The Voice 22: Morgan Taylor’s Powerful Lizzo Cover Turns 4 Chairs

The Voice Blind Auditions 3 Morgan Taylor
Pictured: Morgan Taylor — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

The Voice Blind Auditions night 3 was musically more diverse, making it the best night of Blind Auditions so far. The episode featured interesting song choices and voices. One of the big moments was provided by the closing 4-chair turn audition, Morgan Taylor (Read our Recap).

Viewers got no intro from the mystery singer. She stepped on stage and nailed the opening line of Lizzo’s vocally challenging hit, “Cuz I Love You.”  This got Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend to turn quickly. Camila Cabello later joined them. The performance wasn’t flawless; for instance, Morgan lost her footing in the rap verse a bit and was flat at times. But there was something that Morgan gave us more than almost anyone this season. She put her heart and soul into the vocal. Morgan’s passionate display revealed an artist who wanted to succeed on The Voice stage.

Also, some of Morgan’s vocal choices were interesting. There was a soulful and even a slight bluesy vibe to Morgan’s approach. I dig her tone.

A 20-year-old college student at Belmont University in Nashville, Morgan is roommates with Season 15 The Voice contestant Abby Cates. She tells the judges she hasn’t had the chance to hit the stage much due to the pandemic. She wants to sing soulful pop.

Camila admits to being last to turn her chair, and believes Morgan is “95% of the way,” but feels she can help her get to “99.9%.” Gwen says that the singer was “born to be doing what she is doing” and wants to bring out her “personality and power.” John notes the difficulty of the song and advises her to either change songs to her strength or choose songs that bring out those strengths. He goes on to say he can get her to “100%.” Blake notes he was the first to turn around and says her “voice matters” and jokes about her pointing to her notes.

John’s strong pitch wins Morgan over, and after losing out to Camila a lot. John wins a highly coveted 4 chair turn. Morgan has the potential to go deep in the competition. 

The winners of the night were without a doubt powerful pop singer Sasha Hurtado and soul-tinged pop singer Morgan Taylor. I was also by Ava Lynn Thurreson’s rendition of a Britney classic, and Andrew Igbokidi’s gorgeous tone. Tonight was a true standout night for pop singers.

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