The Voice 8 Top 12 Results Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 8 Recap Top 12 Results Live Blog & VIDEOS

The Voice 8 Top 10 will be revealed TONIGHT. Two singers go home. But YOU can save one via the twitter insta-save. Plus, Nick Jonas performs his new single, “Chains.” We’re live blogging the results!

A recap begins the broadcast. In case you did not see last night’s performances. Which of course, you likely did. Host Carson Daly informs us that THREE of the Top 12 hit the Top 5 on iTunes. He introduces Nick Jonas, who sings his latest hit “Chains.” Nick is a real friend of the show. He performed his song “Jealous” last season. And his guest mentoring stint with Christina during the Battle Rounds was A+.

Next week’s MENTORS. There will be four: Dave Stewart will mentor with Adam Levine. Ryan Tedder teams up with Pharrell Williams. Mark Ronson helps out Christina Aguilera. Scott Hendricks partners with Blake Shelton. Mentor-ama!

The top 12 take the stage! America saves, from Team Christina, Kimberly Nichole! America also saved, from Team Pharrell…Sawyer Fredericks. America ALSO saved…from Team Blake…Meghan Linsey. The easy ones. No surprises here.

The cast of the NBC series “Undatable” is in the audience. CROSS PROMOTION.

Blake Shelton joins his team, Meghan Linsey, Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby for a performance of “In The Midnight Hour.” HA HA HA. Blake totally missed his cue. AWKWARD. Meghan sang rings around the rest of her team.

MORE RESULTS. America saved…from Team Adam…Joshua Davis. STILL NO SURPRISES. America also saved…from Team Christina…India Carney! She’s super relieved. America also saved…another artist from Team BlakeHannah Kirby. Oh. That’s a surprise… Welp. There goes my prediction! I suck.

Christina Aguilera joins her team members, India Carney, Rob Taylor and Kimberly Nichole for a performance of The Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

FILLER COMING RIGHT UP. Check out the finalists sharing what they do in their spare time via a video package.

EVEN MORE RESULTS! America saved Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell! America also saved…Rob Taylor from Team Christina! WOW ALL THREE FROM TEAM XTINA MOVING ON TO THE TOP 10. MY PREDICTIONS ARE TRAGIC. America also saved…Corey Kent White!!! BLAKES TEAM MOVING ON INTACT.

Singing for the twitter instant save: Mia Z, Brian Johnson and Deanne Johnson. Could Adam lose 2/3rds of his team tonight???

Mia Z – Stormy Monday – I honestly don’t care if Mia farts for 3 minutes. I’m saving her. She’s fallen into that enunciation problem she’s prone to. But her vocal range and tone are spectacular. SAVING MY HOMEGIRL. Pharrell implores: Let’s support different types of music! The blues ya’ll!

Brian Johnson – Amazed by Lonestar – He’s back to singing smaltz. Which is probably the only thing that could save him, at this point. Not that he has a prayer against more popular/better singers. Adam thinks it’s CRAZY that he’s standing up there! Uhm. No its not. “Everybody heard that..he’s amazing.” Nope.

Deanna Johnson – It Will Rain by Bruno Mars – She might be relieved to finally be singing a pop song. But then, a rousing performance of “Amazing Grace” might have saved her for sure. This is actually pretty good. She’s holding it together pretty well under pressure. Adam talks about how much confidence building she’s needed. Nevertheless, she’s come so far. He wants her to feel the joy of people’s belief in her. Nah. I’ll vote for the singer I like. The pity bid is pretty annoying.



Start NOW!


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Deanna Johnson was instantly saved. Sigh. That could have been way worse. WAY WORSE.  All three were fairly close in votes, but Deanna Johnson and Brian Johnson were running neck and neck.  Eff Adam propping up Deanna with a stupid pity speech. If he believes in his girl so much, he could be extolling her talents, not manipulating viewers based on a sob story. He threw his own singer, Brian, under the bus. Speaking of which. BRIAN ALMOST WON. I don’t think he was good tonight. The Sting performance that landed him in the bottom 3 was actually, better. If Brian had been saved I WOULD HAVE CUT A BITCH. Truly. If the truly deserving Mia couldn’t be saved, Deanna was the second choice.  I don’t think her performance matched Mia’s but she laid it down while under pressure.

I’ve got to completely revise my methodology for making elimination predictions. I was wrong in about every way possible. I correctly chose Brian as a boot, but I thought it wouldn’t even be a fight when it came down to twitter battle. And yet…his iTunes single sold so poorly. Maybe it’s a function of performance order? Yet, Hannah Kirby sang first, and was completely safe. Maybe Brian sang the wrong TYPE of song last night. Once he pulled a tearjerker out of his back pocket, he was back in the game. If Adam cared about him at all (and I don’t think he does, actually) he’d be giving BRIAN the CCM and Gospel tunes. He’d be KILLING with that shiz. As far as Mia Z is concerned? She came within 5% of the others. Brian and Deanna picked songs from accessible genres. Adam’s little speech begging viewers to take pity on poor little stage-frightened Deanna didn’t hurt, either. But based on vocals? Mia DESERVED the save.


Kimberly Nichole
Sawyer Fredericks
Meghan Linsey
Joshua Davis
India Carney
Hannah Kirby
Koryn Hawthorne
Rob Taylor
Corey Kent White

Singing for the Save:

Mia Z – Eliminated
Brian Johnson – Eliminated
Deanne Johnson – SAVED

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