The Voice Season 14 Finale Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale" Episode 1419B -- Pictured: (l-r) Brynn Cartelli, Kelly Clarkson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

On tonight’s The Voice season 14 finale, a winner will be crowned. Will it be Kyla Jade or Spensha Baker from Team Blake SheltonBritton Buchanan from Team Alicia Keys or Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly Clarkson  Poor Team Adam Levine has been shut out of the finale.

Tonight’s setlist includes performances from Jennifer Hudson, Kane Brown, Ryan Adams, Kane Brown, Julia Michaels, Chloe Kohanski and more.

The Voice 14 Finale: Jennifer Hudson, Kane Brown, Chloe Kohanski and More
The Voice 14 Finale: Jason Aldean, Chloe Kohanski and More
The Voice Season 14 Recap: Finale Performance Live Blog (VIDEO)

Oh cool. The bring back performances have returned. I missed those. Britton Buchanan, Christiana Danielle, Jackie Foster, Mia Boostrom and WILKES open the show with an atmospheric rendition of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

Next, it’s a clip featuring new coach Kelly Clarkson. She plays mom to everyone. And works on every team, literally. A woman of all trades. Carson says she’s injected an incredible energy in the team.

Now, Dua Lipa and her 1 billion streams takes the stage. She performs her new single, a fun little ditty titled “IDGAF.”

Next, a clip featuring the Top 4 and Toyota. The car company is making a big donation to music education. But do the finalists win a car?

After the break, a clip featuring Blake and his team member Kyla Jade. “It’s been the most overwhelming experience of my life,” says Kyla. “I know she’s going to be my friend from now on,” says Blake.

And next it’s Spensha Baker and country star Kane Brown performing his double-platinum No. 1 hit song “What Ifs.” Spensha sitting in for American Idol alum Lauren Alaina. How about that.  Both are better singers than this Kane dude and his muppet voice. SORRY.

In Adam’s video clip he sneaks into the Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios in a disguise. I don’t think he’s fooling anybody. 

James Bay takes the stage with Alicia Keys. They sing his latest single “Us,” which is from his recently released full-length sophomore album Electric Light.

Reigning The Voice winner, Chloe Kohanski debuts her new single “Come This Far” on the finale stage. She helped “shape” the lyrics so that it told her own story.

This song seems pretty commercial. We’ll see how hard Republic works on her behalf (Prediction: Not very). Chloe is going to work hard to keep rock relevant, she says. Good luck with that. Nevertheless, that was a pretty rad performance.

Britton and Alicia’s clip is next. “Alicia Keys is the kindest person I’ve ever met,” he says. “Block button baby!” crows Alicia. ‘Nuff said.

Julia Michaels, the writer of Brynn Cartelli’s original song, joins the finalist on stage to perform a medley of  Julia’s “Issues” and new single “Jump” (feat. Triple Redd). Note: Julia co-wrote Brynn’s winners single “Walk My Way.”

And now it’s Blake Shelton’s clip. It’s an exclusive sneak peek of his “new NBC show.” Dallas Cole PI. He’s solving crimes! Ha ha Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Clarkson make cameos. Send up of 70’s detective shows is pretty hilarious.

Johnny Bliss, Kyla Jade, Rayshun Lamarr and Sharane Calister are next singing for another bring back performance.It’s a soulful rendition of the Temptation’s “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” This is pretty great.

Ohh. The Final Four receive their brand new cars. YAY. Carson makes the announcement. Unfortunately, Brynn isn’t old enough to drive. Maybe she can hold on to the receipt for another year. 

Florence + The Machine are next to perform their new single “Hunger.” She sings “We all have our hunger…” Good single!

It’s time for the Spensha/Blake clip. Blake says she makes lots of goofy faces. “Sometimes I feel like I’m having an out of body experience…he believes in me and I’m grateful,” says Spensha.

Mandy Moore’s ex-husband and Britton Buchanan are next. I’m SOOO kidding. Ryan Adams is a prolific country/Americana songwriter and a musical treasure. He’s the perfect duet partner for Britton. They perform Ryan’s single “To Be Without You.” One of the highlights of the night!

Ok. I’m a little bored right now (and prolly burnt out after three days straight of singing show finales. I need a massive nap.) Bring on some results!

Now it’s Halsey and Big Sean. They perform their hit single, “Alone.” Originally featured on Halsey’s second full-length album, hopeless fountain kingdom.

And now Kelly and Brynn’s clip feature the two of them gushing over each other like total BFFs. Kelly is going to be Brynn’s big sister for life. She loves her parents!

Jason Aldean is next to make the television debut of his new single “Drowns the Whiskey” off his No. 1-selling eighth studio album “Rearview Town.”

And now Kyla Jade and American Idol alum and The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson perform “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Dreamgirls. Kyla used to sing backups for Jennifer! Big notes here, big notes there. BIG NOTES FOR EVERYONE! Yay.

And the the last coaches clip features Alicia Keys. She gives advice to all. Including Charlie Puth, Kelly Clarkson, Carson Daly and more. She’s a woman who never runs out of new age cliches.

FINALLY FINALLY. The results. The Top Four take the stage. DUMB QUESTIONS FOR THE WIN. Just kidding. C’mon Carson, dispense with the banal chit chat. TIME TO LEARN WHO THE WINNER IS. In fourth place is…Spensha Baker! The artist in 3rd place is…Kyla Jade! TEAM BLAKE IS FIN!

After the break. The WINNER OF THE VOICE IS…Brynn Cartelli. Hoo boy. Well. I predicted the winner correctly, but had Jade in 2nd place and Britton in 3rd. Brynn, at 15, is the youngest singer to win The Voice. And of course, it’s not only Kelly Clarkson’s first season on the show, but her first win. Congratulations all around.

I was rooting for Britton, but considering he had to sing for the save during the semi-finals, landing in second place is pretty damn good. That Republic record contract sucks anyway.

Hearing Kelly in recent interviews, she is so naive to think she can browbeat Republic into doing the right thing for Brynn. Ha ha. Good luck with that, honey. After your experiences with Sony/19R you should know better.

But anyway, once again, The Voice finale gives the winner a few seconds to celebrate before cutting to the news. Did we really need Kelly and Alicia yammering on and on to stretch the time? And time taken out for dumb contestant questions y’all have asked already?  I am loathe to compare shows, but American Idol winner Maddie Poppe got a sing out and time to celebrate with her fellow contestants and family. It was heartwarming! ABC produced the finale as if the contestants actually mattered. Imagine THAT. ABC even cut into the 11 pm hour to allow the amazingness to come to its natural conclusion.

American Idol’s finale didn’t have the star power of The Voice finale but it had ALL the heart. It takes more than Super Star! Coaches! and Super Star! performers! to make a great singing show finale.  The Voice finale never feels connected to the singers. It’s like an awards show with some results tacked on at the end. Boring. That is all.

WINNER – Brynn Cartelli
2nd place – Britton Buchanan
3rd place – Kyla Jade
4th place – Spensha Baker


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