The Voice – Quarter-finals Part 2 – Recap & Video


A couple of thoughts about the Voice live shows:  Cut out the filler. I don’t care about the coaches taking their teams out to spas or whatever. Also, don’t care what you call them, coaches helpers friends–it’s still really boring to hear the team leaders mouthing empty platitudes at the contestants–especially when what they are saying is at complete odds with what happened on the Voice stage. It’s lame on Idol…it’s lame on the voice.  Some constructive and realistic comments please! Or take a page from X factor–try to undermine the opposing teams with negative comments! It would at least feel like you are really attempting to compete, rather than just paying lip service.  Christina’s comments are particularly inane.

My favorite performances tonight were from Vicci Martinez, Casey Weston and Javier Colon. Nakia was solid, but nothing special. Devon Barley and Curtis Grimes delivered shaky vocals and were unimpressive. Jeff Jenkins was below average in every way. His off-key vocals and phrasing were weird. But his pandering was unforgivable. Ugh.  But the worst were the sisters, Tori and Taylor Thompson. What was Cee Lo thinking, handing them that ancient song?  He had to know the girls didn’t have the maturity or the musicality to handle it. It was laughably bad. I felt sorry for them.

Who I think will probably advance: Javier, Vicci,   Nakia (he’s a favorite), and the 4th spot will be either Devon,   (cute factor) or Jeff (sad backstory).  I liked Casey, but I don’t think she stood out enough, but Adam might pick her. And the sisters? No on every level

Moving on to the Semi-finals from Team Christina – Beverly McCellan, Frenchie Davis. From Team Blake – Dia Frampton and Xenia

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Top 100 iTunes:

11. Angel (The Voice Performance) – Javier Colon
12. Heartless (The Voice Performance) – Dia Frampton
21. Jolene (The Voice Performance) – Vicci Martinez
31. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (The Voice Performance) – Casey Weston
42. Price Tag (The Voice Performance) – Xenia
80. Time After Time (The Voice Performance) – Javier Colon

Tonight the members of Team Adam and Team Cee Lo perform. Plus, we find out who makes the cut from Team Christina and Team Blake!

Let’s get this show started!

The results are first! The top vote-getter from each team will move on to the the next level. A second performer will also move on–chosen by their team leader. Christina is first, and she is crying at the thought of saying goodbye to two of her team. She tells them that she loves them all “so very much.” Christina tells Raquel, “You are my little dynamo, you have amazing chops.” Lily: “You have incredible vocal range and power and soul. Amazing” Frenchie “Your vocals your power and your delivery….so right on”. No one walks away any kind of winner or loser, says Christina.

Moving on from Team Christinan – VIDEO

Top Vote Getter: Beverly McClellan
Christina chooses: Frenchie Davis

Tori and Taylor Thompson – Team Ceelo – “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by the Andrews Sisters – Cee Lo picked the song because…it would surprise the audience. No kidding! What a stupid song. He must want them to lose. This is so cheesy. What relevance does this have to anything on the radio? A novelty song? Really? The lyrics are quick, and the girls are not nailing it. They look a little awkward up there in silly matching sailor outfits singing a song they only heard when Cee Lo handed it to them. TRAINWRECK. Adam says, “Good old fashioned entertainment. That was incredible.” Adam pushed Cee Lo to do it. (SABOTAGE) Blake turns to Cee Lo and says, “Were the outfits your idea? You’re sick. Awesome.” Christina says, “Did I just step off the set of my Candyland video? Nice Cee Lo. It was very entertaining. Beautiful and Luscious.” Cee Lo says, “Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. It was all great. I’m so proud of you.” – 1-855-864-2301 – VIDEO

Casey Weston – Team Adam – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall – Adam wants Casey to quicken the tempo, she’s not buying into that note totally, but she’s going for it. A slower tempo would have sounded less karaoke. There’s not much room here to “make the song  her own”. Her vocal is solid.  She’s got a nice throaty sound. Adam seems to be digging it from his chair. Blake says, “I’m about to download that in just a second. Great idea Adam” Christina says, “I loved the drummer, and the sassy chicks in the back. Just make sure in the future that your background doesn’t overshadow you. Still a great performance.” Cee Lo says, “You were having difficultly getting used to the song. But you did a wonderful job.” Adam says, “I knew you were out of your comfort zone with this one. I’m so happy…I’m telling you, it was amazing. You killed it.” – 1-855-864-2302 – VIDEO

Vicci Martinez – Team Cee Lo – “Jolene” by Dolly Parton – Vicci thinks she’s got a lot of work to do. Cee Lo thinks Vicci needs to work on the total package. SWAYBOTS! Great song pick for Vicci–she takes Cee Lo’s notes–she puts down her acoustic guitar at one point to work the stage. She imbues the lyric with the right amount of sorrow and pleading. Powerful. Vicci is FIERCE. Adam says, “Such a soulful honest raw performance. I believed you.” Blake says, “She’s truly explosive. I’m a huge fan.” Christina says, “It was a very heartfelt performance. I liked the ambiance..the candles. Sexy.” Sexy? Lulz. Christina? Misses the point. Cee Lo says, “You took my advice, you worked that stage like a professional. That voice is big enough for that song.” Turns out the song pick was Vicci’s idea. – 1-855-864-2303 – VIDEO

