The Voice Season 16 Recap – Battles Part 3 – Live Blog and Videos

THE VOICE -- Battle Rounds -- Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Maxwell, Talon Cardon -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 16 Battle Rounds continue tonight. The coaches will prepare their teams to do battle with the help of celebrity advisors. Adam Levine will work with pop hitmaker Charlie Puth, iconic country duo Brooks and Dunn will join forces with Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson has invited tour mate Kelsea Ballerini to help out, and R&B producer/artist Khalid will lend a hand to new kid on the block, John Legend. Carson Daly serves as host.

Teammates are paired up to perform duets. Afterward, the singers’ respective coaches choose a winner who will move on to the next round. The loser is eliminated UNLESS they are stolen by a fellow coach. Each coach gets 2 steals.

The battle to win the voice is more meaningful than ever!  The celebrity advisors help prepare the artists.  The performances are better than ever!  The tension is at an all-time high.  Only John, Kelly and Blake have steals left.  The battle rounds continue right now…

Let’s check in with John’s first pairing of the night…

Betsy Ade vs.  Lisa Ramey “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile

Lisa’s voice is more soul, while Betsy’s is pop-rock.  John says they both deliver raw-energy.  The song is about being the underdogs.  It’s perfect for Lisa because it’s her second time on the show.  Lisa auditioned in a previous season and didn’t get a chair and this season John turned.  Betsy is a substitute elementary teacher and plays in a band at night.  The song has a slow build, and it crescendos to a powerful, piercing place.  It transcends genres, according to John.  Betsy says Lisa commands attention, and Khalid says Lisa’s voice captures you.  Betsy misses her son, reads his note.  She is singing the song for her son.  Lisa says Betsy is fire, she tells you a story and nothing will distract you from it.  Khalid tells them about a car accident that he had that made him decide to pursue his dream of music.  He tells them to reflect on everything that has brought them here.  Flash to stage rehearsal… Betsy can’t wait to sing the song.  John is torn about this one…

The battle begins right now…

Lisa starts off tender, she is wearing all black and her hair is in her signature mohawk.  Betsy is also wearing a black suit.  Betsy sounds like she is talking in this part of the song, not loving that.  When the key raises, this is better, Lisa is hitting some big notes.  Betsy has a weird vibrato thing going on, but she hits some power notes too.  Some of these moves are a little weird.  Quiet, tender ending.  All four judges on their feet.  Kelly is cheering (they must have heard something I didn’t).  I thought it was good but not great.  

Adam says he was into both of them.  Loved the power and emotion of it.  Blake tells them it was a magical moment.  Lisa had the edge in the verses (I agree).  Betsy had more power, good luck John.  Kelly says they exuded power- vocal, emotional and a blessing to watch.  John is worried because they both deserve to be on the show.  They aren’t afraid of the stage, they embrace it.  The winner of this battle is….  Lisa!  Lisa electrified him just a little bit more with her power.  He says it was just a hair more.  Betsy Ade is available to steal, Kelly Clarkson wastes no time.  We have a steal!  Kelly said Betsy blew her away and she used her last steal.  Betsy Ade is now Team Kelly!

Welcome back to the battles…

Let’s see how Adam and Charlie are doing with the next Team Adam pairing..

Mari vs Anthony Ortiz  “I Like Me Better” by Lauv

Mari likes being bold with her hair and makeup.  She grew up in a musical family, her parents are worship leaders.  Anthony says it’s a dream to work with Charlie Puth.  He grew up in a skateboarding family and working in a bakery.   Anthony says Mari is tough competition.  Charlie says Mari reminds him of Esperanza, a jazz singer and Anthony reminds him of himself at that age.  The song is in a male key so Mari will have to work a little bit harder.  The stage rehearsal goes well, Anthony is wearing a weird red hat.  Mari is ready to go.

(Season 15 winner Chevel Shepherd, Lauren Duski, Sundance Head, Kennedy Holmes & Kirk Jay, Alisan Porter, Jordan Smith, Chris Blue, all appear in a Toyota commercial.)

Battle starts now..

