The Voice Season 14 Recap: Finale Performance Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale" Episode 1419A -- Pictured: Kyla Jade -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 14 FINAL FOUR contestants from Team Blake Shelton, Team Alicia Keys and Team Kelly Clarkson perform live tonight for.  Poor Team Adam Levine has been shut out of the finale. Your votes will determine the winner of The Voice, which will be announced on Tuesday’s (May 22) Finale Part 2.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – What Will the Final Four Sing?

Each contestant will perform 3 songs each: An original song, a new cover and a duet with their respective coaches. We will be live blogging every performance here. Carson Daly will be on hand to host.

In order to vote, download The Voice Official App to your smartphone, head over to, stream and/or download an artists song from iTunes. Also, XFinity cable customers can vote through their set top box.  Check this link for more information.

Hey guys I’m back join me as we live blog Part 1 of The Voice Finale!

This is IT!  We choose the winner of The Voice!  4 finalists will each sing 3 times, a new cover, a duet with their coach and brand new original singles!  Voting is open now on all methods for all artists.

Not unexpected, Kyla opens the show.  Her package is first- (same placement Addison Agen got last year).  The package is a look back on Kyla’s journey.  Blake says Kyla is more comfortable on stage then she was.  Kyla’s song last week was the highest charting song on any artist of this season.  Kyla has the freedom to be exactly who she was.  Kyla says she’s singing this song as a thank you to every person who has touched her life.

Kyla Jade’s Cover “Help from my Friends”…

She’s opening subdued but still very comfortable on the stage.  The lighting is very throw back 70’s tie dye look.  The back up singers move close to her on the stage and she’s singing to them… She’s letting loose on the second chorus…  She’s really tearing this song up at the end.  Blake is on his feet and Kelly’s dancing!  Throws in a thank you to Blake and huge notes at the end.  Alicia is into it…  She’s moving on the stage….  Alicia is on her feet now!  A little shouty at the very end but the crowd is into it.  Four coach standing ovation!

Kelly says she doesn’t understand Kyla.  She’s always impressive and the best part of tonight was how she included everyone standing behind her.  Blake says Kyla if you don’t win the voice, I don’t know why we call this show the voice.  He’s a little sad because after that performance he feels like this is the last time he will have front row seats to see her perform.

Britton’s original song is up next in the death spot.  Britton wrote the song himself in chemistry class.  Alicia tells him about writing Falling.  She’s proud that this is his song.  Alicia says she loves the song, he has a deep well and there’s no one else like him.

Britton Buchanan’s original “Where You Come From”

The stage is dark with trees around Britton.  It’s just him and the guitar.  He sounds really good on this.  The song is a little slow honestly but he has some good vocal moments in it.  He stays at the mic stand through the whole song.  Some big notes at the end… song felt a little draggy.  He ends tender but did struggle with pitch in spots.  Another four coach standing ovation.  Alicia cheering wildly.

Adam says he’s Team Britton since he no longer has a horse in the race.  He says we would be lucky if Britton won the show, and to get someone who still has room to grow… a foot note in the picture of his career.  He’s amazing and deserves to win.  Alicia tells America we have gratitude for the love that he’s been given.  Britton wrote the song himself, every note, feeling and vision is his.  It’s exceptional man.

As we go to commercial, more insight into Britton’s original song.  Apparently, no actual music videos this year.  Britton says this is the first time America sees who he is in his own words.

Kelly/Brynn duet and Spensha after the break…

Kelly & Brynn “Dont’ Dream Until it’s Over”

Brynn says Kelly has inspired her since she’s little.  Kelly says Brynn has got her to the finale… um, more like the other way around coach.  Kelly says they are bringing bounce back.

Kelly starts off and she’s the usual Queen.  Kelly is definitely holding back as Brynn comes in.  Their voices blend nicely together.  Brynn gets the second verse as a solo, this song fits her voice well.   She sounds a little nervous, but she and Kelly sound good together.  A little bit of ad libbing from both of them, got a little messy there.  Kelly lets Brynn have some nice moments.  Nice ending with a hug.  Other coaches on their feet, crowd loved it.

Spensha  after the break…

So both of Team Blake’s winner packages are before 9:00?  LOL Yeah they don’t want Blake winning again.  Blake says their is something special about Spensha and she’s one of his favorites that he has worked with on this show.  Spensha talks about Red being a moment for her.  My Church charted high, Carson reminds the audience.  Spensha says Blake has been a greater coach then she imagined.  Blake says the song is a story telling song.  Spensha says the song is like her journey of the voice.  She didn’t expect to make it to the finale.

