The Voice 24 Recap: Battles Part 5 Live Blog Results

The Voice 24 - Jason Arcilla, Eli Ward
Pictured: (l-r) Jason Arcilla, Eli Ward — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 24 Recap: Battles Part 5 Live Blog Results with Videos

The Voice season 24 Battles continue. New coach Reba McEntire alongside returning vets John Legend and Gwen Stefani and sophomore coach and current champ Niall Horan pair up their team members for unforgettable duets. The coach picks a winner to move on to the Knockouts, leaving the loser to be eliminated or stolen. Carson Daly returns as host. 

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The coaches enter with Halloween buckets full of candy. Of course, they can’t keep up the conceit, because the performances are not necessarily taped on the same day.

Tom Nitti vs. Dylan Carter – Team Reba – ‘Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson

NBC previewed this Battle earlier today. Tom was a one chair turn. He’s a country singer, but performed a Motown song for his Blind Audition. Dylan, a 4-chair turn brought the panel to tears after his emotional Whitney Houston cover dedicated to his late mother. Dylan feels like he took his Mother for granted. The song resonates for him. Tom served in the military and has a purple heart. He’s married with a family and is returning to music after a long absence.

From the outset, it seemed as if Tom was at a huge disadvantage against Dylan, a viral 4-chair turn. Tom was lucky to get a turn at all. He unwisely picked a Motown song to sing for his Blind Audition, which didn’t play to his strengths. Here, he shows off his country singing with some big impressive growly notes. Dylan is also very good, especially when he hits big notes. In the end, the song choice favored Tom.

Niall has goosebumps. He compliments the “electric” harmonizing. “Hats off to both of you.” He won’t call it. Gwen will also leave the decision up to Reba. John calls Dylan consistently wonderful and Tom a revelation. “Remember when you were in a competition, and somebody put you all together,” Reba asks Niall. She thinks the two would make a great duo. “Dylan even looks a little like me!” Niall jokes. And in the end, Reba picks Tom, Dylan is eliminated! No steal! 4-chair turn gone. Dylan becomes emotional, thanking the show for allowing him to connect to his late mom. Reba promises that it’s not over for Dylan, hinting that she’ll stay involved in his career.

Olivia Minogue vs. Laura Williams – Team Niall – Ghost by Ella Henderson

Next, it’s a montaged battle between Olivia Minogue and Laura Williams from Team Niall singing Ghost by Ella Henderson. After a decent snip of the performance, Niall declares Oliva the winner, Laura is eliminated.

Jason Arcilla vs Eli Ward – Team Gwen – Make it With You by Bread

Jason is from Hawaii. He had friends who lived and worked where the devastating Maui fire happened. A venue where he performed is completely gone. Gwen blocked Reba during the blinds. For some reason, Gwen is a fan of boring 70’s soft-rockers, Bread. Eli has been with the same girlfriend for 9 years. He recalls ruining his Blind Audition with nerves AFTER chairs started turning. Gwen chalked it up to nerves, and promised to help him, which she does here. Gwen instructs Jason to be more animated.

The coaches thought Jason was a woman when their backs were turned during his Blind Audition. He has a beautiful and unusual tone. So does Eli! When he’s not excited and nervous, his lovely tone shines through. The band Bread is as bland as bland could be, but the song does give both singers the opportunity to show off their exquisite tones and harmonies. They end the song, serenading Gwen together.

John appreciates Jason’s gentle tone, and notes Eli’s confidence. He’d side with Eli. Reba compliments their choreography and interaction. She would also go with Eli. Niall thought the song suited Eli’s pure classic tone, while Jason’s sound is ethereal. Niall and Gwen joke around about his indecisiveness, but he would choose Jason based on both performances. Gwen notes both singers have grown, but especially Eli. Nevertheless Gwen picks Jason, Eli is eliminated. She feels Jason is ready right now.

Mara Justine vs. Claudia B. – Team Legend – Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

Mara has already competed on AGT and American Idol. She’s a singing show vet! And a 4-chair turn. John won her over after he asked her to duet on “All of Me.” Her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and the doctors recently found more tumors. Mara becomes very emotional talking about it. After the Voice, she’ll take her to Italy. Claudia sang a Michael Jackson song for her Blind Audition, an unusual choice that impressed the coaches. Her finance’s father is a preacher. So duh! John advises the duo NOT to try too hard. “It’s a vibe,” John explains. In other words. DO NOT OVERSING.

The two take John’s advice to heart and don’t oversing the song, to the extent that I kept waiting for them to really ramp it up. The song builds more at the bridge. But the laid back style, more in keeping with the Dusty Springfield original, lends the song a sweet soulfulness. Mara is a force from the minute she hits the stage, but Claudia is no slouch. The loser deserves a steal, which the promos telegraph is coming!

Reba is impressed with their youth and talent. She appreciates Claudia’s vocal and stage presence and Maura’s range and attitude. “You draw ’em in” she says to both. Reba would pick Claudia. Niall turned for both singers and wished they were on his team. He calls the harmony flawless. He leans toward Mara. Gwen likes Claudia’s style and her strong Identity. But Mara has star quality, which she exudes the minute she walks on stage, says Gwen. She would pick Mara. John thought they both delivered. He calls Claudia’s tone pure, and Mara edgy. But in the end, John picks Mara, Niall steals Claudia

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