The Voice 6 Top 5 Power Rankings

The Voice 6 Top 5 Power Rankings

Hey guys, the field has been narrowed and now only the best of the best remain (well, 4 out of five isn’t that bad). Below, are my power rankings along with some thoughts. Honestly, I think besides for who will win, this season, I’m pretty positive this is how the rest of the eliminations will go.

5- Kat Perkins– Ms. Breaker of the Instant Save curse is back! I’m floored by Kat’s progress, but I think top 5 is where it ends for her. I think she is MUCH better then contestant at number 4, but the general public clearly disagree with me as he has never been in danger once. But hey, I thought for sure she was going home last week, so what do I know? Kat has shocked me before.

4- Jake Worthington– And now we get to Jake. I’d much rather he go fifth, but I just don’t see it happening. I don’t really know what to say about him honestly, America gets him and loves his covers. I just think his voice is inferior to every contestant that went home last week.

3- Kristen Merlin– Kristen reminds me of a glass of cool lemonade on a very hot day: just what you want when you need it. Her progress this season is staggering, she went from fodder to frontrunner really quickly and now is here for the long hall. I don’t see her breaking the top 2, but she is sitting pretty in 3rd place. I don’t see her moving up or down from this spot at all.

My top 2 are interchangeable. I am positive one of these 2 will be the winner, but I just can’t pinpoint who it will be. These 2 contestants have gone back and forth in my top spot for weeks, but lets examine them both.

1-2- Christina Grimmie– Youtube pop star never slowed down from her frontrunner status. She has always delivered on her performances and has never faltered yet. It will come down to her and Josh in the end, but will she beat him and win?

1-2- Josh Kaufman– Josh’s covers are incredible! His voice is spectacular and he has people. He has always been near the top and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. A finale without Josh would be missing something it needs. It will come down to Christina and him, but will he able to beat her and win?

So those are my thought! What are yours? Sound off in the comments below! And you can also always follow me @adamhsamuel

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