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THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" Episode 1608 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dalton Dover, Dexter Roberts -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 16 Battle Rounds continue tonight. The coaches will prepare their teams to do battle with the help of celebrity advisors. Adam Levine will work with pop hit maker Charlie Puth, iconic country duo Brooks and Dunn will join forces with Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson has invited tour mate Kelsea Ballerini to help out, and R&B producer/artist Khalid will lend a hand to new kid on the block, John Legend. Carson Daly serves as host.

Team mates are paired up to perform duets. Afterward, the singers’ respective coaches choose a winner who will move on to the next round. The loser is eliminated UNLESS they are stolen by a fellow coach. Each coach gets 2 steals.

The coaches are ready for the continuation of the battle rounds.  Superstar advisors:  Charlie Puth, Kelsea Ballerini, Brooks & Dunn, and Khalid are back in the house.   It’s the most intense battles yet! It all starts now!

The guys are making fun of Adam’s bright orange pants.  (They are pretty weird).  Ronald McDonald called he wants his pants back Blake says.  Haha!

Up first, Team Adam

Karly Moreno vs Celia Babini Friends by Anne-Marie and Marshmello

Karly says it’s a whole another level to get to work with Adam and Charlie.  Adam says they have opposite voices.  Karly lives in CA and grew up with rock band Mom.   Celia’s parents are both in arts, and she’s in High School in New York.  Adam picked the song for the power for Celia and the grace for Karly.  Celia has an indy voice Charlie says.  He says Karly sounds like Ellie Goulding.  Adam and Charlie suggest that they meld into each other.  Karly is nervous going against a four-chair turn in Celia.  Celia says Karly’s voice is like honey and sunshine.  Celia is practicing at stage rehearsals in what looks like a sparkly bathrobe.  Adam tells them everyone is going to love the performance.  Team hug!  This is not going to be easy for Adam.

Celia is wearing the same bathrobe looking thing for the battles and Karly has a black hat on.   They start facing each other in unison.  Karly’s voice is up first.  They are both comfortable up them and they both have distinct voices.  Honestly, this is a little boring, it’s not doing much for either of them.  Celia has a deeper indy voice, and Karly has a more angelic, yet distinct tone.  Celia wails a bit, and then Karly hits some bigger notes.  They end facing each other.  No real break out moments for either, I would go with Karly cause I prefer her voice more but Adam will probably pick Celia.  

Blake says they are very different, Celia sounded too much like Florence and the Machine.  Karly displayed holy crapiness because Blake didn’t expect her to step up like that.  Kelly says Celia has an urban tone to her Florence, and Karly has a chill vibe.  John tells them they are both different, and they executed it with skill.   Now on to Adam.  Adam thinks they are both world-class, but Karly shocked him in ways he wasn’t expecting.  Celia is shining and sparkly all the time. The winner of this battle is Celia!  (Called it, knew he wouldn’t give up a four-chair turn).   Karly appreciates Adam for taking the time to work with her and he’s made her feel good about herself.  As Karly is leaving the stage thinking she’s eliminated.  Blake hits his button.  We have a steal!  Blake says Karly has something about her voice that he really liked, it’s warm and there’s no one like her in the competition.  Karly Moreno is now Team Blake!

Adam tells Blake he’s awesome.  Adam is so happy that Karly got saved.

Short commercial break and we’re back to the battles!

Let’s check in with Team Legend..

Julian King vs. Denton Arnell Grenade by Bruno Mars

He was in China performing at hotels.  Just got back to the States, John used his block to keep Adam from getting him.  Denton is the contestant who proposed to his girlfriend after he made a team.  Julian respects Khalid so much.  Dang, they have to sing a Bruno song.  John thinks they both have the versatility for this song.  Khalid likes Julian’s tone, it’s the money.  He likes Denton’s personality, and he was connected to his voice.  Khalid is looking for more emotion, and John wants to see the passion and longing.  Make them feel the pain.  Denton is singing the song for his fiance.  Khalid says it will come down to who invokes the most emotion.  Julian is tender and vulnerable, but Denton has more raw power, and for John it will come down to comparing the two styles.

Get the voice app and see the battle after the break!

They are standing at the mics with low lights.  This stylistically is not what I was expecting.  Denton starts with the first solo and then Julian gets his chance.  Denton puts more runs as he moves around the stage.  Julian is using literal gestures in some place.  Runs by both now.  This is pretty even, but it never really get any energy.  They are trying to outrun each other at the end.  John’s on his feet.  I can’t pick a winner that was pretty even.  

Adam says it was really hard because they were even, and Denton was just slightly more consistent.  Blake mentions there was one moment that separated them and it was the run that Julian did.  Kelly discusses Julian’s run, and says Denton can sing just as well.  John is proud of them, because they made him look cool.  He liked the runs together.  He believes they both belong on the show… the winner of this battle is Julian!  He made that decision for his range and the interesting tone of his voice.  (Not surprised given the other coaches comments).  Denton thanks John for the opportunity and the most amazing experience of his life.  Denton Arnell is eliminated.  John thinks Julian’s voice is exciting.

