The Voice 17 Recap: Live Finals Top 11 Perform (Live Blog VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11 Performances" Episode 1717A -- Pictured: Ricky Duran -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
THE VOICE — Pictured: Ricky Duran — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 17 LIVE FINALS continue tonight! The Top 11 will perform for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani, for YOUR VOTES.

For Voting Rules CLICK THIS LINK. Click on the STREAM links to vote for your favorite.

On tomorrow’s (Nov 26) Top 11 results show, a Top 10 will be revealed.

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It’s fan week! The show asked fans to pick songs via The Voice app, and here are the results. The show will highlight SUPERFANS and feature remote viewing parties. 

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Without You by Badfinger (Harry Nilsson, Mariah Carey)  – Her fans are called “Kadinators.”Aw. Look it’s Katie’s mom at an NBC remote in Chicago. They are attributing the song to Harry Nilsson rather than Mariah. As it should be! John and Katie work on staging, to make the presentation powerful. Indeed, Katie is wearing a silver gown and wild glasses. She stands atop a platform. I don’t love how she’s treating the high notes. I am not a fan of the high pitched rock screech, I’ll admit. Her phrasing and build up, however, is spot on. She hits that emotional sweet spot at just the right time. Standing ovation! That’s how that song should be sung, says Kelly, “Mind blowingly good,” she says. John thought she delivered it with nuance, grace and control, while still hitting the huge notes.  – STREAM

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – I’ll Fly Away by Alison Krauss – Blake insists again that Kat is “so important to music.” Oh good lord. He just compared her musical significance to Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift. He’s ridiculous. Blake is SURE Kat will have one of the highest charting songs of the week. This is a great song pick. and i’m not even gonna mention what Alison Krauss was up to this week. BUT I’M SORRY. Kat’s whispery phrasing is sleepy and out of tune. At one point, the band drowns her out. She has potential, but needs work. Gwen calls her beautiful, unique and original and, condescendingly a “pretty pixie princess.” Blake swears people are beginning to get it! “That was magic sis.” Blake and I are inhabiting alternate universes.   –  STREAM

Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – Mercy by Shawn Mendes – Look. Shane has a superfan who is sitting in the audience. This week, Kelly and her team visited her talk show set where they also rehearsed. Fans picked the song because of a version Shawn uploaded to YouTube. Maybe singing a familiar song will help his comfort level on stage. And actually, yes, he’s more at ease this week. His stage presence remains stiff, and he still looks a bit frightened. But other than his voice cracking here and there, he sounds OK. I think nerves may cause his throat to close up? Nevertheless, he might have done enough tonight to last another week. John thinks Shane has gained confidence this week. He calls it his best performance so far. Kelly sees his gift. She’s so happy that he trusts her.  –  STREAM

Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Dreaming of You by Selena  – Oh HA HA. Gwen took her team to the Whiskey A-Go-Go, one of the clubs where she got her start. I wonder if they ran into the American Idol crew. It’s 16 year old (her birthday was yesterday!) Joana’s first trip to a club. Gloria Estefan reached out to her over social media. Oh. She’s on the phone, congratulating her. So is Gwen taking Joana in a Latin direction? Is that how Joana sees herself? I’d say no, considering Joana came into the competition singing pop songs. This Selena tune is pretty cheesy, even by 90s standards. The lower notes are out of Joana’s range and she’s having pitch problems. She hit a few soaring notes, but overall, that was a boring performance. Blake feels dumb for letting her go. Gwen calls her “perfection” and “unbelievable.” She compliments her low notes. Hm. Not flawless, Gwen. But OK.    – STREAM

Will Breman – Team John Legend – Light My Fire by The Doors (José Feliciano) – AWWWWW WILL BROUGHT HIS PUPPY TO REHEARSAL. His name is Oscar, THE PUG. “I feel like Cee Lo,” says John while holding the pup. Har. – Will notes that he’s singing the song in Jose’s style. Quite obviously. John advises that he keep the melodic structure. Great advice. Will needs help shaping his performances. But not too much! He’s wild, and that’s a good thing. He reminds me a little of American Idol’s Casey Abrams, who was also very wild! Will’s enunciation was weird in spots, but I liked the phrasing and the scatting. He opens up the song at the end, and really makes it his own. Great melodic choices! Blake has been a member of the “blue crew” since the beginning. Blake has never liked that song, until now. What? What’s not to like. John calls Will inventive, original and unpredictable. Annoying, Blake keeps shouting “BLUE CREW.”   – STREAM

