad and uptempo. Seems to resonate with the audience. I expect him to do well and go far.

1) Amanda Brown- I’m making a bold prediction here. I think Amanda will go the distance. And because there is so much focus on other contestants, she’ll never seem like the frontrunner. People will say Trevin, or Nicholas, or whoever. But I don’t think anyone is thinking Amanda is going to win this thing. I’m going to say that right now.

Just touching BRIEFLY on X-Factor, it’s tough to do a power ranking since they released the results. Heading into next week, I will say I do NOT expect Arin Ray to be in the bottom 2. I think his fanbase will save him. It’s possible that even Cece’s fanbase could save her (though doubtful). I’m surprised that Lyric145 is so low, but I think their fans now know they need to do more work. If I had to guess, I would say CeCe would be taking on either Paige, Beatrice, or Diamond (who got a boost simply by being put back in the competition). If this is a double elimination week, then CeCe will go straight home, and two of those will face off. I knew when they were going to show America’s vote that Tate was going to be #1. I’m not sure I would have gotten any of the other rankings correctly (except for CeCe in 12th, of course).

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