The Voice 3 Finale! Results, Recap and VIDEOS

I’ll be live blogging The Voice 3 finale, right here! Who will take the win? Cassadee Pope? Terry McDermott? Nicholas David? Stick around and find out!

Well…that was anti-climatic! As it turns out, the Power of the Penis was no match for iTunes chicanery.   Good job, The Voice producers, working those iTunes votes! I think counting every iTune sale, including bonuses, from all of the live shows helped put Cassadee over the top. Because if you think about it, viewers are voting for the song, rather than the contestant. I think it would have been hard for Cassadee to overpower the cute throwback boy, Terry, otherwise.

It’s just as well.  Cassadee was certainly NOT the best singer, but she’s marketable. She couldn’t make a go of it before, we’ll see if she can finally break through as a Voice winner. Hopefully, Universal will take a tip from American Idol and hook her up with some good songwriters. And it wouldn’t hurt to find the perfect debut song for even, even if she didn’t have a hand in writing it.  We’ll see if the show can finally graduate a successful winner,

Highlights from tonight’s finale included  Bruno Mars (who is pretty much ALWAYS awesome), the Terry and Peter Frampton duet (eat your hearts out, Emblem 3!), The wonderfully soulful Boys II Men cover by Nicholas David, Dez Duran, Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown, and the final coaches performance of “Good Riddance”.   It’s not a coincidence that all 3 performances were acoustic or close to it. I prefer the moments when the singers aren’t trying to out sing the screaming band.

I wished Kelly Clarkson could have performed her song without sharing the stage with Cassadee and Terry. They added nothing to “Catch my Breath”.  Also, I would have enjoyed The Killers much more without Cassadee’s inexplicable contribution.

The crowning of Cassadee was beyond anti-climatic. They didn’t even go over a bit to allow her to finish her winner’s performance!


OMG Cee Lo’s outfit is…really something. Adam looks very handsome in a tux and white tie. And Christina is dressed to the nines. No tiny hat tonight, though. sads. She is cooling herself with a bejeweled fan, however.

Carson introduces the Top 3. Rihanna, The Killers, Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars will perform. The Top 3 will duet with Avril Lavigne (Cassadee), Smokey Robinson (Nicholas) and Peter Frampton (Terry). Plus the coaches will sing together for one last time.

Last night’s vote totals were the highest in The Voice history, according to host, Carson Daley.

First up, Rihanna takes the stage to perform “Diamonds”. Gosh. I really needed to hear that song sung live one more time. Zzz.

Now for some blah blah with the coaches. We’ve got a lot of time to kill tonight!

Next, Rudy Paris, Michaela, Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith join Terry McDermott for a performance of the Kiss song, “Rock and Roll All Night”. Well. That was fun. RIP Amanda Brown! Girl, YOU SHOULD BE IN THE FINAL.

Oh Christina Millian! I’m going to miss your scintillating interviews. Hm.

Now, Nicholas David joins Smokey Robinson to sing the legendary soul singer’s  80’s era hit, “Cruising.” Smokey’s sweet falsetto doesn’t blend very well with Nicholas’ baritone. On paper, it looks good, but the two aren’t really a great match.

More filler: The coaches goof on Adam Levine.

Now, the Killers take the stage to sing “Here With Me.” Wait…Cassadee  is singing  with Brandon Flowers? WHY? Get off the stage girl. I want to hear the band.

Here’s the cast of The Biggest Loser talking about The Voice.  As if we care what any of them think, we here predictions of  Cassadee’s imminent win.

Oh Carson, slow down…a bunch of contestants…Diego, that geeky guy with the glasses, Bam Bam, the Hispanic dude…gosh I’m sorry. I don’t remember the names of ANY of these people. They’re all guys! And sing “Stacey’s Mom” at the “Voice Diner”. I guess they’re going for a Grease vibe? Although I love Fountai’s of Wayne, I have to admit that this song pick is pretty random.

The coaches share their thoughts on Blake Shelton. He’s a nut! And mostly drunk.

Oh. an EXCLUSIVE PEEK AT THE NEXT SEASON OF THE VOICE. Usher and Shakira will be joining Adam and Blake on the panel. There’s a cute little bit with the four judges arguing over what to play in the car. They wind up singing along to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Christine chit chats with the Top 3 for the last time in the skybox. Sads. Lots of “love yous” all around. EVEN MORE FILLER. The Top 3 reveal what they will do if they win The Voice.

Casadee Pope and Terry McDermott join Kelly Clarkson on stage to sing “Catch My Breath”. NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING. Allow Queen Kelly to sing on her own, please. Casadee and Terry’s voices sound so thin next to Kelly’s. Cassadee sounds reed-thin. Hm. Terry is a better singer than Cassadee, if I’m being perfectly honest. Too bad his taste in music is so dire.

Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis and De’borah join Cassadee Pope on stage to sing “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. RIP De’borah. You were gone too soon.

Terry McDermott joins Peter Frampton for a performance of the classic hit, “Baby I Love Your Way.” Peter still sounds pretty good. Frampton had one HUGE album in 1976…and then he dropped out of sight for years. It’s nice that he’s been able to make a comeback on the nostalgia circuit. Nice acoustic vibe! The best duet so far, by a mile. The duo blend well together.

The judges, contestants, and SO MANY MORE wish Christina Aguilera a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

A bunch of the girls are back to sing the disco classic, “Best of My Love”. Again, I didn’t quite get their names, and I don’t really remember them, sadly. All 4 look and sound kinda cloney. Not necessarily a bad thing. They all have big boomy voices, perfect for some old school disco.

FINALLY SOME RESULTS. Terry, Cassadee and Nicholas take the stage. OK. Maybe not. Cee Lo takes the stage in a sleigh. He’s St. Cee Lo! Oh look. EACH OF THE FINALISTS WILL GET A NEW KIA CAR. That’s TOTALLY NEVER BEEN DONE ON A SINGING COMPETITION BEFORE!

Here comes Bruno Mars in FULL AFRO to sing a beautiful rendition of “When I was Your Man.” He’s not forced to sing with anyone. I’m guessing his reaction to the suggestion was HELLS NO. Thank God, because that was beautiful.

Christina interviews Kelly Clarkson and calls her the “biggest artist on the planet.” Kells laughs as if to say “WTF?”

Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron and Amanda Brown join Nicholas David to sing “End of the Road” by Boys II Men. “I feel all these people went too soon,” says Nicholas on why he picked the trio. The man speaks the truth! That performance was pretty much THE BOMB.

Cassadee Pope joins Avril Lavigne to sing “I’m With You”. I totally forgot that Avril Lavigne is a pretty terrible live singer.  PITCHY. Unison singing for the win! It doesn’t appear that Cassadee and Avril had much time to rehearse. Avril is like a total turn of the century relic. It’s amazing that she has not changed her look in 10 years.

Now, for the Cee Lo Green video package.  The Voice coach by way of the Animal Planet! Hopefully, this video is the last bit of filler.

The 4 coaches sing one last song together–Green Day’s ” Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”. Cause Christina and Cee Lo will be leaving the family. At least for now. Sans over the top antics, the coaches perform beautifully together! Kudos on the harmonies. Look at Adam strumming an acoustic guitar… Balloons fall from the ceiling. Byyyeee!

FINALLY THE RESULTS. Who will win The Voice?

3rd Place – Nicholas David
2nd Place – Terry McDermott
WINNER – Cassadee Pope

THE END. Until….March. Sigh. Groan. That’s it for The Voice!

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