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The numbers keep fluctuating, but Dia Frampton has hit #1 on iTunes, Javier got as high as #3 tonight, and Javier  #4 on iTunes. This final is a race between Dia and Javier.  If iTunes continues to be the Dial Idol of The Voice, Dia will win.

The best original out of a very weak bunch was Dia’s “Inventing Shadows”.  The mime hands in the background were distracting. But once I got passed that, I kinda liked the song, despite it being an Adele knock off.  It’s the only song of this bunch I can imagine on the radio. Javier’s ballad was corny and generic.  Vicci’s song, “Afraid to Sleep” was an attempt at an epic anthem that fell way way short.  Beverly’s song was stuck in the 90’s but she managed to sell it. She had the solo performance of the night.

The duets pretty much creamed the originals. But of course they would.  Classic songs that have stood the test of time vs original songs hastily put together by songwriters looking to make a quick buck.  That’s not a contest. Pairing up these unknowns with recording stars make the comparison even more ridiculous.

I thought Christina was being her typical narcissistic self when she picked one of her own songs for the duet with Beverly. But then Idol’s Katharine McPhee showed up to remind us SHE’D be singing “Beautiful” in her brand new show “Smash”. A promo of Katharine singing “Beautiful” followed, and I had to wonder who really did the choosing.

Most ridiculous, but awesome moment of the night went to Cee Lo and Vicci in their cover of “Love Is a Battlefield” re-imagined as a glammy punchline.  Kids dressed up to play the hooker parts from the classic video? Pretty over the top.

Tomorrow is the final, and I can honestly say that once it’s over, I won’t give this show, or it’s contestants another thought.

Tonight is the final performance episode of the Voice. America will vote for one of the Top 4–Either Beverly McClellan (Team Christina), Dia Frampton (Team Blake), Javier Colon (Team Adam) or Vicci Martinez (Team Cee Lo)

I’ll be live blogging all of the performances tonight!

The judges take the stage to sing “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury – A little unrehearsed, are we peeps? Scream it out Christina! Voices? Not really blending! It was Yelly Mcyellerton and her pals! HOT MESS Y’ALL. – VIDEO

The Top 4 are introduced!

Let’s take a look back at our groundbreaking season. In other words….FILLER!  The snooz master, Carson Daly interviews the contestants, asking the most obvious questions possible.   The 4 are so nervous, they can barely put sentences together.  Carson interviews the judges  next and…zzzz….

Alison in the social media room…ZZZZZZ. Plz ditch this useless twitter crap next season.

Tour begins on July 27  in Los Angeles

Javier ColonTeam Adam – “Stitch by Stitch” -written by Dave Hodges, Dave Bassett, and Lindy Robbins; produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins) –  “I love this song, I love this story, ” says Javier.  Oh. It’s all about his wife and his family. Chris Medina redux, y’all. The tune is a ballad with Javier on guitar.  Well, this isn’t bad. I don’t love it. Not sure it’s a hit, but it’s got a very pretty melody.  Thing is, the covers are always better, because a fantastic song  like “Time After Time” is hard to top.  I don’t think Javier has ever been as good as he was the first time we saw him singing the Cyndi Lauper classic.  Blake says he’s always in awe when Javier sings. He has a lot of respect. Christina thought he sounded really nice.  Cee Lo says he embodied the song so well, it sounded like his own.  Coach Adam says Javier is really an amazing guy. He gets choked up a little bit.   Vote at iTunes1-855-864 – 2301 – VIDEO

Blake Shelton & Dia Frampton – “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers –  Dia has helped Blake find his innocence again. Dia says Blake is a great teacher. Ha Dia looks super cool in a black suit and shades playing guitar.  Ditto Blake! She and Blake look like the Blues Brothers. Really cute!  They sound surprisingly good together. How does Dia sound so fantastic singing just about…anything?  They perform the song with an easy rock beat and a country twang.  Very very nice! High five! The duets do not count as votes! –  Download VIDEO

Vicci Martinez – Team Cee Lo – “Afraid to Sleep” –  (written by Billy Steinberg, Josh Alexander, & LP produced by Butch Walker)  ( Avril Lavigne, Pink, and Weezer) She loves Pink and Dashboard Confessional. “It’s an epic song and it builds” says Vicci.  Vicci feels she’s lucky that her coach is not only a singer, but a producer as well. Hm. Sounds like a Melissa Etheridge reject.  Big song, it swells, Vicci emotes. Eh.  The chorus? Uh oh oh Uh oh oh.  Not really that compelling! Vicci puts her all into this generic fare, but there’s not much to be done with a song that’s a dog.  Adam says he bought every single second of her performance. Adam gave her a pair of jeans today.  “I can’t say she’s been in my pants like…” jokes Blake. ” You won’t take no for an answer. I congratulate you, ”  says Blake.  Christina calls her a dynamic performer. Cee Lo believes in Vicci. He feels she’ll be a force to be reckoned with  Vote at iTunes – 1-855-864-2302 – VIDEO

Pitbull & NeYo take the stage – Not sure why we have guest performers tonight, when we could be hearing more from the contestants. Whatever. – VIDEO

Alison twitter chick is telling us what is trending! Thanks for the bulletin! /who cares.

