The Voice 23 Finale Recap: Top 5 Perform Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice season 23 finale - Gina Miles
Pictured: Gina Miles — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The two-night Season 23 finale of The Voice kicks off tonight when the Top 5 – Grace West (Team Blake), D. Smooth (Team Kelly), Gina Miles (Team Niall), Sorelle (Team Chance) and NOIVAS (Team Blake) – hit the stage one last time and compete for America’s votes!

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Team Blake – Grace West – “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”

Grace does a great job at implementing the attitude Reba is known for. This song doesn’t suit her voice as well as previous performances, but she’s someone who will always sound great on country tunes. It’s also a very mundane performance for the finale.

Kelly says she had a Reba vibe. Blake says it was a good move for her to do an uptempo song.

Team Kelly – D. Smooth – “My, My, My”

Songs like this are what D. Smooth does best – they’re literally smooth. I’m also loving his pink suit. Once again, on the mundane side though.

Chance says it was one of his favorite performances on the whole show, and he loved his improv. Kelly says he’s already a star inside and out.

Team Chance – Sorelle – “A Million Reasons”

This is the most I’ve tolerated this group all season. I like the way this song showcased each of them individually at first, and their harmonies sounded good rather than annoying with this one. This performance not only literally brought the fire with the pyro in the back, but was actually finale-worthy compared to the night’s previous performances.

Niall says it was beautiful and it was nice to see them stripped back. Chance says he’s proud of them and it was amazing top to bottom.

Team Blake – NOIVAS – “It’s Cold”

NOIVAS really brings it with every performance. Probably the most unique voice of the finalists, and he hit some great notes as always, but this is another one that leaned toward the mundane side.

Kelly says it was a great song selection and is suited for his voice. Blake says his personality and the way he makes people feel is country and he killed it.

Team Niall – Gina Miles – “Style”

Gina’s voice is best suited for ballads, but she really killed this pop song. This was the first performance of the night that truly felt like a contestant’s personality and originality shined through.

Chance says it was amazing and she has a distinct tone and the uptempo song reminded him she is her own artist. Niall calls her a superstar and says this was the perfect pop song for her.

Team Blake – Grace West – “She’s Got You”

This one really feels like a Grace West performance. Similarly to Gina, she’s best suited for ballads. This girl’s going to be at the Grand Ole Opry the second this show ends, I guarantee you.

Niall says she saved her best two performances of the season for tonight and they saw the best of her tonight. Blake says he wondered how fans would pick a winner, but then Grace did THAT.

Team Blake – NOIVAS – “Fly Away”

Ok, Grace and NOIVAS have now finally turned this into a finale. This song is truly the NOIVAS everyone loves. This song is perfectly suited for NOIVAS’ unique voice and incorporates both of the rock and country tones he combines so well. This performance really felt more like a sure thing than a competition.

Chance says he knew he’d turn it up like he always does, and then says you’re welcome to Blake for letting him steal NOIVAS from him. Blake says it took them an hour, but they finally started this finale, and NOIVAS killed it.

Broadway hits The Voice stage for the first time when Alex Newell performs a number from Shucked.

Then Lewis Capaldi hits the stage with “Wish You The Best.”

Team Kelly – D. Smooth – “What You Won’t Do For Love”

D. Smooth never fails to be so smooth and groovy. Not quite the uptempo song I’d hope for, especially in the finale, but nevertheless he killed it.

Kelly says he’s so cool and compliments his dynamics and his idea to switch up the song.

Team Chance – Sorelle – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

This sounds like a typical Sorelle song and your typical reality singing show song, but the girls do it in their unique style. Definitely a fun one to have toward the end of the night.

Blake says they always sound like a record and it’s unbelievable one person can sing that in tune, but three is a phenomenon. Chance says it’s crazy and cool and the harmonies were perfect.

Team Niall – Gina Miles – “Nothing Compares 2 U”

Firstly, I love her dress. Second, this is such a Gina performance. Perfect song for her, she’s absolutely killing this one. I think this might be my favorite she’s done all season.

Niall says it was incredible and it was a special moment on the show for him.

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