The Voice Live Blog- Battle Rounds #1

The Voice - Season 7

The time has come ladies and gents! This is pretty much my favorite part of the entire competition, it’s time for the battles!

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Here we go!

First up is Team Pharrell’s Elyjuh Rene versus Maiya Sykes. Maiya has got one powerful voice, but I wouldn’t count Elyjuh out just yet. He’s very entertaining.

Aw Alicia Keys and Elyjuh is FREAKING OUT LOL! They are singing Alicia’s “If I ain’t got you” and they both are super nervous (which duh I mean it’s Alicia Keys). Elyjuh is taking creative liberties with the melody but is he taking too much of a chance?

Maiya is teaching Elyjuh how to hit the high notes, which is cool despite the fact they are competing against each other. Kudos, it’s really nice to see contestants supporting each other. Pharrell says he is looking for the emotion more so than the technicality.

They both start out strong. I loveeeeee watching Elyjuh. Their harmonies are on point. He struggled a little bit with that high note. Will that effect winning the battle for him?

This is SUCH a close call! I feel like Pharrell can be safe and go with Maiya, but I’m going with Elyjuh because of his voice, spunk, and personality.

Adam and Gwen both said they would go with Elyjuh, Blake said that Maiya and Elyjuh are both world class singers. Coach Pharrell said that Elyjuh hit that note, but Maiya’s voice was “shooting out like lightning bolts.”

The winner of this battle is….Elyjuh!!! – Download from iTunes

Wow. No one stole Maiya. I can’t say I am too surprised though. Pharrell said she didn’t sing for her life like Elyjuh did.

Next up is Team Adam and his advisor, Stevie Nicks (what a legend, how much are they paying her for this lol). The next battle pairing is Chris Jamison versus Jonathan Wyndham. Cue the fangirls screaming “nooooooo” but I am sure one of them will end up stolen.

They are singing “Young Girls” by Bruno Mars. Adam feels like they both occupy the same sort of space/vibe on his team so that’s why he put them together. Stevie is telling Chris not to be nervous. She’s intimidating and I love her. :P

In rehearsal, Adam tells Chris to stop playing it safe with the notes. He also Jonathan to stop straining to hit the notes. Hmmmm I’m not sure who’s actually going to win this.

I really like the tone of Jonathan’s voice. Chris just has that IT factor in my opinion. He looks like Channing Tatum too if I’m being honest LOL. His runs are consistent, he has a lot to offer. However Jonathan seems ready NOW, where as Chris would need more coaching (which hey, isn’t that what this show is about?)

Blake likes Jonathan’s voice, Pharrell admired Chris’s runs and would choose him, Gwen thought they both worked very well together. She liked Chris’s stage presence. Adam said Chris DEFINITELY projected and thought Jonathan was fantastic.

And the winner of this battle is Chris Jamison!!  – Download from iTunes

Now from Team Gwen we have Jean Kelley and Sugar Joans. There’s Gavin Rossdale aka Gwen’s husband and team advisor. Now THAT is someone I would geek out meeting. The girls are singing “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Gavin likes Sugar’s approach to the song, and he wants Jean to break out of her shell.

Gwen wants Sugar to open up her eyes more when she’s singing. She wants Jean to slow down and take her time on the song.

Alright everyone, let’s all take a shot every time Sugar mentions her dad. You ready?

Anddddd I am unimpressed so far with Sugar. Jean is already carrying this song. I don’t like the growl in Sugar’s voice.

This is sort of a hot mess. What do you guys think lol?

Adam said that song is SO hard to sing, he sees potential in both. Blake agrees with Adam, he also thought Sugar’s hair was mad long but it was her dress lol. Pharrell liked the dynamics of working the stage, he liked them both. Gwen said they both had great chemistry.

The winnter of this battle is… Sugar Joans!!

And we have a steal!!! Adam AND Pharrell both push for her. Adam says there’s a break in her voice he would use less. Pharrell agrees, and plays his producer card (and rightfully so).