Spensha Baker “Merry Go Round”

The staging is beaded dome.  Spensha sounds nice on this, but this song is a little boring too.  The staging is limiting her movements a bit.  So far no big moments in the song.  Country fans will like this performance.  Spensha really kept that performance in the vein of country, no big notes song never goes anywhere a bit repetitive … respectable job.  Think it needed a little more punch but it was in key better than some others tonight.  Only Blake is standing.

They go right to Blake who says this is why Spensha was his save and America voted her into the finale, because she’s an incredible story teller.  You are looking at the next big country super star right here.  Wow!  Hardly any comments for Spensha.

Back to back performances of Britton and Alicia and Kyla sings her original after the break … before 9:00 Kyla is done.

Could the show be anymore obvious about who the chosen one is tonight?

Britton & Alicia “Wake Me Up”

Alicia says the song is a super dope message.  Alicia wants to showcase the diversity that Britton has and the soul and passion that they both have.  Britton on guitar and Alicia on piano.  Britton opens the song.  Alicia sounded a little off key…  This isn’t very good to me, they sound off.  Good song choice, but it sounds off-key.  It definitely sounds better as they get into the song, I really like how Alicia and Britton are both musicians and singers.  They really redeemed it at the end.  Remaining coaches standing.

Kyla Jade “The Last Tear”

Blake says he’s sad that it’s their last day of working together.  Her presence is on the show, is a compliment to her, as far as iTunes goes.  Kyla says the song is a perfect match for what she’s been trying to learn about herself on the show.  Blake says she doesn’t take the easy way out vocally.  Kyla sounds hoarse.

Staging is dark and Kyla is in a white dress just her and a piano.  She sounds much better on this then she did on the opening song.  The first verse and chorus are more subdued, and tender.  Choir comes out on stage…  She starts to belt in the last chorus.  This song reminds me of an Idol coronation song.  Overall nice, not shouty, but no big break out moments either.  Alicia and Blake on their feet.

Kelly says they always come to me because they know I love you.  If she were a songwriter she would be so happy to have that voice sing her song.  Blake says this show was designed to find a vocalist just like you from day one.  Ladies and gentlemen at home he wants you to rewind that and listen to her voice-  she is the voice.

More insight into Kyla’s original… she is a soul singer hands down.  She wants people to go on a journey into whatever emotion the song invokes for them personally.

Spensha and Blake’s duet after the break…

Spensha & Blake “Tell Me About It”

Spensha chose the song and it was her dream to sing this song in the finale.  Blake says he’s going to watch the game and he’ll be out in a second.

Blake on guitar, Spensha opens the song.  She actually sounds better on this then she did on Merry Go Round.  Typical of Blake he lets Spensha have most of the solo/shining moments.  This is entertaining…  They sound good together and it’s a good country song.  Blake’s duets never do great, but he’s so good to his contestants and really lets them shine.  Spensha has some runs at the end of that…. You could tell they were having fun.  Kelly & Alicia on their feet but not Adam.

Brynn debuts her original single written by Grammy nominated Julia Michaels after the break (they had to mention that)… Hmm… pimping tonight in high gear!!

Brynn Cartelli “Walk My Way”

Kelly says it’s an incredible song that we will be singing all the time.  Kelly compares it to Miss Independent, and it will be on the radio.  Her sound is older than Brynn is.  Kelly says it’s important to let people inside.  Kelly says she loves her.  Kelly says this is a bridge for people until her song comes out.  Brynn for the win!  (Obviously what they want tonight).

The lighting is red flashy with a city backdrop.  Singers sitting on the stage.  Brynn sounds okay on this, it goes a little low to start and with the lyrics are a bit old for a 15 year old.  Brynn’s walking around the stage.  Straight up pop song, good song choice for her.  They really gave her a much better song then they gave Kyla and Spensha.  She’s really performing it similarly  to her performance of her battle with Dylan.  Dancers behind her.  Kelly’s dancing.  This isn’t bad… catchy song but her voice doesn’t really get shown off here until the end where she can hit a few glory notes.  Her fans will probably like that but it was rough.. a lot of show but the singing was just okay  All the songs tonight are long.  Four coach standing ovation.

Adam says you’re probably sick of hearing this and the fact that you’re 15 and have come all this way.  She has poise, grace, elegance… So impressive… Kelly says she wants to talk to radio and America.  The song is incredible!  She’s a songwriter as well, she can’t wait for you all to get a record from Brynn.

More insight into Brynn’s original song: it’s current.  She’s pumped up.  she can be sassy and people can jam to it on the radio.

