The Voice 3 – Top 6 – Results, Recap, VIDEOS

Which TWO finalists will be leaving The Voice tonight! Hang out with us as 6 becomes 4…

Eliminated tonight:  Team Adam! Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez

I’m disappointed that Amanda Brown was eliminated tonight, but not surprised. She was the best singer left in the competition, but we all know that a slew of factors determine who wins a singing competition. First of all–the guys usually have a built in advantage–the largely female voters love them.. So do contestants who are championed by the Powers That Be.  Cassadee is clearly the coaches fav.  But she’s got an uphill battle. She’ll likely make it to the final, but I don’t know if she can prevail against either Trevin or Terry.  Now that my fav, Amanda, is gone, I may go all Vote for the Worst and get behind the least marketable finalist.  I mean, what kind of album would Terry and his mullet release if they won? Ha.  I think I want to find out!

Adam and his sh*tty song choices helped to wipe out his team.  Sadly, that silly trainweck he handed to Melanie wasn’t a busing attempt. I almost wish it was, rather than total incompetence from Adam. But Melanie bears some responsibility too. She would have been wise to choose a tune she could sing on key.  She actually sounded fantastic on her duet with Nicholas tonight.  Ironically, she sang “Criminal”, a song Christina suggested for the quirky singer, after practically snapping her head off.   The poor girl made the mistake of zoning out during one of the coach’s FASCINATING critiques.   Oy. It makes me hate to admit that Christina was right! Honestly, Xtina.  And what the heck was up with that pink wig + space suit ensemble? Yikes.

Amanda. Sigh. Despite her superior vocal chops, I think she had a tough time connecting with viewers. I liked her, because beyond having a fantastic voice, she took risks and had an interesting musicality on the show. She was so much more than just a big ole belter. I think she would have made a fine winner and would be very marketable as a pop/rock/r&b singer. Now, the only really marketable contestant left is Cassadee. But like I said, it’s not going to be a cakewalk for her. Oh well, no matter who wins, The Voice is not equipped to develop the talent they graduate. As long as the ratings stay good, I don’t think they care if they do.


Carson claims that the response to last night’s performance show was OVERWHELMING. But does not reveal details. First, a recap of last night’s show for those of you with short attention spans!

ASTRONOMICAL VOTING NUMBERS! Four artists were at the Top 10 singles chart. That would be Cassadee, Nicholas, Trevin and Terry. From now until the finale you can download a single iTunes performance 10 times and they will all count as votes. FINALLY BULK BUYING PAYS OFF. Still would never do that in a million years. SORRY.

Ne-Yo takes the stage to sing “Let Me Love You.” Amanda and Ne-Yo dueting is PRETTY DAMN FINE. HELLS YEAH.

Adam feels great about the song choices he made for his contestants! Hm. Will he say the same WHEN THEY ARE BOTH KICKED OFF THE SHOW TONIGHT? Cee Lo pushed his button for every contestant in the Top 10. Interesting. Blah blah blah, Cee Lo. Half the time I have no idea what he’s talking about. Oh, he mentions that Trevin blew him away. WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED TO XTINA. That wig? and space suit thingy she’s wearing? NO NO NO NO NO. Christina is namechecking a few finalists. Not Melanie, though! Blake talks about the relationship he has with his contestants. Communication is the key, y’all.

Terry and Trevin perform the first duet of the night “Feel Again” by One Republic. This is an interesting combo. They could be the second coming of Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling. Or not. I kid. That was actually a solid duet. I would not have expected their voices to blend well.

Ooooh. America voted! Who is safe. America has saved Terry McDermott from Team Blake!  Christina Millian interviews Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. Blah Blah Blah.

Amanda and Cassadee sing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway”.  Ohhh. That was a leetle pitchy, but still powerful.  Amanda is fantastic. I will be sad when she’s eliminated tonight. She pretty much blows Cassadee off the stage.

Time for more RESULTS!  Nicholas tells Carson that he’s really glad for all the farts. That’s one of the things he’ll bring away from his experience. Ooook.  America has saved…from Team Cee Lo…Trevin Hunte!

Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 will sing “Overjoyed” with the contestants he mentored, Trevin and Nicholas. The two are fairly superfluous, only singing a line each on the bridge, and singing off-key backups. Maybe that off-key thing is the answer to why they aren’t singing much.

Now, a little video package starring the coaches and Top 6 imitating Cee Lo and Adam. It’s pretty funny!

More results! America has saved…Cassadee Pope. SHOCKING. Not.  After the break, Carson will reveal the first finalist who will be LEAVING the competition.

Melanie and Nicholas sing “Criminal” by Fiona Apple. Is Xtina happy now? Probably not. Nicholas sits at the piano. I hate to say it, but Christina was right. This song is a good fit for Melanie. They both sound good.

More results! The first person America is sending home is…Melanie Martinez. Nicholas and Amanda remain!  Which contestant will advance to the Top 4? Argh.  Let’s kill time with the coaches! Zzzz. Xtina…incredible journey blah blah blah. Blake thinks Nicholas will move on! Cee Lo gives Nick a little speech that sounds like goodbye. Adam is at peace. He assures Amanda that The Voice is just a one small beautiful experience in her career. America’s last save is NICHOLAS DAVID.

And we’ve got ourselves a sausage fest. Boo Yah! 

Sigh. Goodbye Amanda. You were the best.


  • Terry McDermott – Team Blake
  • Trevin Hunt – Team Cee Lo
  • Cassadee Pop – Team Blake
  • Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo


  • Melanie Martinez
  • Amanda Brown
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