The Voice 2 – Two Teams Compete Pt 2 – Results

Eliminated from Team Adam: Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis
Eliminated from Team Cee Lo: Tony Vincent, Erin Martin

OMG OMG! I win! I win! I totally nailed the results tonight in my prediction!  I better enjoy perfection while it lasts. Heh.

Obviously, I’m not surprised by the results! Although, I beg to differ with Adam. I don’t think Team Cee Lo’s last chance performances were all that. Admittedly, they were, overall,  better than Adam’s but that’s not saying much.  I still think Erin sounded like a dying animal and Tony was freaking me out with his crazy eyes.

We’re down to 16 contestants now, and I’m finally at a point where I remember them all, although I can’t promise I can spell their names without looking.


On tonight’s The Voice results, the bottom 6 will sing again. Cee Lo and Adam will save one contestant from each of their teams.

I’ll be liveblogging all the action here.

Useless recap opens the show! Juliet Simms and Tony Luca hit #1 on the iTunes rock chart.

The Voice UK coach, Jessie J, performs her single, “Domino”.  Contestants from Team Christina join her on stage. Oh look. It’s Arsenio Hall in the audience!

Results! Team Adam is first.  Carson announces the 6 contestants with the most votes,  in no particular order.

Saved by America

Team Adam

  • Mathai
  • Tony Lucca
  • Pip
  • Katrina Parker – Saved by Adam

Team Ceelo

  • Juliet Simms
  • Jamar Rogers
  • James Massone
  • Cheesa – Saved by Cee Lo

Singing for their lives

Team Adam: Katrina Parker, Kim Yarbrough,Karla Davis
Team Cee LoChesesa, Tony Vincent, Erin Martin

Last Chance performances

Kim YarbroughTeam Adam – Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson – Rocking some JHud! Big voiced and super old fashioned–on top of being flat through most of the  song–I can’t see Adam saving her.

Karla DavisTeam Adam – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt – Whoa. PITCHY. And still breathy.  Plus, there’s that air of desperation creeping into her voice.  She choked last night. I can’t see Adam saving her.

Katrina ParkerTeam Adam – “Don’t Speak”  by No Doubt –  Katrina stays on pitch, mostly. He should save her for that reason alone.  I still feel underwhelmed by her performance–which is still tentative. But she was clearly the best tonight.

Blake:  Felt the most urgency from Karla and Katrina. He’d save Katrina. Christina Agrees with Blake. Would choose Katrina. Cee Lo:  Would also save Katrina.

Adam gives all 3 a pep talk, before…  Adam saves Katrina Parker

Tony VincentTeem Cee Lo – “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics – OMG. Really Tony? Is that like, your scary monster voice on the verse? Accompanied by a scary death stare. Sorry, I could never take this guy seriously.  He’s all affect, no substance. And his vocals aren’t that impressive.

CheesaTeem Cee Lo – “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen –  What’s with the crazy growling? I think Cee Lo’s team has done gone lost their minds. She hits the big power note square on, though.  Now the big finish!  She was better than Tony.  Cheesa was doomed when Cee Lo handed her that lame disco song to sing Monday night.

Erin Martin – Team Cee Lo – “Your Song” by Elton John- Awesome. Erin murdering one of my favorite songs in the world.  “Your Song” as sung by dying cats. Yay.  Help me. Please.

Adam:  He’s mad because all 3 were amazing tonight.  Why wait to be amazing until they’re on the chopping block.?   Having said that, he  picks Cheesa, because she was amazing.  Blake: Agrees with Adam. Tony won him over for the first time. But thinks Cheesa knocked it out. Would pick her.   Adam reminds them that every performance has to be like their last. Christina: Likes when the contestants can choose their own songs. Christina would also choose Cheesa.   Cee Lo saves Cheesa. (Cee Lo said his mind said Tony, but his heart said Cheesa)

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