And Jean chooses…Team Pharrell!!  – Download from iTunes

Next battle pairing is Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd versus James David Carter. His advisers are Little Big Town, and they are HUGE in the country music industry. He gives them a song by Pat Green called “Wave on Wave.” Blake knows that they both are similar and only has room for one artist with that particular sound on his team.

They sound good together in rehearsals, both are playing guitar. They don’t want James to pull away from the mic on the high notes. Craig has to hone the edges in his voice.

James is sucking up and playing a Little Big Town song for everyone, and now it’s like a big kumbaya on Team Blake.

They both have fantastic stage presence. Both of their vocals are on point, this is going to be a CLOSE battle. A steal perhaps? I’m thinking YES. Such a good battle!

Pharrell said they were both so distinctive, he can’t choose. Gwen said James voice was shining, and that he’s so comfortable on stage. Adam said it almost sounded like a duo, that’s how good it was. Blake thinks Craig’s voice projects so well, and James’ runs are so effortless.

The winner of this battle is… James David Carter!!

No one stole Craig??? WTF man.

OH MY GOD Gwen pushes her button at the last possible second!! Welcome to Team Gwen Craig – Download from iTunes!

Next is Team Gwen’s Amanda Lee Peters versus Taylor John Williams. Gwen feels like they are both alternative artists, that’s why they’re paired together. They are singing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.

Gwen feels Taylor is holding back. She also wants Amanda to project more. I’m not sure how I feel about Gwen’s song choices for her team lol. I do really love Taylor’s voice in general though. Gwen is trying to help them both with stage presence and how to work the mic stands.

Oooh a capella in the beginning, nice! Amanda AND Taylor are BOTH bringing it. I still feel like Taylor is stronger though. I’m unsure of who Gwen will pick.

Adam said they nailed the song. He’s surprised by Amanda, and thought she had more passion than Taylor. Blake thought they both sang great but he thought Amanda seemed more invested in the song. Pharrell liked Amanda’s ad-libs, but feels like Taylor is a star.

Gwen thinks Taylor has come so far, and she really also believes in Amanda.

The winner of this battle is… Taylor John Williams!!  – Download from iTunes

The last battle pairing of the night is Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade Vs Griffin. I go into this battle rooting for Luke Wade. He was the very first audition of the season and his voice gave me INSTANT chills. They are singing Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”, which is one of my all time favorite songs.

Luke is struggling with his falsetto. Pharrell says it’s necessary for him to win this battle. Griffin isn’t to familiar with the song.

They sound good in rehearsal, but Pharrell wants more from them. Alicia changed the song to fit more of a jazz/blues vibe and it is literally AMAZING. Good call Alicia!

Alright here we go! I’m crossing my fingers that this will be the best battle of this season.

Luke’s voice just cuts right through you. Griffin’s got such a great voice though too. I know one of them will be stolen though lol, but still! Damn Griffin, that falsetto!!

This battle did NOT disappoint!

Gwen thought it was amazing, she loved Griffin’s voice. Adam feels like Luke is the best singer in the competition right now. He said that Griffin hit a crazy HIGH note. Blake thought it was one of the best battles ever on the show (can’t say I disagree!).

Pharrell liked how Griffin let loose.

The winner of this battle is…Luke Wade!!!

Blake pushes his button! He wants to steal Griffin! And there goes Gwen Stefani!

Adam wants Griffin to go with Gwen lol. Gwen thinks he’s a fighter. And BLAKE SHELTON is bringing the claws out, and I love it!

