The Voice Blind Audition: Gihanna Zoë Impresses Despite Nerves (Video)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 2004 -- Pictured: Gihanna Zoe -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Gihanna Zoë — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 20 Blind Audition: Teenager Gihanna Zoë Impresses the Coaches Despite Nerves

Gihanna Zoë (pronounced ZO-Way), the 17-year-old singer from Redlands, California had a shaky start to her  The Voice Blind Audition, which aired Tuesday night (March 9). Not only was the vocal shaky, but a bit quivery too. Although it suited the emotion of Sara Bareilles’ song, “She Used to Be Mine,” I think it could have been a bit cleaner vocally.

Despite this, I found her tone intriguing. As she opened up, the performance suddenly turned into a standout audition. When she reached for the high notes, her tone was crystal clear, and I liked her subtle and tasteful vibrato. The note she held out displayed incredible control. I am a huge fan of this song, so I am honest when I feel it is done poorly. I think once Gihanna hit her stride, she delivered the best audition of the night. She has a bright future on this show ahead of her.

It was a bit confusing as to why she was a “mystery” audition, but I’m assuming it is because her mature voice sounds like it is coming from a 25-year-old and not a teenager. Gihanna’s speaking voice is a bit higher than her singing voice, so maybe that could have contributed to the show attempting to create a “shock factor.”  

Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas were the two coaches who turned for the pop vocalist. John Legend noted that nerves at the beginning of her performance kept him from turning. But he felt that she ended the song strong. Kelly made it clear that she turned before Nick and also noted the pitch problems. However, she was impressed by how good Gihanna is at her age. Kelly then positioned herself as someone who has navigated a singing competition before.

Nick wants to help her deal with her nerves. He appreciated her range and vocal nuances. He also pointed out that he and Gianna are both pastor’s kids who grew up singing in church.  Blake Shelton joked and acted as if Gihanna didn’t know who Nick was or that he is one of the Jonas Brothers.

This was a somewhat even battle between the coaches, but ultimately Gihanna chose Team Kelly. I think vocal wise, Kelly was the right choice as she will help Gihanna sing at her full potential.

Gihanna has the strongest Tik Tok following this season with 108.5K Followers HERE

Some might not know who this is, but Gihanna’s runs remind me slightly of American Idol’s Sarina Joi Crowe from Season 14. Here she shows master control over her runs on Lewis Capaldi’s Before You Go HERE. I got chills from this Tik Tok cover of Worship song Oceans by Hillsong HERE.  Gihanna’s voice intrigues me, as I love her style and find her very current.

Check out Gihanna’s Instagram HERE.

The Voice 20 Blind Audition: Gihanna Zoë sings “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles 

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