The Voice 3- Top 20 (Team Christina/Team Cee-Lo)- Night 2

Hey guys! I’m filling in again. I feel like a jack of all trades. Anyway, come join me tonight as I live blog the 2nd night of the Top 20 vocalists on The Voice. Tonight, Team Christina and Team Cee-Lo, which means TREVIN. :) You know I’m happy about that.

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As we head into the show, I want to say that Cassadee Pope was a lot better last night than a lot of people make her out to be. That comes with the experience that she has.

And we are on. Cee-Lo is dressed insane again, and not to be outdone, Christina is wearing a blue dress, and is sporting a fan. But she doesn’t slightly resemble an American flag, so I have to give 1 point to Team Cee-Lo for “bizarre attire”.

Christina’s boobs are out of control. I suppose that’s what Carson Daly means by her looking “patriotic”.

Kicking off the night are Teams Christina and Cee-Lo performing Sing. Nicholas David looks awkward in a group number. He also sounds awkward on the song. That’s what I hate about group numbers, there’s no way they can pick a number for all contestants. Some people are just not going to be right for the song. Trevin’s big solo is a long run near the end of the song. lol

Adriana Louise- Team Christina- “Firework” by Katy Perry
Christina remarks about Adriana hitting a big note at the end (during rehearsal) that Katy doesn’t hit. I think Christina has three girls on her team that are essentially the same artist. So Adriana needs to really command this performance. Her entrance is sort of like “Where’s Waldo?” as the cameraman tries to find her. The audience isn’t clapping in rhythm, and it almost throws her in the beginning. It’s a little shouty for me, but it’s obvious that Adriana has a strong instrument in there. But the whole thing is an eleven the whole time. I’m surprised she still has a voice when this is over. That felt like it hurt. She is the first performance of the night, which could hurt her in the votes, but it doesn’t mean Christina won’t pick her. All the judges loved it. Cee-Lo calls her “worthy competition”.

To Vote for Adriana: 1-866- U-LOVE- 01 or text 1 to 8642

Christina Milian reminds us that she’s getting paid to be here.

Cody Belew- Team Cee-Lo- “One More Try”
Cody Belew has a large black woman trapped in him. His voice cracks in rehearsals. I feel like Cody doesn’t stick to a genre or a style, and isn’t sure where he fits as an artist. This is kind of boring, and Cody tries to do awkward movements to spice things up. This isn’t a movement piece, Cody. This is a ballad. To his credit, Cody’s voice is spot on. Really good vocal. I thought Cody would be done this week, but he might have just given himself a shot at sticking around. Adam said it was brilliant, and he’s a believer now. Blake says Team Cee-Lo has many threats, and says that Cody is one of his wife’s favorites. He says it’s his best performance yet. Christina also says Cody is one of her favorites. Cee-Lo says he was pleasantly surprised.

To Vote for Cody: 1-866-U-LOVE 02 or text 2 to 8642

Taylor Kinney showed up to plug Chicago Fire (AFTER THE VOICE TONIGHT? NO WAY! YOU DON’T SAY?!).

DeBorah- Team Christina- “Who Knew” by Pink
Shaky start. Not quite on pitch. When it gets to the chorus, she gets better and starts hitting the notes. Her vibrato is a little wide, which causes her to sometimes be just above and below the note, and not actually on the note. She gets better and better as the song goes on and becomes a rock anthem. Deborah loses the vibrato in favor of the rock grit. The ending is not on pitch thoough. I like DeBorah, but that wasn’t a strong performance. I think she still has a shot based on previous performances. Cee-Lo loves her. Adam says there is only one DeBorah. Blake says her voice is powerful. Christina says she commands the show more than anyone else on the show.

To Vote for DeBorah: 1-866-U-LOVE 03 or text 3 to 8642

Diego Val- Team Cee-Lo- “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias
I’m not sure how Diego is still in the competition. However, his voice isn’t awful. It’s just more of the same Diego. All judges liked him. Cee-Lo says Diego’s voice was strained, and tells Diego that he’s in a safe place. I wish I could say more about Diego, but it was typical Diego. Cee-Lo acknowledges it wasn’t his best vocal.

