The Voice 24 Recap: Battles Part 4 Live Blog Results

The Voice season 24 Battles - Kaylee Shimizu, Elizabeth Evans
Pictured: (l-r) Kaylee Shimizu, Elizabeth Evans — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 24 Recap: Battles Part 4 Live Blog Results with Videos

The Voice season 24 Battles continue. New coach Reba McEntire alongside returning vets John Legend and Gwen Stefani and sophomore coach and current champ Niall Horan pair up their team members for unforgettable duets. The coach picks a winner to move on to the Knockouts, leaving the loser to be eliminated or stolen. Carson Daly returns as host. 

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Ruby Leigh vs. Al Boogie – Team Reba – Jolene by Dolly Parton

Both singers are enthusiastic about covering Dolly’s iconic song. Al sings the song at home for his kids. He was a season 23 no turn. He came back, and got Reba to hit her button for him. Ruby won a Dolly Parton competition. She performs 200 shows a year. A 4-chair turn, Ruby yodeled her way through her Blind Audition. “Your vocals are great, I don’t feel it though!” Reba says. She implores them to be heartbroken. She instructs Al to control his breath better. Sixteen year old Ruby doesn’t know how to relate. But after enduring a tornado as a child, she suffered separation anxiety. She’s better now, but will use those emotions in her performance.

In the performance, Ruby is kinda stomping all over Al. But the song suits her better and the key is too low in spots for him. Her voice breaks in all the right places. It’s like Al is there to sing backup for Ruby. Her control is also better. Al has his moments, but he needs to work on making his phrasing more precise.

Niall calls it “good” and “fun.” He liked Al’s low notes, but says Ruby didn’t have a foot wrong. He would lean toward Ruby. Gwen compliments Al’s stage presence and feels the two singers are equal. John calls Al an underdog and thinks he stepped up to the moment. He loves the cry in Ruby’s voice and her strong identity. Gwen thought Ruby performed “magnificently.” She thinks Al “knocked it out of the ballpark.” Reba picks Ruby. Al is eliminated That matchup was totally stacked in Ruby’s favor.

RUDI vs. Joslynn Rose – Team Gwen – My Immortal by Evanescence

The song has never been performed on The Voice before. RUDI was a 4-chair turn. Sixteen year old Joslynn’s family fosters kids. Her experience involves leading worship and high school musicals. She got 3 chairs to turn. Gwen advises Joslyn to open her eyes when she sings. RUDI lost her grandmother recently, she cries as she shares memories about her. Gwen thinks RUDI knows what to do “You’re fricking flawless! It’s gross!” She’s impressed, because RUDI is more of an R&B singer.

They are both really good. RUDI is older and more experienced. She is a more polished and mature singer. But Joslynn has raw talent that will only get better and better. Both are rangy, strong singers. Their voices–RUDI the alto and Joslynn the soprano–harmonize beautifully.

John calls Joslynn poised and controlled. He felt RUDI came into her own. He’s pick RUDI. Reba wonders if they got in Gwen’s closet! She complimented Joslynn for keeping her eyes open, and Rudi’s stage presence. She would also pick RUDI. Niall thought it felt like RUDI was climbing a mountain. Niall compliments her ability to start the song in a lower register. Gwen is stunned by the way RUDI knows how to use her “tricks.” She believes she’s ready to move on. Gwen picks RUDI, Joslynn is eliminated.

Noah Spencer vs. Reid Zingale – Team Niall – Lego House by Ed Sheeran

Noah and Reid are best friends. Both singers are Ed Sheeran fans. Reid met his wife in math class. They live in Alabama. Niall wants him to lead into his singer-songwriter side. He gives him tips on timing. Niall appreciates Noah’s twang. “Relax into it,” Niall advises. The pocket of the song is hard to sit in, the coach admits.

Reid’s gentle vocal is lovely, but it’s no match for Noah’s startling, raspy sound. They harmonize beautifully together. Noah’s delivery sounds more urgent and passionate. His voice really stands out. But together, the duet works.