Devon Barley – Team Adam – “Stop and Stare” by One Republic – Devon has a fear of being vulnerable. Adam says he needs confidence. Devon vows to let his guard down this week. He’s a little flat on the notes. He sounds really nervous. He could put a little more drama in his interpretation. This is a little dull. Ohhh there’s a wobble! He’s got a great tone. But like Adam says, he needs more confidence. Blake says, “Powerful. I love that there’s just a guy up there who can sing his ass off.” Christina says, “I’m into you Devon. You really bring it. You’ve got your little swagger.” At least she didn’t tell him to take his pants off.  Cee Lo says, “I still think it’s cool that you don’t look the way you sound.” Christina completely distracts Cee Lo with some nonsense. Adam says, “With Devon I just wanted it to be Devon on the stage, selling it. It was a little pitchy at the beginning, but you beat those issues. I’m so proud.” – 1-855-864-2304 – VIDEO

Cee Lo takes his team out to a spa. Cee Lo wants them all to feel free to be unique. “I’m a warrior like you, ” says Cee Lo. It’s a love fest at the spa! “We’ve got to murder them, ” says Cee Lo about the other teams.  Back at the live studio, Cee Lo performs “Everyday People” with his team. Ha Cee Lo has got his Sly Stone on! Check out that wig. Curtis Grimes? Whoa PITCHY. Vicci sounds incredible. Look at the twins all hippied up. They’ve been promoted at least two decades. Curtis sound terrible. Nakia’s got the vibe down. – VIDEO

Oooh. Jeff Jenkins wants to hit on one of the Thompson sisters? *fingers in ears* la la la la la la la!

Nakia – Team Cee Lo – “Sex on Fire” – Kings of Leon – Cee Lo is really looking for Nakia to lead, so he takes him out of his comfort zone. Get cocky, says Cee Lo. Dancer chicks with fire torches. Kind of unnecessary! Although this song may take Nakia out of his comfort zone, it doesn’t really give him the opportunity to shine. Nakia’s got a great big raspy voice, but I want to hear more than karaoke. Blake says, “Nakia looked at me and sang “Your Sex is On Fire” and I felt the burn! That is power.” Cee Lo says, “That was a great job dude. It was impeccable. What an impressive job.” Whoa running out of time? That’s all for the critiques. – 1-855-864-2305 – VIDEO

Jeff Jenkins – Team Adam – “Jesus Takes the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood – Jeff wants to sing this song, because once again, it’s a song that evokes his dead mother. Dude, you can’t keep skating by on your back story. Adam wants to raise the key. Jeff isn’t so sure. He’s nasally and a little off time. Breath control isn’t great. He’s out of his depth. And yeah, the top notes ARE at the top of his range. He’s straining. This is not very good. Adam is smiling anyway. Christina says, “That was beautiful.” Christina asks him to explain the back story. More about dead mama. Adam says, “Aw man. You did such an incredible job. There’s something about your presence and your powerful voice that commands attention.” – 1-855-864-2306 – VIDEO

Season 2 casting is starting now. Check out the website for deets.

Adam takes his team out to his place for some drinks. Adam gives his team the opportunity to ask him questions and he gives them advice. Adam and his team sing “A Little Help from my Friends” Oohhh. they got a choir! Adam is channeling Joe Cocker! Team Adam is kicking Team Cee Lo’s ass. For sure. Everybody sounds great, especially Javier. The choir is from a high school. – VIDEO

Curtis Grimes – Team Cee Lo – “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer – Cee Lo wants him to keep the raunch and sex in. Curtis knows he’s taking a risk singing a rock song. OMG. Dancing girls. Why? This is tuneless. The song has completely lost its melody in Curtis’s hands. The chorus is a little better. Actually, countrifying a song like this isn’t such a big deal. It’s been done before. His vocals sound muffled and mumbled. Now, he’s wandering aimlessly around stage. He doesn’t look comfortable. Adam says, “You really wear a cowboy hat. It was a nice different approach to it.” Blake says, “I don’t have the nerve to slam my guitar down like that. Awesome. Look good.” Christina says, “I like your spunky attitude.” I have no idea what’s going on onstage. Something just got bleeped out. Christina is babbling like an idiot. Cee Lo says, “I think you did a great job taking advice. It was awesome. We are kicking ass tonight.” – 1-855-864-2307 – VIDEO

Javier Colon – Team Adam – “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan – Adam wants Javier to dial it back a bit.  Javier’s  got a very pretty falsetto and a heavenly tone. This was a good song choice for him. Great phrasing–lots of confidence. I like that little cry in his voice. He’s clearly a contender for the finals. Blake says, “You don’t talk about Javier, you go out and buy his records and concert tickets.” Christina says, “The one who got away. Why did you do it to me. You really made it your own.” Cee Lo says, “You truly do have a voice of an angel.” Adam says, “You really stuck to it. Now I know why. It was absolutely perfect.” Sounds like Adam wanted him to do a different song. – 1-855-864-2308 – VIDEO

Team Blake-who will move on?  Blake figured Dia would move on because of her iTunes sales, but he thinks everyone deserves a spot. He says Patrick was the first one on his team. Xenia wins people over because of her unique tone. Jared burns the house down. He picks Xenia to move on because he thinks, by choosing her, he can “effect change” with the choice. Whatever that means…

Moving on from Team Blake: – VIDEO

Top Vote Getter: Dia Frampton
Blake Chooses: Xenia

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