Griffin goes with Team Blake!  – Download from iTunes

And the teams stand as follows:
Team Adam:
Beth Spangler
Matt McAndrew
Clara Hong
Damien Lawson
Joe Kirk
Kelli Douglas
Mia Pfirrman
Alessandra Castronovo
Ethan Butler
Chris Jamison
Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:
Justin Johnes
Fernanda Bosch
James David Carter
Allison Bray
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James
John Martin
Kensington Moore
Bree Fondacaro
Tanner Linford
Grant Ganzer

Team Gwen:
Craig Wayne Boyd
Mayra Alvarez
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Sugar Joans
Menlik Zergabachew
Jessie Pitts
Troy Ritchie
Anita Antoinette
Gianna Salvato

Team Pharrell:
Brittany Butler
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Jean Kelley
Taylor Phelan
Ricky Manning
Blessing Offor
Jordy Searcy
Katriz Trinidad
Toia Jones

And that’s all for tonight! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another round. Thank you so much for joining me, feel free to follow me on twitter @loveoutloud.

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  1. Seeing the preview, I don’t get why Pharrell would pit Elyjuh and Maiya together. 1 of them will get stolen

  2. I don’t see who else he could put Elyjuh against though. Maiya seems fitting. Otherwise I guess it would’ve been Toia

  3. I don’t like this battle, saw the preview.
    It’s alright, but…ya’ll will see

  4. Can someone get iso’s of all of Elyjuhs facial expressions, please? LOL

  5. I’d go with Elyjuh, just because he has more potential. We’ve seen the Maiya/Sisaundra types flame out before

  6. When Pharrell goes hatless, he and Elyjuh look like father and son.

  7. Ugh, Blake put James David Carter and Craig Wayne Boyd together? Hopefully there’s a steal

  8. I was expecting her to be put up against Toia tbh, but either way I didn’t see her winning the battles.

  9. I have heard nothing specific about Maiya, but when someone who had been universally praised gets crickets, sometimes there are other things going on.

  10. It was destiny. They’re the only two on his team with their whole names on the roster lol

  11. Chris against Jonathan? ugh, hate pairing 2 good people in battles

  12. For some reason I don’t like Chris that much at least in his auditions

  13. Wasn’t Chris supposed to be a country artist? I’m still confused about him.

  14. Welp, this isn’t a spoiler since The Voice blatantly spoiled it.
    Adam and Pharrell duke it out for Jean Kelly

  15. So he isn’t the one who sang Say Something after talking about how much he loved Blake?

  16. Unless somehow they made it look like that and sugar was getting stolen lol probably not

  17. Eh. Smelling a Dez Duron syndrome. His looks will take him further than his voice.

  18. I think you’re confusing his obsessive love for Cracker Barrel with love for country music.

  19. None of the hot guys have ever made it to the 4th week of the live shows. Lol, he won’t last.

  20. Jonathan sounds shaky already, improved when Chris joined in

  21. How often have people sung Bruno Mars songs and sounded…anything beyond “just alright”?
    I can’t only recall twice.

  22. I liked Aquile’s Grenade from Season 3. But Bruno Mars’ songs are tricky.

  23. Good, he proved us wrong. Thank God.
    Well he’s still an idiot

  24. Decent vocals, young, can have a growth arc, good-looking, but not a pretty boy.

  25. Oddly enough, Chris kind of reminds me of James Wolpert. Similar kind of style, both Team Adam, both from Pittsburgh

  26. The girl who sang Already Gone has a nice voice, but she has bad phrasing and emphasized all the wrong parts of the song till it lost all meaning. Hope Gwen trained her on that.

  27. So, Gavin is Gwen’s mentor. So, not only does Gwen need a career boost…so does her hubby. Okay.

  28. What’s Gavin been up to lately? I’m sure he gladly took that check.

  29. She kinda said timing which is partially phrasing so gwen did figured it out

  30. She needs to do what Harry Connick did as a mentor and have her read the lyrics out loud without singing them.

  31. that’d be little big town or whoever they are for me. just a generic country group

  32. It kinda feels Gavin sits back where Alicia and stevie like stepped in showed the ppl how it was done

  33. I’m not sure his band’s had a ton of success in the US, and their peak popularity in the UK was several years ago. I’m not even sure what the band’s being done the last few years, lol

  34. Was that a room full of pizza in The Biggest Loser promo? nom nom nom

  35. I remember his band (Bush) being somewhat popular in early-to-mid 1990’s. Then we didn’t hear from them for a decade. Lol. Don’t believe they’ve ever had much relevance in the US, tbh.