Stay tuned to see if Denton gets picked for the Comeback Stage!

Let’s check in with Team Kelly and Kelsea Ballerini…

Presley Tennant vs Rizzi Myers Whataya Want from Me by Adam Lambert  

Presley and Rizzi both have big, dynamic voices.  Rizzi loves Kelsea’s songs and positive energy.  Rizzi is a full-time Mom and songwriter.  She thanks Kelly for putting her up against a 16 year old super model.  Haha!  Kelly used her block on Rizzi so she wants to live up to that.  Presley is a Junior in High School at a small town, she’s a tomboy and started singing around 10.  The first song she ever sang at a competition was a Kelly Clarkson song.  They got a big Adam Lambert song, because they can handle it.  Rizzi can run, belt and bring it down.  Presley has a contained personality that comes out when she sings.  Kelsea says they have sass in rehearsals.  Kelly tells them not to over-dramatize it.  The performance will come down to who’s going to be in the song.  Based on rehearsals it’s going to be good!

Commercial…  Commercial for free pie and now I’m hungry.

Kelly tells John she messed up as they take the stage.  They are both dressed in black, and they both sound really good.  Presley is holding her own against a more experienced Rizzi.  It starts off a little subdued, but it picks up quickly.  Tons of energy, and flashing lights.  They face each other and grasp hands.  As they move around the stage they both have a chance to shine and belt.  They are trying not to outdo each other, Rizzi runs at the end and big note at the very end from both.  Kelly is on her feet.  That was good, I would give a slight edge to Rizzi but it was close.  

John tells them they were both outstanding, their interaction and vibe.  He loved Rizzi mid-range and her confidence, and Presley’s high notes at the end were more exciting.  He picks Presley.  Adam is more curious about Presley’s roughness, but he would go with Rizzi because she’s ready to do this right now.  Blake says Rizzi delivered with power and conviction and Presley hammered it more home for him he would go with her.  Kelly has no idea what name she’s going to say.  They both have incredible ranges.  The winner of this battle is….

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL (way to drag this out TPTB)!

The winner of this battle is… Presley!  (Wow, a little surprised!)  Kelly says it was really hard but Presley’s growth will be insane.  Rizzi says it was an honor to have Kelly as a coach.  Rizzi Myers is eliminated.  (Wow no steal??)

Will Rizzi be the next artist to join the comeback stage?

John says he was close to stealing.  Kelly says Rizzi was one of her favorites but Presley just shocked her.

Moving on to Team Blake…

Dexter Roberts vs.  Dalton Dover “Hurricane by Luke Combs

Dexter grew up listening to Brooks & Dunn, they are some of his idols.  Dexter is from Alabama, true country boy, who got an illness from a tick.  This is his return to music.  Dalton comes from a small town, and dropped out of school in 11th grade when he had a baby.  He wants to make his kids and his wife proud.  Blake them a current, popular song so they could show their relevance.  They have great ranges.  Dexter has a big voice that pushes.  Dalton is singing harmony, but they need to hear him more.  The arrangement isn’t quite there yet.  The song needs more balance according to Brooks & Dunn.  Blake is happy at stage rehearsals.  Blake thinks they are both current, hard decision for him coming up.

Battle starts after break…

Oh boy battle of two WGWG’s.  Both standing at mic stands wearing leather jackets and playing acoustic guitar.  Dexter’s voice is stronger, but Dalton has a really nice tone.  They both are putting the required amount of twang for a team Blake battle.  Dalton is surprising here since he had so much trouble in the rehearsal with the melody.  They both sound strong and have moments to shine.  They were both good, but I would give it to Dalton because he is a little different from how he arranges and the notes he chooses.  Have a feeling Blake will go with Dexter.  

Let’s see what the coaches think.  Kelly thinks it was pretty even.  She loved Daltons’ rasp and Dexter’s straight up country sound.  She gives it to Dexter.  John says they sounded great together, he liked Dalton’s voice better, but Dexter showed more skill.  Adam complimented how they put the song together.  Dalton is slightly less experience, Dexter is technically more there.  Blake tells them they both did a great job and it’s a literally sucky moment.  He could hear each of them sing individually.  The winner of this battle is….. Dexter!  Dalton thanks Blake for everything he’s taught them.  Blake picked Dexter because he is an energetic, traditional country singer.  Dalton Dover is eliminated.

Adam’s next battle of the night is up!