Anthony starts off, he has such an airy voice.  Mari’s voice is more powerful.  Anthony is wearing one suspender and the red beanie hat.  Mari has on a sparkly jumpsuit.  Mari’s a little hard to understand in a few places, but I’m not a fan of Anthony’s style of voice.  Don’t really care who wins this one.  This is okay, but nothing special.  Tonight a little disappointing so far.  I’m still waiting for the energy in this song.  Meh.  

Blake says it was a fun performance.  Anthony sings like he’s whispering, and Mari has fun stage presence.  Kelly tells them vocally it was great, Mari killed it.  John said Mari took ownership of the song gave her energy and funk.  Adam liked their chemistry and energy.  Felt the nerves got Anthony, but he finished strong.  Mari was amazing, they did a great job.  The winner of this battle is….. Mari!  (Not surprising based on coaches comments).    Adam says Mari is just a little superstar who comes out of nowhere.  Anthony appreciates the platform and the advice. Anthony Ortiz is eliminated.

Up next two country pairings from Team Blake and Team Kelly…

Hannah Kay vs.  Andrew Sevener “Tequila” by Dan + Shay

Hannah is star struck.  She’s from a small town, she has focused on music out of high school- gigging and doing radio tours.  Andrew works on motor homes and then gigs at night.  He comes from a family of musicians.  This song pushes them both out of their comfort zones.  Blake wants to hear them sing something that is out right now.  They are both getting a lot of coaching since the song is a challenge for them.  

Battle starts in the middle, mini-montage, showing only clips of their battle.  they are both wearing cowboy hats and Andrew is playing guitar.  They both have powerful, classic country voices.  Blake says the song forces them to step up.  Kelly says a solid point.  The winner of this battle is… Andrew!  Blake loves how he loves the song.  Hannah Kay is eliminated.

Team Kelly up next

Abby Kasch vs. Jackson Marlow “Bring on the Rain” by Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw

This is one of Kelly’s favorite songs.  Jackson is struggling he never sings harmonies.  Kelly helped his confidence.  Abby met Kelsea at a concert before  Another montage, Abby is wearing a giant necklace, Jackson a leather jacket.  Interesting they montaged both the country battles.  Abby sounds better here, putting in some runs.  Kelly says they hit her in different ways, Jackson has a rich voice, and Abby is unbridled.  The winner of this battle is… Abby!  That was the right choice.  Kelly says she has a passion for music and love of the stage.   Jackson Marlow is eliminated.

Let’s check in on John’s next pairing

Jacob Maxwell vs. Talon Cardon “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police

Both of them have Dads who are cops and they are singing a song by the police and they both work in restaurants.  They both gig on the side.  This is a horrible song choice.  John wanted to see how they would do on a more up-tempo song.  The rehearsal does not sound good.  Jacob says Talon’s voice is complex and fills the room.  Khalid tells them to shake off their nerves.  They are both struggling with nervousness.  Talon wants to work on showing his personality.  At stage rehearsal, John tells them to loosen up a little bit more.

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Girls are screaming as they enter.  Let’s see if this goes better than rehearsals.  They sound much better as they start off.  Good harmonies.  Voice crack from Talon.  This is a little boring for me, but they sound much less nervous and they both have good voices.  I just don’t like this song choice at all for a battle.  They are jumping at the end.  Kelly and John on their feet, the crowd loved it.  Maybe I’m just grumpy tonight.  

Adam says he loves the song, it’s one of his favorites.  Adam says Jacob was a little more in control.  Blake thought Jacob had a little more grasp overall.  Kelly said Talon kept up, the song suited Jacob more.  John is proud of both of them, they executed the way they talked about.  Talon’s voice is thinner but cool on top.  Jacob’s voice is rounder and gorgeous.  The winner of this battle is… Jacob based on the tone that John tends to like.  Talon thanks John for the opportunity and for the chance to follow his dreams.  Talon Cardon is eliminated.

Kelly & Kelsea get the next battle ready.