  36. Well, it’s been nearly 20 years since his band’s last major hit.

  37. Loving all of this so far! They’re really bringing the attitude the song needs.

  38. Sugar’s vocals are more suited for this kind of song. But they’re doing good.

  39. One thing I must say about the two of them. They sure are bringing the attitude.

  40. U guys have to admit they brought a duet/battle and were the best tonight

  41. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I’ll go with Sugar just for the breakdown during “not gon blast you on the radio”

  42. I liked this, of course people who dislike vocal gymnastics dislike it.
    But I liked

  43. They have the youtube video of Pharrell and Adam hitting the steal button online since like Friday…why the commercial? Lol

  44. I’m predicting Sugar winning
    I’m predicting Jean to get stolen by pharrell to build on pharrells strong team

  45. Neither is that unique, but of the two I’d keep Jean. I preferred her tone and she improved a lot from her audition. Plus, she’s younger and more of a pop singer, so she has more potential. Sugar is only ever going to be a really good bar singer with a porn star name.

  46. Lol, no…didn’t see it. But that makes sense. I forgot the Voice was on tonight until I saw it on line. That’s how lackluster this season is, thus far.

  47. I really want Sugar in the lives.
    That pornstar name must make the top 12 loool

  48. We’re under a tornado/severe thunderstorm watch here in TN and they keep breaking in to update us on the weather. so far it doesn’t look like they’ve missed any of the actual show, though

  49. Yay, Sugar’s in the lives! Now, never sing Aretha again.

  50. Wouldn’t be The Voice without question-worthy/wasted steals

  51. Definitely, but not stealing Maiya too kind of shoots their credibility.

  52. I think I’ll ignore the knockouts since Taylor Swift is the mentor -___-

  53. If Pharrell doesn’t return to the show for later seasons, it’s because Adam performed some top notch withcraft after being fed up from being regularly undermined by him.

  54. Pharrell better value that last steal…….(i actually think his team isn’t as strong as it seems)

  55. Blake is painfully easy to read so I’m gonna just call it now.
    James wins and Craig gets no steal.

  56. I’d say James win and Craig is stolen. Don’t know why, I have a feeling.

  57. Craig kind of reminds me of a mix between Bucky Covington and Bo Bice

  58. Yes! Love that they’re telling him to sing the whole note.

  59. “because he can only have 1 male country singer” which I don’t get. Let the knockouts/playoffs decide who people like best

  60. Obviously. This pairing for the knockouts would make sense. But for the battles? It’s strange.

  61. Just imagine if they all make it to the lives? Which they probably all will sadly enough.

  62. I know, its like a boy band/pop style. at least craig is rocking the long/flowing blonde, lol

  63. Is it bad I just assumed James was about to snap Craig’s neck?

  64. I’d go with Craig because he isn’t as generic. we shall see. surprise me blake

  65. James is winning by a landslide IMO. Much better tone, more stage presence and star potential. I don’t like the way Craig ends his phrases.

  66. No, he won’t.
    Blake isn’t surprising ever.
    Last time he was Cole Vosbury sang Adorn

  67. Murder. Absolute murder.
    Though, that kind of comic relief would bring The Voice some shock value finale viewers lool

  68. Are the coaches contractually obligated to say people in battles are equal even if they aren’t? Or is it an etiquette thing?

  69. It’s funny.
    Blake is easily the most stale judge, but I’d sooner prefer him on the show than Adam

  70. I preferred Craig’s voice, but James hogged the spotlight and is more commercial. Happy that Gwen stole him. This should be fun!