To Vote for Diego: 1-866-U-LOVE 04 or text 4 to 8642

Mackenzie Bourg- Team Cee-Lo- “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction
He likes how Cee-Lo pushes him. This is the perfect song choice for him. Hope he doesn’t mess it up. By the way… he IS a WGWG. I wonder if that statistic will help him. Hmmmm. He looks like Grant Gustin from Glee. He’s not one of the strongest vocalists in the competition, but he’s trying really hard to give an adequate performance. He has zero stage presence without his guitar. That could be a problem. It’s a nice performance, but not great. I would think he could wipe the floor with Diego though. Adam calls him an “American Idol”, but doesn’t think he can win The Voice. Blake babbles a bit about artistry. Christina would like to see MacKenzie step outside of the box and be more vulnerable (I feel Teenage Dream in his future). Cee-Lo thought he did a great job, but wants more energy.

To Vote for MacKenzie: 1-866-U-LOVE 05 or text 5 to 8642

Devyn Deloera- Team Christina- “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis
She’s shy. She’s coming out of her shell. She struggles a bit with getting in the beat at the beginning, but she works into it really quickly. There’s more actual singing in this song than what Adriana did earlier (even though Firework is a harder song). What I mean is that Devyn isn’t just shouting the entire song. We call this “dynamics”, as she switches through mezzo-piano to forte and fortissimo and so on. Great vocal. Cee-Lo says it wasn’t her best performance, and thinks she’s a better singer than this performance. No one boos him. Interesting. Blake thought it wasn’t soft enough (WTF. Really?) Carson skips Adam. Christina notices that Adam didn’t speak, but goes on anyway. She believes it showcased a softer side of Devyn.

To Vote for Devyn: 1-866-U-LOVE 06 or text 6 to 8642

Nicholas David- Team Cee-Lo- “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” by Barry White
Nicholas wants America to fall in love with him. Awwwww. His voice is a nice throwback. I’ve been waiting to see how America will take to him on the whole. He’s so unique and specific. Thank God he’s not doing something like Firework. He’s a little awkward on stage. They’ve cleaned him up a bit. His beard is trimmed a bit. His hair is clean, and pulled back out of his face. The crowd went apeshit. Adam had to shut them up just to speak to Nicholas. Adam said he wants to make a baby after hearing that song. Blake says Nicholas is his favorite singer on Team Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo says he ca do no wrong. Christina doesn’t speak.

To Vote for Nicholas: 1-866-U-LOVE 07 or text 7 to 8642

Sylvia Yacoub- Team Christina- “The One That Got Away”
Sylvia wants to play piano at the beginning. This is a really cool cover. And a really small baby grand piano on the stage. This girl is going to stay in the competition. Best performance of the night so far. She just destroyed that. I’m surprised she didn’t get a standing ovation. Cee-Lo says it was his favorite performance of the night and compliments her musicianship. Adam says that Sylvia deserves to move forward. He says she’ll be fine. Christina says she understands Sylvia, and Sylvia understands her. Christina also calls her an artist.

To Vote for Sylvia: 1-866-U-LOVE 08 or text 8 to 8642

Dez Duron- Team Christina- “Wanna Make You Feel”
Shaky vocals throughout. He needs a different song. This is a bizarre song choice. I think he might go home this week. Adam says the girls love him, and he has a great voice, but the song wasn’t right for him. Blake is upset Dez didn’t choose him. Christina gives Dez a standing ovation, and says he’s improved a lot. She says he’s the full package.

To Vote for Dez: 1-866-U-LOVE 09 or text 9 to 8642

Trevin Hunte- Team Cee-Lo- “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton
Trevin has lost some weight. Cee-Lo wants to strip the song down. He’s a little behind in the tempo in spots at the beginning. He touches his ear like he’s having trouble hearing through his earpiece. That may be it. This is a terrific vocal. I hope America loves him as much as I do. His voice is endless. I think he can win. Fantastic. He got a partial standing O, I think , at least from Adam and Cee-Lo. The audience doesn’t stop cheering. Carson shuts them up. Blake says Trevin moved him. Christina says he’s captivating. Cee-Lo says he’s speechless, and then says Trevin was wonderful. He says Trevin can win the whole thing.

To Vote for Trevin: 1-866-U-LOVE-10 or text 10 to 8642

Carson is speaking so fast. Trying to get this in under time, but it’s gonna go over.

My favorites tonight: Trevin and Sylvia.
SHOULD also make it through: Cody and Devyn.
WILL also make it through: Nicholas and DeBorah.

MIGHT go home tomorrow: Adriana and MacKenzie.
SHOULD go home tomorrow: Dez and Diego

Join me tomorrow night when I do a special Top 12 Power Rankings for The Voice (and possibly also X-Factor). Hope you enjoyed tonight’s show as much as I did. Who are your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

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