The Voice 25 Recap: Live Show Results, Top 5 Revealed Live Blog (Videos)

Serenity Arce, Tae Lewis, Bryan Olesen, Madison Curbelo, Maddi Jane - The Voice 25
Pictured: (l-r) Serenity Arce, Tae Lewis, Bryan Olesen, Madison Curbelo, Maddi Jane — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Top 9 will become the Top 5 on tonight’s live results show of The Voice!

Five artists in the bottom will perform for the instant save. Coach Chance the Rapper will perform, as well as Anitta.

The episode opens with a performance from coach Chance the Rapper performing “Together.”

The first artist going into the finale is… Karen Waldrup.

The next artist going into the finale is… Nathan Chester.

The next artist going into the finale is… Josh Sanders.

Anitta takes the stage for a performance.

The next artist going into the finale is… Asher HaVon.

Before the break, Reba announces her new show Happy’s Place will air this fall on NBC.

Madison, Maddi, Tae, Bryan and Serenity will perform for the instant save and final spot in the finale.

Team Chance – Serenity Arce – “Because Of You”

Gorgeous voice but this song sounds a little out of her style. Does not sound like a trying-to-make-it-to-the-finale performance.

Chance says he’s so proud of her, she deserves to be up there and compliments her confidence on stage. Then says he’s honored to be her coach.

Team Dan and Shay – Tae Lewis – “Wanted”

Tae’s been a bit of an underdog all season. This song is perfection for his voice. That one note when he sings “wanted,” that’s going to get him in the finale.

Shay says he’s incredibly talented beyond this show and Nashville is behind him.

Team Legend – Bryan Olesen – “Viva La Vida”

Great song choice. He’s really demonstrating the uniqueness in his voice at the perfect time. “If this is my last time on stage, I need everyone singing this with me!” he tells the crowd.

John says it was a grand slam song choice and it was rousing and energizing, then says it felt like the biggest moment of all for his arena concert.

Team Dan and Shay – Madison Curbelo – “Man In The Mirror”

Madison is putting her unique spin on this classic song and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s just flowing out of her like always. She’s holding some winning high notes too. I’ll personally be shocked if she’s eliminated after that.

Dan says it was the high energy performance they needed in this moment and they’re all fans of her voice.

Team Chance – Maddi Jane – “Never Love Again”

Oh, she’s showcasing her vocals at the perfect moment too. She can clearly kill a ballad. That falsetto!

Chance says that performance speaks for itself, she’s a talented vocalist and her performances are always a wondrous thing to watch.

The final artist going into the finale is… Bryan Olesen.

The Voice 25 Top 5

Karen Waldrup – Team Dan + Shay
Nathan Chester – Team John Legend
Josh Sanders – Team Reba McEntire
Asher HaVon – Team Reba McEntire
Bryan Olesen – Team John Legend – Instant Save Winner

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