The Voice 4 Spoilers: Battle Round Pairings and Results (Rumor)

I hesitate to do this…but these The Voice Battle Round spoilers were posted on Idol Forums and they may be true? Via Idol Spoilers

The spoiler is a total tinhatter, so I hesitate. But she did get the Judith vs Karina battle correct (including the song they sang) so IDK. What the heck. Discuss.

Team Shakira
Mary vs Cathia – Mary wins. Cathia Stolen by Usher
Kris vs C. Perkins – Kris wins. C. Perkins stolen by Usher
Monique vs Luke – Monique wins. Luke stolen by Blake
J’Sun vs Garrett – Garrett wins. J’Sun eliminated
Shawn P vs Brandon – Shawn P wins. Brandon eliminated
Tawyna vs Mark – Tawyna wins. Mark Eliminated

Team Usher
Jamilla vs Audrey – Audrey wins. Jamilla eliminated
Michelle vs Chelsea – Michelle wins. Chelsea Eliminated
Jessica vs Vedo – Vedo wins. Jessica eliminated
Jeff vs Josiah – Josiah wins. Jeff eliminated
Ryan vs Orlando – Ryan wins. Orlando stolen by Adam
Jess vs Taylor – Jess wins. Taylor stolen by Blake

Team Adam
Judith vs Karina – Judith wins. Karina stolen by Shakira (FAIR Battle)
Sasha vs Amber – Amber wins. Sasha stolen by Usher
Patrick vs Midas Whale – Midas Whale wins. Patrick eliminated.
Sarah vs Duncan – Sarah wins. Duncan eliminated.
Michael vs Warren – Warren wins. Michael eliminated.
Agina vs Amy – Amy wins. Agina eliminated.

Team Blake

(For some reason the spoiler wouldn’t elaborate on Team Blake)

Swon brothers vs Christian – Swon wins. Christian eliminated
Jacqui eliminated
Morgan Twins Eliminated
Trevor eliminated i think (90% sure)


Judith and Karina – This is a mans world
Sasha and Amber – Try by Pink
Kris and C perkins – It will rain by Bruno
Jess and Taylor – You know i’m not good by Amy winehouse
J’Sun and Garett – Like me Now by The Heavy
Vedo and Jessica – Locked out of heaven by Bruno
Patrick and Midas – an Elvis song
Luke and Monique – You and I by Gaga
Michelle and Chelsea – Titanium
Audrey and Jamilla – a Beyonce song

Shakira wore orange, usher wore black, blake wore what he always does, and I believe Adam wore another Polo shirt buttoned all the way up.

Battle with Jess and Taylor

Adam said he would pick Jess
Blake also said he would pick Jess also
Shakira complimented Jess on the quality of her voice and her tone being so great.
Usher picked Jess and Blake stole Taylor.

Sneak Peek: Judith vs. Karina Battle

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