The Voice Season 16 Top 8 Results Live Blog: Top 4 Revealed

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 8 Results" Episode 1615B -- Pictured: (l-r) Andrew Sevener, Rod Stokes, Shawn Sounds -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight The Voice Top 8 will become a Top 4.  Now that viewers have voted for their favorites, 3 will automatically advance to the finals. The bottom 2 will be automatically eliminated. Singers in 4th, 5th and 6th place will sing for the Instant Save. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend will be on hand for the massacre, along with host Carson Daly.

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Tonight your finalists will be revealed let’s give it up for the coaches!  Kelly & Rod will be performing as well as Season 9 finalist Emily Ann Roberts performing later but first it’s Blake Shelton performing his new single “God’s Country.”  Not going to lie, I think Blake is the biggest star to come out of The Voice.  Not a country fan, but that was a good performance from Blake and it’s a huge hit for him.

Now the top 8 come out to the stage.  Maelyn Jarmon was once again the most streamed Voice artist in overnight voting. Oh more questions.  Dexter you went from driving a rock truck to being here what would it mean to move on?  Dexter says it’s a dream come true and he’s blessed.  And now a question for Rod.  Last night Kelly said you have a natural ability to touch people emotionally what’s an important lesson you’ve learned on the voice?  Rod says be yourself, this is a platform, everyone’s different and he’s thankful for the opportunity.  He’s humbled and honored to be a part of this.

The first artist saved by America is (Carson reminds us these are in no order)…

Your first finalist is…..  Maelyn Jarmon Team Legend!  The audience is going nuts!

Another finalist and Kelly/Rod duet coming up.  But first Blake tells us about Kris Branch winner of Voice snapchat gets to perform live on the Voice.  There’s a taped montage of her preparations and a piece of her performance.

And now we are back with results.  Another question to Shawn, what’s a lesson you’ve learned here that you would like to pass on to your students?  Shawn says give 100% and connect to whatever you’re doing in life, find your passion.  And now a question to Gyth, when you look back on your journey what is your stand out moment?  Gyth said Blake was his first concert and being able to perform in front of him and be coached by him brings it full circle.

The next finalist is…..  Dexter Roberts Team Blake!  Dexter is stunned…

Finalist count Team Legend 1 and Team Blake 1.

Some friends fo the show the Jonas brothers have a special announcement…. they will be performing their new single on the finale next week!  Taylor Swift will also be here.

The two time Voice winner and top 8 finalists Kelly Clarkson and Rod Stokes are now singing a duet Chances are.  Kelly is so good, and Rod is having plenty of chances to shine.  Kelly is a great duet partner.  This is a little shouty in parts but overall better than most of what we heard last night.  The other coaches on their feet.

More results!  The remaining artists come out.  Andrew’s question is what have you learned about yourself by being on the show?  He says anyone can grow with hard work.  The whole experience has shortened his progression time.

The third finalist is……..  Gyth Rigdon Team Blake!  (HUGE SHOCKER not!)….

Once again Blake has 2 artists in the finale….

Season 9 finalist Emily Ann Roberts from Team Blake debuts her new single “Some Day Dream.”  I believe she is managed by Kelly’s husband could be why she managed to get a performance slot when the rest of the winners mostly can’t.    She looks beautiful and as she is singing they are showing clips of her team on The Voice.   This song is not my cup of tea, it’s repetitive and boring but Emily sounds good on it, hits some big notes.  All coaches standing and Blake whistling.

More results!  The 5 remaining artists take the stage.  The 3 artists who will be singing for the save in no particular order…

Shawn Sounds… Team Legend!

Rod Stokes…. Team Kelly!  (no surprises so far)

Andrew Sevener… Team Blake!  (again no surprise)

Kim Cherry and Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake) are eliminated.

This is Andrew, Rod, and Shawn’s last chance and they selected their own songs.

First up Andrew Sevener Team Blake singing Simple Man.  This is a good song choice for him.  He’s playing the guitar and standing at the mic.  He is doing a nice job on this, he has a rich country voice.  Definitely among his better performances.  Blake says that was enough to get him into the finale.  Blake says he wish he would have saved it for the finale because he was so connected to it.  Andrew is the real deal, country to the core, he deserves to be in the finale.

Up next singing Brother Rod Stokes from Team Kelly.  He’s really concentrating on this song, he has his eyes closed and he sounds slightly nervous, maybe off pitch as well.  This isn’t as good as we’ve heard him on other songs I think he is trying too hard. He had energy though.   All coaches on their feet but I didn’t love that.  Kelly says she has dying to sing with a voice like his her whole life.  She starts crying and saying she hopes he doesn’t go home tonight but she’s glad they got to duet tonight.

And now last up singing That’s What I Like Team Legend’s Shawn Sounds.  Very weird song choice, upbeat songs don’t usually work for the instant save.  This is not good for Shawn, it’s not doing anything to show off his voice.  I think this was a bad choice for an instant save song.  The audience wants big glory notes.  This song has high energy but doesn’t showcase his big range.  Meh.  John says America you saw what Shawn gave you tonight, he feels so fortunate to work with someone who is musically gifted.  His voice is so special, he does ballads, uptempo and he does it all beautifully.

Now Andrew, Rod, and Shawn are all center stage.  Tweet #VoiceSaveAndrew #VoiceSaveRod or #VoiceSaveShawn.  The Voice instant save starts now!  Five minute voting window counting down…

During commercial break Andrew is slaying the Instant Save by about 10 points.

Our tweets at home will decide the winner.  Andrew tells Blake it’s been an honor, his amazing wisdom, he’s so blessed.  He appreciates it.  Rod says thank you to Kelly for the opportunity it’s been a blessing, no matter what happens he’s accomplished a great goal.  She’s uplifting and positive and encouraging.  Shawn tells John he’s been following him a long time, it’s a big deal to be standing here.  He thanks him for everything and he’s taking out to the world and will make him proud.

Blake tells Andrew everyone’s season ends next week.  This is the not the end of the road for you, and he’s going to book him in his bars if he goes home.  Kelly tells Rod shes proud of him, he’s rare talent and rare spirit.  She hopes America saves him.  John says they are all three fantastic human beings and singers.  He gets so much joy from working with Shawn  He’s worked hard and mastered his craft.

The Voice Instant Save window is now closed.  The time has come.  America instantly saved Andrew Sevener Team Blake!

Rod Stokes and Shawn Sounds are eliminated.

The four finalists are:

Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)

Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)

Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)

Andrew Sevener (Team Blake) (Instant Save)


Kim Cherry (Team Blake)

Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)

Rod Stokes (Team Kelly)

Shawn Sounds (Team Legend)

Team Kelly and Team Adam are eliminated from the finals.

Next week is the big finale!  See you then!


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