David Owens vs Rebecca Howell “Unchained Melody” by Leann Rimes (Righteous Brothers)

Kelly gave them a class song that suits them both.  Rebecca is from a small-town, she likes to fish and ride four wheelers.  She just graduated High School. Rebecca didn’t expect to get this far.  Rebecca and David have great respect for each other voices.  David got married and had a premature baby this year, and he’s from Indiana.  (Hoosiers represent!)  Kelly says David’s voice is so beautiful, with smoky butter tone.  Kelly says Rebecca is on a whole different level then what she saw from the blinds.  This is really good in rehearsals.  The song caters to both.  Kelly says they both bring their A games but she wants to see more confidence.

Another commercial..

David starts off with his solo, his voice is so smooth.  Rebecca is a distinctly country but she’s so good too.  This is really good.  Hard choice for Kelly not sure I can pick.  Big notes from Rebecca and David’s echo… tender moments and powerful moments.  I actually have the chills right now, so good.  Didn’t like the ending as much as the rest but that was solid.  Kelly’s on her feet.  

John says what a beautiful pairing, and it’s going to be tough, tones and ranges are different.  Adam tells David he’s amazing with an incredible tone, but he gives it to Rebecca.  Blake strongly disagrees with Adam, Blake says Rebecca is amazing but he prefers the Joe Cocker rattle that’s so unique he would go with him.  Kelly has a tough choice, she agrees with Blake about David’s butter tone, and Rebecca adds something to the performance.  She loves a big powerful female in country music.  This is super difficult… I have no idea who she will pick.  The winner of this battle is…..  Rebecca!  Kelly said she added a couple of things different from rehearsal, and she’s a fire.  Carson reminds them David is available to steal, and Kelly really tries to get him stolen but it doesn’t work.  He thanks Kelly, and there is no steal.  David Owens is eliminated.

Sneak peek at comeback stage…. good news for David Owens!  He was chosen by Bebe to be the comeback artist.  Yay!  He definitely deserved it.  David Owens is the Comeback artist!

Only Blake and John have a steal left…

Back to Adam & Charlie for the final pairing of the night..

Jimmy Mowery vs Kalvin Jarvis “U Got it Bad” by Usher

Kalvin has a big, round tone, and Jimmy has an end tone to it.  Kalvin is an assistant manager at a pancake restaurant.  Charlie is one of Jimmy’s favorite artist.  Jimmy’s Dad was a lead singer of a band, and he gave up his singing career for his family.  His Dad was murdered when he was a kid.  Watching his Dad lose his career, made him want to do it even more.  Oh, they are singing Usher.  The harmonies are so good, they sound nice together.   This battle won’t suck.  There are a lot of words in the song so they need to work on breathing and control.

Coming up an epic battle!

They are both dressed really cool in jackets.  Kalvin starts off, he sounds good.  Jimmy has a strong, smooth voice too.  Jimmy hits big notes, Kalvin has a smoother voice, but Jimmy’s has more power.  This is really good, Kelly’s dancing in her chair.  Kalvin adds some runs.  Jimmy hits some big notes at the end.  Adam, Kelly, and John on their feet.  

Kelly said she had it bad the whole time.  Haha!  Blake said they did a great job and made it worked.  Kelly says they blended well together, and Jimmy shocked her, and she loves Kalvin’s tone.  She felt like it was Kalvin’s.  John tells them it was a great performance, great chemistry.  Tones are different, and he has a hard time deciding.  Adam is over the moon, and he’s proud of them for working hard and sticking to it.  He really likes them both.  The winner of this battle is… Kalvin!  Adam says Kalvin was just a little more consistent for him.  Kalvin says Adam is his dude.  We got a steal!  Kalvin is so happy for Jimmy.  Jimmy is now Team Legend!

Tomorrow it all comes down to one steal!  And next week a brand new format!

See you tomorrow!

Quick Recap:

Team Adam:


Kalvin Jarvis

Team Blake:

Andrew Sevener

Team Kelly:

Betsy Ade (stolen from Team John)

Abby Kasch

Rebecca Howell

Team Legend:

Lisa Ramey

Jimmy Mowerey (stolen from Team Adam)

Comeback Artist:

David Owens


Anthony Ortiz

Jackson Marlow

Hannah Kay

Talon Cardon

See you all tomorrow for another night of the battles!

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