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THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 1501 -- Pictured: Kennedy Holmes -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 15 premiered on Monday (Sept 24) with coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine.

Recap the Tony-Nominated Shows of t...
Recap the Tony-Nominated Shows of the Season!

The Voice Season 15 Premiere Recap and Performance VIdeos

The show is back, with a few twists. No more iTunes recordings–for Blind Audition contestants. No word yet on the fate of future rounds. That’s a pretty big change. The most significant drawback–no easy spoilers hours before the show, or the ability to preview a hopeful before they take the stage for the first time.

Another twist is the Comeback Stage. Singers who fail to turn a chair can get a second chance via “fifth coach” Kelsea Ballerini who has hand picked six singers to compete for a 13th spot in the live finals. The competition is part of a digital series available on Youtube and The Voice phone app. I’m going to reserve my verdict on the new series until it plays out a little more.

I still hate the block however! Big voiced singer Radha was denied choosing a coach close to her vocal style after Adam blocked Jennifer. Now she’s stuck with Adam as a coach. Just watch him give her up in the battles. Bah.

How would you grade the episode? Who was your favorite singer? Favorite coach? Do you miss the iTunes downloads?

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  1. Who can blame them for eliminating the recorded music? No one buys singles any more and since it takes 150 streams to equal the monetary value of one purchase, how could they ever make up the difference?

  2. A pretty strong start to the season. Besides the cute kid who did Perfect, I’m happy with everyone that advanced. My personal top 3 for the night were Kennedy, Mikele and Patrick, but everyone that advanced was deserving. Personally I do miss the recordings, I don’t know how to stream music or even if I can from my region and the recordings gave me a little more information on a contestant. For example, last season I thought that Spensha was a better recording artist than a live singer. Her iTunes recordings were by far my favorites out of everyone and I wouldn’t have realized that without access to iTunes. I guess I’m in the minority so I undestand their decision. Anyways, I’m rambling, I’m really excited to see how the rest of the blinds unfold.

  3. A lot of contestants sound amazing in the recordings but not so great in the lives *cough Brynn*

  4. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that YES I buy singles and at least for me 10 to 15% of the songs on my music player are from the Voice. And they were downloaded NOT for voting purposes but just for my enjoyment.

  5. An interesting evening. I found that most are full of potential, which is a good thing. However, it is hard to tap into potential in a short time. It is realized with experience.Still, one can hope. Tyke has a beautiful tone. I doubt he has had much vocal training. Shame Adam is his coach as I think he could deliver something beautiful. Sarah wants to sing blues, but that requires life experience. She should have waited. Tyshawn is another that is not quite there but you can hear beauty in his voice. Patrick delivered a gorgeous vocal, but I wonder, if he will not sound the same every week? Obviously Kennedy is way beyond her years, but the reality is that she is very young. So I think we should just call it a great start. The rest I did not care for. It is rare I enjoy a country singer. It is even rarer that I enjoy a vocal that lacks subtlety. I found the returning contestant rather ordinary, but I am for sure in the minority there.

  6. Boy, they must have really pulled some strings to get her to sound great.

  7. In fact, to my ears, I preferred the Voice contestant performance over the more popular or original version.

  8. I think you may have misunderstood me. I agree with you that the recorded singles were really good. My point was that who could blame the show or the record label or whoever used to pay to get all of those songs recorded for not wanting to record them anymore. Hardly anyone buys music any more, it’s all about streaming.

  9. “Sarah wants to sing blues, but that requires life experience. She should have waited”

    She would have had to sing the “My Classmate Sent Me a Bad Emoji Blues” 15 year olds and Janis are never going to be a good fit I don’t care how much stank face she has.
    Tyke got my check mark for best of the night, you’re right his tone was beautiful, interested to see what he can do with song choice but as you said, Adam isn’t the right coach to push that envelope.

    I was more impressed with Kennedy during her duet with Jennifer that I was with her audition song, but for me the night was mediocre at best, but like a good little addict I’ll be there at 8 tonight looking to score :)

  10. Very well stated. Would be nice if you could comment live. “but like a good little addict . . . .”
    Yep. Cheers to that.

  11. It truly is interesting, how we all can hear the same, so differently. Hopefully, it gets better.

  12. Interesting as I think “the cute kid” (Is he not good looking though?) has huge potential. I turned immediately as the first line he sang was very special. It did sort of suck after that, but if you can sing one line that well and you get some proper instruction, at least there is a foundation for an excellent vocal to arise. With Adam as coach, I doubt it will happen. I shall be sad when Tyke is gone after the battle round.

  13. Ok, I checked out Kennedy and I agree with you about the duet. If that was truly impromptu, hell, even if it wasn’t, they both impressed me with the ability to sing together; Jennifer for generosity, knowing when and where to come in and step back out so Kennedy could shine, and Kennedy for not being thrown by the occassion, and singing with a blend of skill, emotion and technique that is hard to find in people with much more mileage than she could have had the time to amass. ?

    I like her vocals, but there has to be more than vocals going on, for me. Now, I’m interested. ?

  14. Good lord, excluding the sneak peeks, Radha has the highest YT views. She was even #1 on trending!

  15. My favorite was Cameron. He reminds me of one of my all time favorites, Adam Wakefield. Tyke is so cute, but he sounded like he had a frog in his throat. Kennedy should make the finale! Radha is going to drive me CRAZY! It’s just too much for me! Besides Cameron and Kennedy, everyone was Meh for me.

  16. Overall I think it was a good night. I usually only have a handful of favorites going into the lives, so finding 2-3 I really like in one night is pretty good! And I REALLY want to like Tyke. I just need to hear him again. Like you said, he’s probably not had any vocal training. I am more in the country, alt, indie crowd. I just can’t handle the belters. You can have a big voice without going overboard. Kennedy was the perfect example of how to use a big voice. Radha is nails on a chalkboard for me.

  17. We were bound to disagree eventually! It’s not that I think that he was bad, I gave it 3 listens, and for some reason I just don’t enjoy the tone of his voice, at least on this song. Let’s see what he does in future performances. I can see Adam getting behind him so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still here once the playoffs kick in.

  18. I liked the first line. I thought he sucked after. He has potential.

  19. I rarely have more than 2 that I love.Even if I find 2, they rarely make live shows. Noah Mac was the exception.
    I always prefer subtle. I like when a singer, keeps it simple. Danni Minogue said on X F Uk, {she said it to One D week 2,} that “the true test of a boy band is when they sing their ballad.” I think that is the true test of every singer. It is probably why I cut Tyke, a bit more slack. His first sung line brought chills. It sort of sucked from there, but I heard what could be in that one phrase.
    I turned the sound down for Radha. It did not help.

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