The Voice 3 – Blind Auditions Continue

This is the last episode of the popular button-pushing, chair-turning blind auditions. Each judge has two slots to fill. Expect hijinks to ensue. I’ll be live blogging tonight and am looking forward to your thoughts in the comments.

Three weeks ago the blind auditions began, according to Carson. It does seem like quite awhile ago. More recaps from earlier. The pressure is on!

Nathalie Hernandez “White Horse” She’s 15 and a small town girl from Florida. She missed her prom and her brother’s graduation for this opportunity. Making it on a team would be life-changing she says. She wants a coach to help develop her own style. Blake and Christina turn immediately. Adam finally turns. Cee-lo does not. This seems like an age-appropriate song for her. Cee-lo says it’s a tough choice. Blake says it’s not. He asks if country is her thing and she says no. He tells her she’s a storyteller. Adam says she could use some guidance but she has all the elements. Xtina heard her emotion. She goes with Xtina! Blake warns Xtina that she has pissed him off for the last time. Nathalie tells Carson she felt Xtina’s sincerity.

Rod Michael “Please Don’t Go” He was signed to a boy band in Europe. He went from being famous to nothing and busking on the street. His Mom has faith in him. He’s feeling the pressure. He really wants to be picked. The girls seem to like him. No judge has turned yet. He does a little spin to the delight of the crowd. No judges turn. Cee-lo knew he was going to be hot by the audience reaction. He says the song choice might have been the problem. It didn’t have a moment. Adam says it is like 50 Shades of Gray in the audience. Xtina almost pushed her button just to watch the performance. After he leaves the stage, Adam says it’s The Voice not The Abs.

Caitlan Michelle “Cosmic Love” She wants to turn her troubled past into something positive. She has panic attacks. She never turned to drugs or alcohol. Music saved her. It was her medicine. Her dad tears up. I like her tone, but no turns so far. Perhaps it’s the song choice? Oh, there goes Blake when she shows more power. Adam also turns, much to Blake’s dismay. Cee-lo has to ask if it’s a Florence and The Machine song. Adam says he resisted at first because he heard some pitch things. He sees epic potential and he wants her. Blake was impressed by how accurate she was with her notes. He respects the long notes sans vibrato. Blake says he’s normal. Xtina says if she wants to take risks, choose Adam. Adam loves that she’s different. Since she thinks she’s the furthest thing from normal, she goes with Adam. Blake realizes he didn’t sell himself well enough. He thinks she’s going to be a player in the competition.

Nicole Johnson “Mr. Know It All” She’s 18 and wrote her first song at age 7. She’s from Louisiana, but lives in Nashville now. She had to be home schooled because of the music career. She’s going to sing her heart out like the others. Cee-lo turns quickly, followed by Blake. It’s hard to sing Kelly Clarkson. Blake is all grins. Xtina notices and fakes pushing her button. Cee-lo has to ask who sings the song. Cee-lo just thought she sounded like one of the best and has a great technical ability. Blake agrees. She had him at “thang” and he’s a 200% believer and would be honored to be her country music coach. She goes with Blake because she’s a country girl.

Kameron Covet “Crazy” He’s a full time middle-school French teacher. He finds teaching and music a difficult balance. He wants to do music full time. No do or die. Just Do. Sounds like Yoda. Oh wait. That is “there is no try”. He’s playing guitar. He performs a slightly different arrangement than Seal. I kind of like it, but the judges aren’t turning. I guess it’s back to teaching. Xtina loved the song choice, but wanted it to build to a moment. He speaks French to Xtina when she asks him to say something to her. Cee-lo compliments his lower register. Adam wanted more dynamics as well.

Judges sit on a coach and talk about being choosy.

Chevonne “Brass In Pocket” She was a background singer for Lady Gaga. She says it was amazing and inspired her to pursue her artistry. She wants to tell stories and be fearless like Gaga. She’s finally ready to step to the front and cannot look back. It would mean the world if a chair turned around. She knows it’s in her. Nobody is turning. Blake yells to Cee-lo turn. She’s wearing some big ass platform shoes. She’s asking for attention and Cee-lo turns at the end. Blake says he’s had pretty good luck with background singers. I guess I looked away when he turned. Cee-lo hears something painful in her voice and asks why. She mentions past eating disorders. Cee-lo can relate to that pain. Blake wants to help her as an artist. He says he loves her. It’s a hard choice, but she picks Cee-lo.

Download full versions at iTunes. MJ will provide the link.

