The Voice 4- Top 12 Performance Night- Live Blog and Discussion

Hey gang. It’s Mac. I’m covering for MJ tonight on The Voice. Ya’ll ready for this? ROLL TIDE!

I’m good to go now (I do NOT recommend Brighthouse, this is the second time I’ve had to call them in under a week). Holly Tucker. Let’s do this. I apparently missed someone, as Holly is #2. I’ll get to that as soon as I can.

1) Vedo- Team Usher- Rock With You by Michael Jackson
Vedo starts the show with a performance of Rock With You. There’s a bit of talk about Vedo’s dancing not quite always being appropriate. This song feels a little high for Vedo. He’s definitely a performer, and he’s trying to give the audience what they want, but I can’t help but think this song is too big for him. Usher thinks he’ll earn America’s vote.

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2) Holly Tucker- Team Blake- Broken Wing by Martina McBride.
She started singing at 7, and recorded her own independent album, and recorded another one in college. I remember when Jordin did this on Idol. It’s a great song. Holly is singing the crap out of this. Somewhere, Randy Jackson is chanting his mantra of not needing to understand the lyrics to a song, if you can just sing your face off. If you think she was interpreting that song, you’re crazy. I don’t think that she was thinking about the lyrics at all, and was just focused on belting the crap out of that song. Usher thought it was incredible, Shakira says “Gosh dang girl.” and called it elegant. She also refers to a falsetto, which girls don’t have… but that’s OK. Adam thought it was amazing. Blake talks about her confidence coming alive. I thought it was a very strong vocal, but not interpreted at all.

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3)Garrett Gardner- Team Shakira- I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
Shakira thinks it’ll be cool to have a rock interpretation of a boy band song. She also talks about her vibrato, and how people initially didn’t like it. He just has to be himself. There’s something about his credibility being a rocker singing a boy band song. He didn’t really change it up. This is basically the same song, just with a growling dude instead of a pop vocal. The drums are a bit more pronounced, but I don’t think there’s a real new arrangement here. That being said, I think we’ve lost something special about Garrett by forcing him into the mainstream like this. Adam said it wasn’t his favorite choice. Blake says that sometimes you have to give them something out of left field to see what they do with it. Usher reminds him that constructive criticism will only make him better. Shakira says he’s charismatic, and says he has a lot of female fans (that didn’t vote for him last week?).

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4) Sarah Simmons- Team Adam- The Story by Brandi Carlile
She’s like an American Adele. Sarah has done a bunch of different things, and is blessed to be here on the stage. The song starts a little low for Sarah. Once it opens up, it is pretty much what you’d expect from Sarah singing The Story. I mean, come on. It’s The Story. Blake liked it, Shakira didn’t know the song well but thought it was good and showcased her charisma. Adam said she has refined grit. lol.

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5) The Swon Brothers- Team Blake- Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes by George Jones
The Swon Brothers wanted to pay tribute to the recently departed George Jones. There’s candles, there’s a piano, this is what it takes to try and save the Swon Brothers from elimination. With everything accounted for, this is the best performance of the night. It’s the first time where vocals matched with a good song and a great interpretation. Blake gave them a standing O. Usher says they were very diverse with this song choice, and it was an incredible tribute. Adam said it was beautiful. Blake said George Jones was the king of country music. Blake said they really honored country music, and said it was their breakout moment. I don’t know if it makes them a frontrunner, but it should be enough to save them from elimination.

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6) Sasha Allen- Team Shakira- Alone by Heart
In case you didn’t know Sasha Allen is a movie star. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch Camp. Then come back to me. :)
Sasha admits to being a Broadway star in Hair. Sasha is singing the most oversung song in history, Alone. If we could just ditch this and Against All Odds, I think all singing competition shows would benefit. They brought out some weird backdrop for Sasha. It’s making her seem oddly goth, like she’s covering Evanescence. Shakira had talked to Sasha about her Broadway stylings, and this is still the most Broadway performance of Alone I’ve ever seen. She’s acting, as if she was performing this ballad in the middle of a musical. She’s a tremendous singer though, I just think she’s overdoing it on the acting side. Adam says he never should have let Sasha go. Usher thought it wasn’t theatrical, and Sasha took him to church. Shakira says she’s Sasha’s biggest fan, and the country is full of her fans.