  71. Oh editors you did great.. She said no to Maiya because she wanted a country singer.

  72. I thought Pharrell was going to for a moment with the way he kind of looked over, but he probably knew Gwen wanted him

  73. lol…Keanu Reeves actually does sing…he had a band for several years :)

  74. I hope whoever loses Gwen’s next Battle gets stolen. I actually like both of them.
    Though I’m guessing Taylor will get the win and Amanda (hopefully) the steal.

  75. Ugh, Taylor vs Amanda? Why do people I like have to always be paired against each other

  76. He didn’t? I know he wasn’t the lead singer, but I thought he sang harmonies, etc?

  77. OOh, good song choice. Gives me hope for Gwen when lives start ( that she won’t be shakira)

  78. I agree! I also wondered why Blake paired up Craig and James.

  79. I really like Amanda. Only one chair turn…can’t figure that out.

  80. So Gwen admitting she did her research on the show.
    I’m liking her more.

  81. Btw, anyone who find Taylor adorbs…he has a girlfriend. Off le market

  82. I can’t believe I used to have a crush on Gavin back in the Sixteen Stone days. He has aged terribly.

  83. I like him, but then again I’m a Keanu Reeves fan and he reminds me of a younger version of him.

  84. He looks like….16, so I’m okay with him being straight and OTM.

  85. Well, I’m off the market too. What’s that gotta do with anything?

  86. No, there’ll be another tonight. I’m certain.
    The last of the night hasn’t happened yet.

  87. I hate when the coaches complain about how hard their jobs are. “Waaah, I’m a celebrity and I’m being paid millions of dollars to make a decision.”

  88. At the end of the day, you’re still essentially being paid millions to [potentially] crush or give hope to someones dreams.

  89. In his audition he basically ripped of Kris Allen. Show us something original.

  90. If she likes someone enough, she still has the resources to promote them.

  91. I hope so, but I can’t see 3-4 steals being used on just the 1st night

  92. Good point.
    Though, imagine if this show had contestants like Rachel Crow, Drew, and Bea Miller?
    Lol, I wouldn’t wanna bother making people cry. F all that.

  93. Look at it this way.
    Still miles better than the outfits everyone wore on AI13

  94. Sounds like The Voice just turned into “Nashville” with Gunnar/Scarlett

  95. Hmm…
    Stage presence goes to Amanda.
    I think I’d go with Amanda.

  96. Tough choice. I’d pick Amanda, but she can’t really go wrong with either.

  97. Pretty even, I’d prob. give the edge to Amanda though, but hoping someone steals Taylor (but seems unlikely with all the ones used already)

  98. If Amanda loses…I suspect Amanda will get stolen by Blake to be one of his chosen fodder

  99. I agree. Amanda would be my choice, but Taylor is a perfectly capable singer.

  100. I loved Amanda’s audition, but I get why Gwen went with TJW. Something you can’t quite define.

  101. I’m kind of worried when she said she was “thinking after the show” when she picked Taylor. That means she’s picking based on marketing rather than who won the battle.

  102. Yes, but marketability matters. It’s pointless to support a contestant who hasn’t a shot at being commercialy successful.

  103. Nobody who’s been montaged yet. Prepare for a lot of double montages tomorrow.

  104. Why? It’s clear she’s studied the show. I thought the main complaint was lack of marketability of winners?

  105. She’s stated since the blinds that once they turn around it becomes about more than just the voice. Which is something no coach ever admits to.

  106. Yeah. Tomorrow will be 6 battles, only 3 fully shown and only 1 steal.

  107. wow so bummed about Amanda.
    she didn’t let her artistry hang out enough – her covers on YouTube are INCREDIBLE. she raps too.

  108. It’s never been my complaint about the show. I’m fine that Javier and Jermaine won and I’m fine that few people bought their music. As long as I get to choose whose music to buy from a large roster of talented contestants, what’s the issue?