Kayla Nevarez “American Boy” She has been singing since she was 2-years old. Her dad influenced her to like soul and R&B. He can’t make it because he has liver disease. She cries. Her mom has to support the household. They have a 2 bedroom apartment for 7 people. She wants to help provide for her family. She tells her dad through the teevee that she will make him proud. Adam turns quickly. Xtina also turns. Then Cee-lo. Xtina says she’s Kayla’s coach. She loves the smooth quality of her voice. Cee-lo says she was confident and seasoned. Xtina begs and asks for a hug right now. Adam reminds her that he turned first. He has one spot and he knows she’s the person to fill it. He also has won The Voice and Cee-lo and Xtina have not. Adam and Xtina fight. Kayla picks Adam and then tells him they better win this during the hug. Xtina congratulates him on the tough fight.

Recap of Adam’s team which is now full.

Celica Westbrook “A Thousand Years” Is she named after a car? She’s 16 and was close to being signed at 14. She’s excited and anxious. She wants to prove that she’s hear to win it. She’s going to leave her heart on the stage. Xtina turns quickly. She’s belting. Cee-lo also turns. Now Blake. Cee-lo babbles about soft spots. Xtina says they have to rely on their ears and Celica needs to be on the radio now. Blake asks wheresw she shops. Says they have a lot in common since she lives in Franklin TN (outside of Nashville if you don’t know). He says she only has 4-5 days to go, not like a previous singer who has 4 to 5 years to go. The audience is chanting. She chooses Xtina based on what she heard. They hug and Xtina tells her she has a gift.

Xtina’s team is now full. They do a recap of her team.

Montage of people who didn’t get picked because Blake and Cee-lo are being picky.

Jessica Cayne “Good Girl” She has been singing her whole life. She says her biggest problem is insecurity. She was bullied and had an eating disorder. She went to her parents and asked for help and went to treatment. She wants to tell little girls that things get better. She has had to work her butt off to get where she is as a singer and a song writer. She loves both Blake and Cee-lo. She’s a fighter. The crowd is enthusiastic, but nobody is turning. Blake teases, but does not push his button. She takes off her shoes. Xtina says she has a great voice and entertained. Cee-lo agrees she had the crowd. Blake says she did a good job with a Carrie song. She says she was bullied. Cee-lo wants to kicks some ass. Jessica says Xtina’s music got her through tough times. They hug.

Cee-lo has the parrot on his head and says he wants to be blown away.

Rudy Pariss “Every Breath You Take” He’s 46 and has been playing since the seventies because he loved KISS. He gave up music to take care of his daughter. Well, he played local gigs. Now older, his daughter wants him to go for it. He’s doing it for her and his grandson. This is the biggest audition of his life. He wants to go natural. Xtina predicts he will be country. He’s playing guitar and singing a countrified version of The Police. Blake turns. Will Cee-lo? He raises his hand for dramatic affect and then presses the button and turns. Honestly, I thought this dude was going to be a rocker. Cee-lo says he looks cool and asks how long he’s been singing. Adam loves the fact he chose that song and thought it was a cool artistic choice. Rudy mentions how he gave up touring with Hank Williams Jr to raise his daughter. Blake mentions the Shelton connection. Says he doesn’t look country, but should choose him. Cee-lo says he can help him with a fusion of styles. Rudy picks Blake because of his deep roots in country music.

Blake brags about his team and they provide a recap of his team.

Cee-lo is the last to pick his last team member. We get a montage of his previous choices. He thinks the winner this year will be from his team.

Cody Belew “Hard to Handle” He’s from Arkansas and grew up in a rodeo family. He had a foot in country music then discovered soul music. He thinks in a past life he was an elderly black lady. He loves Cee-lo’s crazy outfits. This is the moment where it all comes together he says. This is his time! He sounds alright, but moves a bit jerkily. I wonder why he chose that boring outfit if he likes Cee-lo’s style? Cee-lo has to push the button because we’re out of time. He does! Cody doesn’t realize Cee-lo hit it at first and runs up to hug him. Adam says Cody curses more than him. Cody likes to entertain the crowd with bam-bam. Cee-lo says he’s good at bam-bam, too. Ahem. He has been saying he wanted Cee-lo for months. Cee-lo says he has a great voice. Well, I will give Cody memorable.

Cee-lo asks the rent-a-parrot if he approves of his team. He thinks the parrot says hell yeah!

Mary J Blige, Rob Thomas, Michael Buble and Billie Jo Armstrong will be mentors for the battle rounds. We get a preview of the battle rounds and the new twist… the steal. Are you looking forward to the battle rounds? What do you think of the steal? Who do you think has the strongest team?