Kyla and Blake’s duet after the break… LOL Kyla done before 9:30

Kyla  & Blake “One Love”

Kyla worked  for Wynona and Blake loves it.  Blake says she has a big incredible voice and then there’s him.  LOL

Blake doesn’t sound good to start off and Kyla sounds sick.  They are sitting on stools.  This is not very good at all.  Blake is on guitar.  Quite a few bum notes… this is painful honestly.  The song is also slow and boring.  Why did Blake pick a country song for Kyla?  Not much good about that to be perfectly honest.

And Kyla is done for the finale… and she didn’t have a good night.  Doubt she is winning this.

Britton, Spensha and Brynn closes the show after the break.

Britton Buchanan “Good Lovin”

His package reminds America that he was the Twitter save and the only contestant with a block still here.  Britton says his small town has been really supportive.  Carson says when it really mattered he got better.  Alicia says he has everything he needs to take it all home.  Britton says he doesn’t get more excited than this with a straight face.  Alicia says he likes a Mellencamp and a Mayer, he’s going to kill it.

Finally a song that’s not boring.  There are double B’s behind him on the stage.  Britton is singing without his guitar.  His back up singers have suits on that match him.  He’s really working the stage.  This song is upbeat and enjoyable so he sounds better on this then the songs where he has to reach high.  He’s such an entertainer.  The audience is loving it.  He takes his jacket off and lets loose on the stage.  He’s leaving it all out there.  He’s not a great dance but he knows he’s not winning so he’s just having fun.  Now he’s playing the guitar and jamming.  Everyone’s awake now!  Britton brought it in this song ends on his knees ….  Alicia is on her feet!  Four coach standing ovation.  Crowd is lit up!

Only Alicia comments “it’s electric in here!”  She tells Britton he’s totally alive in his element, in his zone.  She said he woke the place up!  There’s no stopping him !  Good night!!

Spensha’s original single and then Brynn is the closer after the break…

Spensha Baker “Old Soul”

She was the first name called to go into the finale.  Blake says believing in herself is her biggest obstacle.  Spensha says this song is a good blend of soulful and country.  We all want a mature love that lasts.  Blake says she’s more or a singer/songwriter.  He got goosebumps, she has won over the country music fan base.

The stage is dark and Spensha is standing at the microphone.  This song is a good country song.  Spensha sounds so good on this but it’s a slow, sleepy song too.  This is Spensha’s best performance tonight.  This song allows her to show off her range a bit more.  Blake is the only one standing but I thought that was a solid performance.  Am I hearing different then the coaches?  Spensha’s best was last.

Blake is the only one to comment.  Spensha is teary.  Blake says she’s ready to step off the stage and step onto country radio.  We need her in country music- and country fans embrace her.  This girl deserves to win the show.

Spensha said she would have laughed three years ago if you had told her she would be releasing an original country song.  She hopes everyone loves it as much as she does.

Brynn’s dramatic close is coming up!

Brynn Cartelli “SkyFall”

Did you know that Brynn is the youngest finalist ever???  She was 14 when she auditioned, and Kelly was the first artist she turned for.  Kelly said I have the girl who’s going to win the voice.  Brynn takes pressure and it’s like fuel.  Fix You charted #8 overall.   Brynn says she wants to be really proud no matter what happens.  It has a sass to it, and it’s something to close out on. Ends this show and gets her ready to start something else.  Kelly says Brynn will make the most incredible first album.  Kelly says Brynn will be the youngest winner and everyone will cry.

The staging and lighting is very dramatic.  Reminds me of Alisan’s Somewhere staging.  She’s doing an overall nice job with this, some pitch issues with this  song.  This is just an average performance, her lower register is struggling a bit here.  It’s so hard to sing Adele.  She is mostly staying in place.  Adequate but underwhelming to me for a final performance  She isn’t going for the big notes, and that’s probably good.  Enter the raining fireworks.  Hm… me thinks the winner has been chosen.  Kelly and Alicia on their feet.  I’m surprised that Blake and Adam weren’t standing.

Kelly tells Carsonn she’s slo lucky to be the first one to ever turn her chair or Brynn.  Coaching Brynn on  this show has been a joke, because she’s so good.   Audience is cheering for everything Kelly says.  Brynn is her own thing.  She’s so proud of her, she’s the youngest ever to make it this far.  She’s inspiring and captivating to watch.

That’s the show!  Tomorrow night a lot of big name performances including Florence and the machine, Julia Michaels, last seasons’ winner Chloe Kohanski and some of this season’s contestants.

My overall assessment of tonight is that it was boring and disappointing.  Brynn will win easily and give Kelly her first win.  The first coach to ever win their first season with the first contestant they turned their chair for.  Who also happens to be the youngest ever in the competition? That’s a juicy win for the show!

Thank you all for joining me this season.  I really had a good time live blogging and watching The Voice with all of you.  Enjoy the finale tomorrow night!

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