Ciera Dumas vs LB Crew Done for Me by Charlie Puth

Ciera has a presence, she cuts and LB has power.  They compliment each other.  Ciera was voted most likely to win The Voice in High School.  She moved to Nashville and has been pursuing music.  LB is doing this for his baby brother who was diagnosed with a serious illness last year.  He was a four-chair turn.  This is an odd pairing.  Adam gave them a Charlie song to sing in front of Charlie.  It’s a really hard song too.  Why did Adam give them this hard of a song?  LB makes a song arrangement suggestion.


Ciera opens the battle with an ooo, the lights are dim.  She’s wearing a red sparkly dress.  LB is wearing a leather jacket.    Sparkles and leather are the themes tonight.  They are both so different.  LB is really singing his heart out, but Ciera has such an interesting voice.  Both are comfortable performers.  LB goes into falsetto and Ciera has a little grit in her voice.  Adam’s team is good this year.  This was good.  I think LB will win but it was close.  

Adam and Kelly are on their feet.  Blake tells Adam this was a huge mistake like Adam’s pants.  Haha!  Blake says these two artists are great.  They all expected LB to sing the crap out of that song, Ciera had a stage presence and confidence, and her voice shreds.  Blake tells Adam good luck.  Kelly says she expected LB to be amazing, but Ciera had a passionate, sexy rasp.  John loves both their energy, they looked and sounded cool.  LB reminds him of gospel singer so he leans more towards him.  Adam wanted to trust them and they did a beautiful job.  My gut still says Adam is picking LB.  The winner of this battle is…. LB!  Yep, not surprised four-chair turn.  Adam says there’s just something about LB, his energy, his voice he had to stay with him.  Ciera tells Adam it’s been incredible coming to this point. Ciera Dumas is eliminated.  Man, some good peeps have gone home tonight.

The ComeBack Stage artist is Ciera!  BeBe says Ciera deserves a second chance.  Tune in on youtube and the voice app to see who Ciera will battle.

Checking in on Team Blake

Kim Cherry vs. Kendra Checketts – Here by Alessia Cara

Makes no sense that either of them picked Blake as his coach.  Kim Cherry is a rapper, and it makes her feel strong.  She was involved in music in High School, it comes naturally to her.  Kendra’s parents got her cardboard cut out of Blake for Christmas as a joke.  She’s a natural redhead (hair is dyed black).  She’s been really into music since a fourth-grade talent show.  The song chosen is a good blend of rap, singing, and pocket.  They have similarities in their voices, Kim is more percussion and Kendra is more smooth.  They have individual personalities but similar instincts.  Blake likes Kim’s confidence and fearlessness, and Kendra has sweetness and powerfulness in her voice.  The stage rehearsal is good, Blake tells them they are magical together and he expects a Kelly Clarkson stand up.

Coming up an amazing battle that leads to a double steal!!

They both start off really good.  Kim has such a strong, pronunciation and Kendra has a deep, sweet voice.  They are tearing up the stage.  Kim has such a good sense of timing, and Kendra’s voice is so powerful.  NO rapping from Kim, instead she belts, and then Kendra belts.  (No stand up from Kelly yet).  That was really, really good.  John & Blake on their feet.  I think Kim took that one.  

Kelly said she loved the sass.  Kendra’s voice is more powerful then she remembered, Kelly says the song is catered to Kim because she’s good at the quickness.  John says they both executed well, it was flawless.  Adam tells Kim she has more power volume-wise, they were both superb.  Blake says imagine me and Brooks & Dunn trying to coach these two…  You have to be talented to do that song, you have to have pitch, pocket, and personality and they both brought passion.  Blake makes his gut decision… the winner of this Battle is…. Kim!  (Not surprising).  Blake says there is something about Kim that is electric but Kendra gives the performance of a lifetime.  Before Carson even gets it out of his mouth we have a DOUBLE STEAL!  Adam and John both hit their buttons.  Adam tells Kendra he thinks she’s the winner.  She has an effortless consistency and power and he wants to hear more.  John says his metric is that she belongs on his team and she would be one of the best singers on it if she joins them.  Adam adds he thinks she can go all the way.  Carson asks who does she pick as her new coach.  Kendra tells them she looks up to them both, but her new coach is Adam!  Adam steals Kendra and she is now Team Adam!  Adam says Kendra is different for him, he thought she won the battle and he used his last steal.

In two weeks… a twist no one will see coming!

Next Monday and Tuesday it’s the final week of battle rounds!

Quick Recap:

Team Adam:

Celia Babini

LB Crew

Kendra Checketts (steal from Team Blake)

Team Blake:

Dexter Roberts

Kim Cherry

Karly Moreno (steal from Team Adam)

Team Kelly:

Presley Tennant

Team Legend:

Julian King

Comeback Stage:

Ciera Dumas


Dalton Dover (Team Blake)

Denton Arnell (Team Legend)

Rizzi Myers (Team Kelly)

Dang, tonight was really bookend heavy.  See you next week for two nights of Battles!

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