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7) Josiah Hawley- Team Usher- The Man That Can’t Be Moved by The Script
Josiah’s dad is a jazz pianist. Usher is banking on everyone else being loud, so he makes Josiah intimate. What I actually hear is “the other people can sing better than you, so don’t try”. Josiah is just sitting on stage with his guitar. This is actually really cool, and probably the right type of song for Josiah (for once). Plus, he is really good looking. If women are watching this performance, I can’t imagine them not voting for him. He spit (while singing) at the camera mid-song, that was kinda gross…but it was Josiah’s best performance to date. Usher gives him a standing ovation. Adam agrees with me, saying that was Josiah’s best performance. Blake says that was his favorite performance of Josiah’s. Usher said he trusted Josiah’s instincts. Usher says he’s like a young Adam.

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8) Danielle Bradbury- Team Blake- Wasted by Carrie Underwood
Danielle wants to be a country-pop artist. Blake is trying to push her as an artist. Danielle knows she still can grow more. This is a good song for her. I feel like she could join the cast of Nashville or something. I’m not sure if her voice is super distinct, I think she kind of adapts to the voices she hears as her voice continues to adapt. I’m actually hearing a little bit of Carrie in her voice tonight that I haven’t heard before. Carson continues to remind everyone that she’s the youngest one in the competition. Shakira says that this is when they see what an artist is made of (like she would know? from being involved in this competition before…?) Adam said Shakira just blew his mind, and then said that Danielle is still the one to beat.

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Something horrific has happened to Judith’s hair.

9) Judith Hill- Team Adam- You’ve Got A Friend by Carole King
Judith Hill is playing her own arrangement of this song tonight. So, this could be cool. But… what… happened… to… her… hair. For real. Judith is probably the best vocalist, technically, in the competition. She’s a bit overpolished though, if that’s actually possible. I don’t know if doing an older song is going to help bring in new fans. She’s probably still safe this week, but I don’t think she’s leading in votes. As far as THIS one performance. This is fantastic, honestly. Best vocal of the night. Is it my favorite overall? No. What kind of artist is Judith Hill? Blake says they can count on her for greatness. Usher says she’s in control of her destiny. Adam says Judith she’s up against a lot of great voices, and says she has a talent that cannot be taught.

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10) Michelle Chamuel- Team Usher- Call Your Girlfriend
Michelle struggles with stage fright. They give her some movement tips. This girl is awkward, and her own movements are actually kinda cool. This song is swallowing her voice though. It’s too loud for her voice. She has a small cool indie voice, and this song is eating her alive, even though she’s trying her best to sing the crap out of it. Shakira thought it was cool. Adam says there’s only one Michelle, and she’s one of his favorites. Usher adores Michelle.

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11) Kris Thomas- Team Shakira- I’ll Be There by Jackson 5
Kris considers himself to be a crooner. He was about to join the Navy. Shakira chose this song because of Kris’s falsetto abilities. He starts off the song in his falsetto. I think his voice is really shaky, and his falsetto is weak. This is probably my least favorite performance of the night. And it’s on a really old song. Was this supposed to get him more votes? Why did both black men sing Michael Jackson songs? There are other artists out there… Adam said that song is really high, and that Kris rose to the occasion. Blake says that Kris proves himself every week. Usher didn’t love it, but ends with “but no risk, no reward.” Shakira talks about his sweetness and honesty.

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12) Amber Carrington- Team Adam- I’m Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride
She’s singing because her mom died of cancer. Now I understand why she has the pimp spot. She’s dedicating this to her mom. She’ll get votes tonight. Amber is doing everything that Holly didn’t do. Amber is singing the song, AND she’s interpreting it. You have to understand your lyrics, you can’t just sing your face off. Blake says she did Martina proud, and she did Nashville proud. Usher says she defies the laws of gravity.

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I thought tonight was pretty good. A couple of standouts. My favorite was probably The Swon Brothers, followed by Amber Carrington. I think Vedo and Kris Thomas are in danger, maybe Garrett. As of the show closing, on Itunes:

148- Sarah Simmons
165- Josiah Hawley
187- The Swon Brothers

Game on! Thanks for joining me tonight. As always, I hope you had fun reading my blog, and commenting below. I feel blessed to be able to do this with you guys. Until next time!

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