  109. Oh no, he’s only heard this song once or twice, cue the outrage, lol

  110. Whoa, that kind of sounded whiny. but everyone will probably fall for it during the battle

  111. As with the tradition of all last battles of the night.
    I expect Blake to call it the best ever

  112. I want her to coach
    Ultimate Coaches from everyone that has been on

  113. And it’s so fucking difficult and hard for him to choose…”Man…gosh…I just don’t know…”

  114. They’re both fairly even matched, but certainly not the best battle ever as blake said….not even the best of the night I think

  115. I liked. That’s a high note from Griffin.
    I thought I’d had my mind made up on who I’d pick, but nah.

  116. this seems more like a bunch of vocal tricks than either guy really digging into the meaning of the song. All surface…didn’t feel like either guy cared that much about the actual lyrics

  117. Everyone names at least 200 better battles whenever he opens his mouth.
    It’s easy lol.
    The best battles are the ones where Blake makes no praise over.

  118. I’d much appreciate her on The Voice if she has no problem betraying Simon lool

  119. Either way, someones getting stolen to team Adam…
    That’s all I’m seeing unfortunately.

  120. And then Adam, being the soul singer expert.
    Will give them Unchained Melody

  121. Sigh.
    I supposed I shall summon up men to defeat the Cowell demon.

  122. Even on the show, I think Taylor is going to get lost in the shuffle with the other wgwgs. He’s no match for Matt McAndrew and Taylor Phelan. If he makes it to the live shows, it will only be because he;s on Gwen’s team, and he’ll go out quickly. At least Amanda had her own lane in the competition.

  123. Griffin to Team Adam..
    Unless Gwen feels like filling her slots early.

  124. I suspect he’ll go to Gwen under the allure of Fashion.
    Cause he mentioned that back at the Blinds

  125. I’d rather her steal every contestant than turn over for every single shitty one *cough* shakira *cough*

  126. Griffin has potential so I’m happy he is still in the competition

  127. Gwen dodged a bullet there. He’s just fodder with some skillz. Nothing unique about Griffin.

  128. But Griffin isn’t fodder he can hit the real low notes and get high notes and does amazing runs

  129. Griffin joins Blakes fodder list.
    Because never has a battle round steal ever been anything beyond fodder to Blake.

  130. She also slayed I Have Nothing to the point she topped Vonzell & Leona, so I’ll call that the Tessanne Chin exception.

  131. Yeah. Blake always use his steals with fodders. Good strategy, IMO.

  132. Steals can be decisive. A wild Josh Kauffman appears, Usher used a Master Ball

  133. (We could have heard some Heart that week if it weren’t for Adam.)

  134. oh boy, you liked the battles pt.2?
    I despised them, glad the knockouts are back tbh

  135. I was joking. I hated it xD Glad the KO are back too, they show way more self-artistry

  136. I can’t prove it, but I think Josh Kaufman was set up to be stolen so that Usher could win last season.

  137. Amen. And I like the idea of contestants “knocking out” one another with their own song choices.
    Not picking from a set of 3.
    Especially since Adam and Blake always have utterly lame song choices.

  138. Totally agree. But the manipulation doesn’t stop here though. What they made with Holly Henry was lame.

  139. Perhaps, but I also think Adam would make the sacrifice for the sake of the show. He and Blake (and the producers) have to know that if they win every season it’s bad for the show in the long run. Usher was the most logical coach to break up the streak, but he didn’t originally have anyone on his team who was good enough to win.

  140. True, but he keeped Grimmie, who was a major contestant for the victory. Dropping both would be fishy, of course, but still…

  141. Exactly. If he kept both, it would have been just like the previous season where Adam had 3 of the top 5 and 2 of the top 3. There was no guarantee that Josh would beat Grimmie but they needed to spread the likely contenders around to keep the show interesting and keep Usher in the game since his standout Bria Kelly was starting to tank.

  142. Yes, that makes sense. Seeing the things from this angle, it seems quite well-planned. And back to season 5 Holly Henry reported that she wanted to sing an acoustic version of “Creep” but “They” – using her words – didn’t allowed to and forced her to sing the upbeat version. Probably to break his – Blake – only shot of winning his fourth season in a row?

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