The Voice 4- Mac’s Top 12 Power List

My Power List now applies to The Voice. I’m not sure you’ll see a power list from me this week on Idol… with there being only two contestants and all. I think it would just be “Mac predicts _________ to win.” See what I did there? I held you in suspense in case I choose to write an article.

First, I have to say that I really believe the field is pretty evenly matched. I don’t think there is a clear winner, instead there are a few favorites, and some strong dark horses.

12) Josiah Hawley- I think the pretty boy who couldn’t get through on America’s vote has a problem this week. He seems like a perfectly nice guy, but he’s lacking in the artistry that many of his other competitors have in abundance. Normally, this guy would slay on Idol, but the frauen haven’t found The Voice yet (or they have, and they just don’t care anymore). I’m not even really sure what kind of record he COULD make let alone what he WOULD make. Plus, he’s on Team Usher, which is by far the weakest team. There are no winners on Team Usher (sorry, Michelle).

11) The Swon Brothers- The only thing really special about them is that they are a duo in a majority solo competition. The vocals aren’t enough to stand out, and there are better singers in the competition. I was initially rooting for Colton Swon out of Idol loyalty, but then I realized his fatter brother is actually the better singer, and I got upset… I feel like Idol chose the pretty one, and not the good singer. That being said, they could sneak by another week, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

10) Vedo- Let’s be honest. Usher is pretty awful so far at choosing songs for Vedo. I’m amazed he’s made it this far. Against All Odds? Really? I think Vedo is going to continue to struggle with Usher in the song choice arena (does Usher really want to pump out another singer just like him?)

9) Kris Thomas- I wonder if Kris has limited appeal because of his vocal type, much like Deandre Brackensick did on Idol. I’m thinking he’s got a bit of an uphill battle ahead of him trying to pull in a wide vote.

8) Sarah Simmons- This girl is an amazing singer. Truth. But she’s stylistically close to a lot of singers that seem to really be connecting with America on a larger scale. Sarah seems more destined to be an Erika Van Pelt… a really good singer who went home too early… but wasn’t going to win anyway.

7) Holly Tucker- I think Holly is less relatable than Danielle or Amber, and that’s going to hurt her. Her being paired against Danielle is hurting her even more, making her seem older than she actually is. Vocally, she’s got the best pipes on Team Blake, but I don’t think she’ll be the last one standing.

6) Garrett Gardner- This isn’t me trying to say that Garrett is the best vocalist in the competition. What I will say that is working in Garrett’s favor is that he doesn’t sound like anyone else in the competition. He’s really the only rocker alive this season, so he isn’t pulling votes from anyone. He just exists in his own bubble. He just has to worry about getting rock fans to vote for him. I think he’s a mid-pack contender, but I don’t see him in the finale. I actually don’t see ANY of the boys in the finale.

5) Michelle Chamuel- I was really proud that America voted for her, after we lost DeBorah last year after not voting for her. I think her quirky nature reminds me of Melanie Martinez, who made it about this far last year.

4) Judith Hill- I think the “presumed winner” needs to go back to being an underdog for a while if she wants to win the whole thing. There’s something very over polished about her performance, and I think she’s losing popularity to “underdogs” that are slightly less polished, more radio friendly, and connect with America on a broader level. She needs to current, fun, uptempo, and youthful, and less of this perfect present that the Voice producers have wrapped up nicely with a bow for us to enjoy.

3) Sasha Allen- Congrats on a breakthrough performance last week. Now, you need to keep that momentum going on tracks that will sell on Itunes. The internet agreed that your performance was spectacular, so your goal now is to get into the Top 10 of Itunes so you can get the multiplier. That’s really why you’re currently in 3rd. Those sales weren’t hot.

2) Amber Carrington- It’s all about the Itunes sales, and Amber came really close to cracking the top 10 last week. She was the highest of her night, and that can’t be ignored. If she can get into the top 10 this week, that will be the true show of her power in this competition. When I first heard Amber, I thought she was generic, but through some solid vocal coaching, she’s now got a lot of potential.

1) Danielle Bradbury- You know who did crack the top 10? Danielle Bradbury. I think Danielle, Sasha, and Amber will be jockeying for the first place spot all season (and possibly Judith, if she can get some better coaching). Danielle just needs to keep going down her “next Taylor Swift” path. It seems to be endearing America to her.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below. Were the guys worse on Idol or The Voice this year?

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