Christina Aguilera & Beverly McClellan – “Beautiful” – Christina chooses HER OWN SONG for her duet with Beverly.  She says the song will be performed tonight like it’s never been performed before.  Christina looks like she’s about to head out to do some gardening in that ridiculous floppy hat she’s wearing.   The song begins quietly, accompanied by acoustic guitar.  This sounds great so far. I’m waiting for the caterwauling…any minute now…1…2…3.  Ok. it never comes.  It’s a lovely and powerful performance from the duo. Kudos to Christina for stepping back and allowing her contestant to shine.    DownloadVIDEO

KATHARINE MCPHEE IN THE HOUSE!  She’s there pimping her new NBC drama “Smash” set to premiere after “The Voice” in January.  After, a promo for the show runs and Kat is singing….”Beautiful” Oh I C. SYNERGY!.  – VIDEO

Dia Frampton – Team Blake – “Inventing Shadows” – (written by Fraser T. Smith and Josh Kear; produced by Fraser T. Smith for MyAudiotonic Productions) Dia’s original tune was produced by Frasier T Smith, who worked with Adele (Cee Lo Green, and Taio Cruz).  Dia recorded her last record in her mom’s house, you could hear the dishes rattling. The new tune is very Adele like in both sound and lyrical content. The song is suited to Dia, but sounds like a retread. Having said that, it’s my favorite of the originals so far. Dia has a beautiful, unique voice. If she can work with good songwriters and develop her own style as a singer songwriter, she could break out. Christina says she also had mimes in shadow boxes! Cee lo enjoyed the song, and expects it will be #1 on iTunes. Adam didn’t really like the Mime stuff in the background. Blake trash talks back! “What’s going to be distracting is all that iTunes stuff when Dia is at the Top!”   Vote at iTunes1-855-864-2303 – Vote at iTunes –  VIDEO

Adam Levine & Javier Colon – “Man in the Mirror” –  Javier is sooo glad that he chose Adam. Best. Coach. Ever. Adam feels Javier has already made it at this point.  The performance feels karaoke. I’m surprised, because Javier usually manages to put his own spin on his covers.  Even the Whooos Whooos sound ripped off. Couldn’t they have at least changed the arrangement and orchestrations a tiny bit? I guess it’s a homage.  Vocally, they both sounded great.  Javier really has some impressive pipes. I just wish they would have changed it up a bit. –   DownloadVIDEO

Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton sing “Don’t Drink The Water” – Twangy! – VIDEO

More twitter uselessness with Alison.

Beverly McClellan – Team Christina – “Lovesick” – (written by Peter Zizzo, Dan James and Leah Heywood; produced by Bill Appleberry)  Beverly thinks it’s a hit! He’s worked with the Fugees and Stone Temple Pilots (also Puddle of Mudd and Kate Voegele). It’s got A LOT OF CRESCENDO. That could be good…or not. This tune would be a big hit…in the 90s. The big rock tune is suited to Beverly’s huge vocals, but I can’t hear this on the current charts. Not even HAC. But it’s solid. Beverly puts her all into it. She’s a great performer. This is my second favorite song, behind Dia’s, of the night. Cee Lo is love sick! Cee Lo admits she’s a favorite of his. “You killed it again tonight.” he says, and admits the coaches watch rehearsals. Adam says she’s fun and amazing. “If music was crack, you would have a serious problem, ” says Blake. Tuck that boob in Christina! I was distracted…what did Christina say? – 1-855-864 – 2304- Vote at iTunesVIDEO

Cee Lo Green & Vicci Martinez – “Love is a Battlefield” – OMG. Cee Lo and Vicci ARE FIERCE! Cee Lo is dressed in a bright red leather ensemble with shoulder spikes.  Like a wacked-out Adam Lambert.  Vicci is bedecked in black feathers.  The vocals aren’t great, but that’s not the point. I’m laughing my butt off. The presentation is an homage from Pat Benatar’s video. They’ve got little kids playing the hooker parts.  Cee Lo is CRAZZZEEE.  He’s actually scaring me a little right now – DownloadVIDEO

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