The Voice 22: Kayla Von Der Heide Channels Stevie Nicks

Pictured: Kayla Von Der Heide — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

The Voice Blind Auditions Night 4 showcased more unique artists, including Kayla Von Der Heide, a photographer from Bisbee, Arizona (Read our Recap).

Kayla sang “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon for her audition. It’s refreshing to hear a take on a song that singing show contestants haven’t performed much on TV shows. She has a cool alternative tone. It’s a mix of Americana, folk, and there’s also a bit of rock in there too. Kayla’s voice has a classic sound that’s reminiscent of 90s singers. Her voice is a bit trembly at times, and her vocal didn’t have a ton of range. Also, her performance needed more emotion. But overall, she exhibited potential. I suspect she can sing with more power, especially considering the hint of rasp heard throughout the audition.

Both coaches John Legend and Gwen Stefani turned for Kayla at around the same time. Gwen compared Kayla to “a cross between Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks.” Kayla liked the Stevie comparison, noting that her outfit had the same vibe as the legendary singer. Camila Cabello called her tone “raw and emotional.” Kayla mentioned her love of Gwen’s music growing up. Gwen loved her storytelling ability and shared that she’d actually listen to music from Kayla. John said her performance felt “intimate and authentic.”

In the end, Kayla picks Gwen. It’s a good choice for the singer, as Gwen’s expertise lies in a more alternative sound. Kayla could even dabble into country music a little bit as Gwen recently has with husband Blake Shelton

The standout audition of the night was 4-chair-turn R&B singer Parijita Bastola, who delivered one of the best vocals of the season. The two other singers that piqued my interest were Kayla because of her tone, and deep-voiced Sydney Kronmiller who took Latch to the next level. Both showed that singers don’t always need big vocal moments and showcasing tone can be superior. After all, it’s not just called the vocal range, it’s called The Voice.

Unfortunately, the dreaded montages returned as well. It was bound to happen with the Blind Auditions ending with 56 singers this season.

Watch Kayla Von Der Heide perform the John Lennon classic, “Jealous Guy” below. 


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