The Voice 23 Top 8 Poll Results and Predictions

Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Blake Shelton, NOIVAS — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 23 Top 8 POLLS, Predictions, Facebook Stats

The Voice season 23 will FINALLY go live on Monday May 15. The Top 8 will sing live for America’s vote and the chance to advance to the Top 5 and the finale.

The season has gone by so fast and the cutdowns so drastic, that I don’t have a handle on the contestants yet. There will be now “power list” this week, but I will make a general prediction.

UPDATE: The Voice dropped song spoilers for the episode. Check it out here:

The Voice 23 Song Spoilers – What Will the Top 8 Sing?

NBC would probably love for the departing Blake Shelton nab his 10th win on his way out the door. His two semi-finalists, NOIVAS and Grace West are both really talented! It’s interesting that Chance the Rapper pitted NOIVAS against another strong contestant, Ray Uriel in the Battles. He gushed about how NOIVAS could win it all. Then, he cut him loose so that Blake could grab him.

Don’t sleep on Team Niall Horan!

Pictured: (l-r) Gina Miles, Niall Horan, Ryley Tate Wilson — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

NOIVAS could win it all. He’s dynamic on stage. But don’t sleep on Team Niall Horan. Both of his contestants topped the polls this week. Over on Facebook…well take a look!

Gina Miles’ Wicked Game performance went MASSIVELY viral, with over a million views. Ryley is behind her, but with less than half of her numbers. Team Blake doesn’t appear on the list until No. 4. His team’s other member, Grace West is second from the bottom.

Blake has a huge fan following that votes for his contestants. But so does ex-One Direction member, Niall

Facebook Likes

  1. Gina Miles – Team Niall – Wicked Game – 48K likes 1.2M views
  2. Ryley Tate Wilson – Team Niall – when the party’s over – 24K likes 499.7K views
  3. D. Smooth – Team Kelly – Location – 17K likes, 482.7K views
  4. NOIVAS – Team Blake – Come Together – 15K likes – 310.9K views
  5. Sorelle – Team Chance – Something’s Got a Hold on Me – 12K – 662.7K
  6. Holly Brand – Team Kelly – Bring on the Rain – 10K likes 3189K views
  7. Grace West – Team Blake – Love is Alive – 9.5K likes – 226.4K views
  8. Ray Uriel – Team Chance – Essence – 8.1k likes – 160.1 views
Pictured: (l-r) Holly Brand, Kelly Clarkson, D.Smooth — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


Welp. Why not take a stab at a prediction! Assuming that the true Top 5 will advance (not 1 from each team and then a wildcard) here is my Top 5: Ryley Tate Wilson, Gina Miles, NOIVAS, D. Smooth and Sorelle.

The Voice Top 8 Poll Results

Favorite Top 8 Contestant

Ryley Tate tops the poss with 36 percent. Gina is behind him with almost 20 percent.

  1. Ryley Tate Wilson – Team Niall Horan – 36.00%
  2. Gina Miles – Team Niall Horan – 19.69%
  3. Holly Brand – Team Kelly Clarkson – 13.23%
  4. NOIVAS – Team Blake Shelton – 12.31%
  5. Grace West Team Blake Shelton – 10.77%
  6. Sorelle – Team Chance the Rapper – 4.62%
  7. D. Smooth – Team Kelly Clarkson – 2.77%
  8. Ray Uriel – Team Chance the Rapper – 0.62%

Favorite Top 8 Team

Y’all love Team Niall!

  1. Team Niall Horan – 69.14%
  2. Team Blake Shelton – 14.84%
  3. Team Kelly Clarkson – 11.33%
  4. Team Chance the Rapper – 4.69%

Team Chance Who Was Robbed

Only Team Chance had a contestant top the “robbed” poll. And I agree that he should have advance Kala. Her version of “My Funny Valentine” during the Playoffs was incredible.

  1. Kala Banham – 46.53%
  2. Nobody was Robbed – 37.14%
  3. Manasseh Samone – 8.57%
  4. Jamar Langley – 7.76%

Team Kelly: Who Was Robbed?

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 43.57%
  2. ALI – 19.50%
  3. Cait Martin – 19.50%
  4. Neil Salsich – 17.43%

Team Niall: Who Was Robbed?

Interestingly, behind Kala, Michael B. has the highest “robbed” percentage. However, over 50 percent agree with Niall’s picks.

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 52.61%
  2. Michael B. – 31.73%
  3. Ross Clayton – 11.65%
  4. Tasha Jessen – 4.02%

Team Blake: Who Was Robbed?

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 63.40%
  2. Mary Kate Connor – 18.30%
  3. Kylee Dayne – 9.36%
  4. Rachel Christine – 8.94%

The Voice 23 May 15 Voting will happen LIVE: The Top 5 revealed at the end of the episode.

Pictured: (l-r) Ray Uriel, Chance The Rapper, Sorelle — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

NBC is not airing a sem-final results show. The Top 8 will perform. But while American Idol allows fans to begin voting at the top of the show, there will ONLY BE A FIVE MINUTE WINDOW at the end of the episode. The official NBC vote explainer admits STRAIGHT OUT “only East coast and central time zones can participate.” Sorry west coasters. However, the finale will be a two parter. The Top 5 will perform on Monday May 22, and the results revealed on May 23.

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