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney – No Doubt had a record release party at the Whiskey in 1995. Rose loves the song choice. “You could win The Voice,” insists Gwen. She doesn’t change the pronouns. That’s cool. This is a beautiful performance. I’m totally getting Patti Labelle vibes from this. Rose’s vocal is powerful, yet so effortless. How did she languish as a prison guard for so many years? She’s really good. The coaches are on their feet! Her parents are in the audience. “That was like from the LORD. I FEEL SAVED,” shouts Kelly. She compliments her dynamics and taste. “I’m so moved by you, tonight,” says Gwen. “That was mesmerizing. I feel like I’m on drugs.”  –  STREAM

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – The Middle by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey  – Kelly advises her team to be present in every moment, and learn to enjoy the ride. She jokes that it took years and therapy for her to get that. A bunch of Hello Sunday’s teen fans dial in. Adults would be creepy (but I bet they exist). These harmonies sound really off. Also, this arrangement is kind of a mess. The performance lacks swing. The girls are shouty tonight and having problems staying in the pocket. Blake says he can’t brag on them enough (Kelly and Blake did press together). Kelly calls them mature, but super fun at the same time. “You’re an anomaly,” she says. THANK YOU! The girls chime in unison. – STREAM

Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen Stefani – Everybody Hurts by REM – The fans who picked this did good. Myracle needed to move beyond old fashioned diva cliches. This is actually a 90s song, but it’s edgier than most of Myracle’s picks so far. The song also fits her backstory. in her clip, emotional fans thank her for being a great role model. Her raspy tone is the best thing about her. She doesn’t have as much power as Rose, but she has a unique sound. However, I expected more urgency from that performance. John is moved. “I’m happy that you got the opportunity to be here,” he says. Gwen thinks she’s seizing the moment. “It was beautiful, flawless,” she says. Myracle is crying again!  – STREAM

Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Stars by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals – She calls her fans “byrd watchers!” Marybeth appreciates the song pick because she’s a little homesick in Los Angeles. Her hometown in Arkansas is so small, there is no NBC station to remote from. Her mom introduces her via satellite. The high notes feel a little out of her range, but otherwise it’s a lovely performance. Her vocal is stronger on the verses than the chorus. This is a deceptively hard song to sing! Kelly loved pick. “You soar on that song.” John thanks the fans for picking the song. “You sounded so magical. It was right there for you.” he says, “One of your best performances so far.” –  STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Every Light in the House by Trace Adkins  – Good Lord the Hooters restaurant has reached out to him. “They have great wings,’ quips Kelly. Calling Jake a “nice guy,” she implores him, “Please don’t ever turn into a turd.” Jake loves the song the fans picked. It’s a good song choice for him. He does best on simple country ballads that allow him to emote using his rich, strong baritone. He’s hitting some high notes. Bet that’s Kelly pushing him. He doesn’t seem entirely comfortable up there. Gwen calls the performance “beautiful” and brags about Trace being her “homie.” Kelly says “You naturally have a microphone in your throat,” adding “I’m so blessed to have you on my team. She calls him a “magical cowboy unicorn.” –  STREAM

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – Downtown Train by Tom Waits (Rod Stewart) – WOOT WORCESTER MASS. Thank you Ricky, for namechecking the Tom Waits version, even though the show is crediting Rod. Blake: “Worster” NOPE. Carson pronounces it correctly. Listening to the studio track, I wasn’t digging the “rock” arrangement. But the live version has energy. It’s like as if Bruce Springsteen covered it. Ricky puts an original spin on the song. An effortless performance, I appreciate his vocal choices and phrasing. It’s totally in the pocket. John compliments his polish and stage presence. “It’s like you should be up here coaching too.” Blake claims people in the business are reaching out to him about Ricky.  –  STREAM


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