The Voice 3 – Top 12 – Results, Recap and VIDEOS

Tonight two contestants will be eliminated from The Voice. Who do you think they will be? Watch the results with me now!

I guess Cee-lo and Christina are still getting ready for the live show. Blake is doing his finger thingie. Now a recap. Jason Cheater Aldean will be performing. So will Christina. Carson is bragging about a record number of votes. I think he’s getting better as a host.

Christina is performing and joined by Cee-lo. Ok, that’s why they weren’t in their chairs. She’s got some fan action. Is that her new trademark? This is OTT, but I’m not mad at them. I think the world may be moving. I hate mullet dresses though. That was hella fun.

Adam thinks it sucks that America gets the control. He then backtracks. He is just a control freak. Double-edged sword, he says. Cee-lo thinks Terry, Dez, Trevin stood out. Christina doesn’t say who she thinks is her biggest competition. Blake waffles on America’s ability to choose. Only if it’s his team.

The contestants are talking about their fans.

We’re talking about getting down to business now, says Carson. The first two artists who are safe are: Bryan Keith and Sylvia!

Bryan knew it too. Cocky SOB.

Now we get a performance from Jason Aldean. Blake does his chicken neck thing. Here we get Dez and and Bryan. Sigh. OK. Nice pimping. Someone lost some lyrics there. I doubt it was Jason.

More results. Adam says it’s all cumulative. He thought Bryan had a great moment. The next two safe artists are: Nicholas David! and Dez!

Cee-lo, Nicholas, Cody and Trevin are going all Bee Gees on us. I effing love this. Can this be on my tee vee every night? Oh wait, Cee-lo flashed his belly. Just kidding. Not a big deal.

More results: Trevin Hunte is safe!!!! and Cassadee.

Who produces this live show? I think it will go over.

Coach Blake is singing with his team. “Life is a Highway.” Blake is so attractive. Sorry… had to get that out of my system. ;-) This isn’t as fun as the Bee Gees, though.

More results! Terry and Amanda are safe! I’m down with that! Worried about Bam Bam now.

Two more results now. Please save Cody! For all that is holy! He makes a joke. Xtina looks pissed. Hmm.

Cody and Melanie are safe! Just like MJ predicted Adriana and Michaeala are toast. This is getting emotional. Very dramatic. I hope it works out for all of them.

Did you enjoy the show? Do you think America made the right choice? Who is your fave? What did you think of Amanda’s hair? I like it better natural, but happy she lives another week. What group performance was your fave? These burning questions need to be answered!