Gwen loved it. She calls Reid’s tone “cool and interesting.” She thinks Noah should be signed immediately. Reba and John both agree that Noah’s rasp is amazing. John likes Reid’s soft tone. But would lean toward Noah. Liam likes that Noah expresses his emotions as if he had a secret. He compares him to Damien Rice. Niall picks Noah, Reid is eliminated.

Taylor Deneen vs AZAN – Team Legend – Do It by Chloe x Halle

John thinks the singers match up well together. AZAN got a turn from both John and Reba. Gwen and John hit their buttons for Taylor. Two years ago when she saw John in concert, Taylor promised herself they’d work together some day. He suggests Taylor be a little more seductive. AZAN started her career as a dancer.

The duo incorporates choreography into their performance. This will be a tough decision. Both singers are really good. AZAN is more of the “total package” producers like. She can dance and sing and exhibits more confidence than Taylor. But Taylor’s tone and range are incredible.

Reba compared it to a professional performance. She can’t decide. Niall didn’t hear anything wrong. He compliments AZAN’s stage presence. He chooses her. Gwen thinks AZAN commands more attention, but calls both singers gifted. John thought both embraced the song. AZAN is a great performer, but John thinks Taylor is the better vocalist. John picks Taylor, Niall and Reba steal AZAN. AZAN picks Team Niall

Alexa Wildish vs. LVNDR – Team Niall – everything i wanted by billie eilish

LVNDR got Niall and John to turn for her. She’s struggled with self-esteem. Niall advises them to connect earlier in the song, but also bring out their own personalities. LVNDR worries about singing without a guitar. Alexa was a 4-chair turn. She feels connected to the 70’s era. We’re going to “A-NIALL-Ate it,” the girls joke.

Both vocalists possess beautiful tones. But Alexa has an almost jazzy sound along with the ability to tell an emotional story with her voice. She’s a more mature presence on stage. LVNDR seems nervous and overwhelmed at times. But she has potential. She needs more confidence.

Gwen calls the performance “pretty,” and Alexa’s sound from another era. John feels that Billie is a big influence on LVNDR, therefore she understood the song. But Alexa’s sound is arresting. He’d pick her. LVNDR’s airy voice drew Reba in. But she would pick Alexa too–she’s commanding. Niall regrets putting them together. Niall picks Alexa, LVNDR is eliminated

The show airs a quick montage of the Battle between Jenna Marquis and Claire Heilig. The two sing Flowers by Miley Cyrus for Team Gwen. After a short clip of the performance, Gwen picks Jenna and eliminates Claire. The 19 year old singer’s sense of self identity impresses her.

Kaylee Shimizu vs Elizabeth Evans – Team Legend – traitor by Olivia Rodrigo

This Battle was previewed last week. Elizabeth earned a turn from John and Reba after covering Paramore. Kaylee is from Hawaii. She got a 4-chair turn after singing The Beatles “Golden Slumbers” in the blinds. At home, she boxes, a skill she plans to bring into her battle (metaphorically, of course). John liked how Elizabeth played with the notes, but felt she was too full on the chorus. He advises Kaylee to hold back the runs in the verse.

The two face off against each other, singing the pain filled anthem. They bring soaring harmonies and passionate solos to the Olivia Rodrigo hit song. The two are fairly matched, but Kaylee has a stronger identity than Elizabeth, who relies on her big voice for impact. Kaylee is more nuanced with her choices.

Reba compliments both singers range and power. “You complimented each other.” Reba would pick Elizabeth. Niall can’t believe Kaylee is only 17 and compliments her control. He understands why she turned for chairs. He would also pick Elizabeth, calling her performance “a different beast.” Gwen compliments Kaylee’s “little tricks.” But she calls Elizabeth “original and rare.” John calls both singers’ talent “ridiculous.” John picks Kaylee, Reba steals Elizabeth at the last minute.

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