The Voice 12 Top 11 Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Charts

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11" Episode: 1216A -- Pictured: Lauren Duski -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Another singer goes home tonight on The Voice 12 Top 11 results show. Season 10 winner Alisan Porter returns to perform her new single. Plus Alicia Keys and her team perform.

Note: The Voice performance videos didn’t go up until NOON today. I hope that’s not a permanent trend. If so. I’ll get something up for you guys as soon as I can. I was taken a little off guard last night. To be honest, I think the delay probably has something to do with this season’s lower ratings.

OK. Predictions. I got the bottom 2 correct last week, but not the singer who ultimately headed home.

iTunes standings as of noonish 5/2

Congrats to Lauren Duski and Hunter Plake on achieving the 5x chart multiplier. Lauren, Hunter, Brennley Brown and Chris Blue actually seem to be a reasonable final 4. I think there’s a good chance one of the country girls will win this season. It helps that there are no male country singers among the finalists. Methinks that was by design.

3. Lauren Duski – Somewhere in My Broken Heart
10. Hunter Plake – All I Want
15. Brennley Brown – River
17. Chris Blue – When a Man Loves a Woman
18. Jesse Larson – Human
38. Lilli Passero – Town Without Pity
56. Stephanie Rice – Behind Blue Eyes
61. TSoul – Lay Me Down
69. Vanessa Ferguson – Diamonds
70. Aliyah Moulden – Take it Back
71. Mark Isaiah – How to Love

Favorite Performance

Good List. But I’d give Chris Blue the performance of the night. He deserved to have all the shoes thrown at him.

  1. Lauren Duski – Team Blake Shelton – Somewhere in My Broken Heart 24.1%
  2. Hunter Plake – Team Gwen Stefani – All I Want 19.91%
  3. Chris Blue – Team Alicia Keys – When A Man Loves a Woman 19.34%
  4. Brennley Brown – Team Gwen Stefani – River 12.7%
  5. Lilli Passero – Team Adam Levine – Town Without Pity 5.92%
  6. Stephanie Rice – Team Alicia Keys – Behind Blue Eyes 4.76%
  7. Jesse Larson – Team Adam Levine – Human 4.33%
  8. Aliyah Moulden – Team Blake Shelton – Take it Back 3.03%
  9. Mark Isaiah – Team Adam Levine – How to Love 2.74%
  10. Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia Keys – Diamonds 1.73%
  11. TSoul – Team Blake Shelton – Lay Me Down 1.44%

Grade the Episode

Y’all give the episode a B+. I agree. I might even give it an A-

  • B 49.85%
  • A 36.42%
  • C 9.85%
  • D 2.39%
  • F 1.49%

Who WILL be Eliminated?

I think Mark will end up in the bottom two again and could very well turn into this season’s Aaron/Paxton/Korin.

  1. Mark Isaiah – Team Adam 42.38%
  2. TSoul – Team Blake 30.47%
  3. Aliyah Moulden – Team Blake 6.25%
  4. Stephanie Rice – Team Alicia 5.66%
  5. Lilli Passero – Team Adam 4.1%
  6. Jesse Larson – Team Adam 3.13%
  7. Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia 2.93%
  8. Hunter Plake – Team Gwen 1.37%
  9. Lauren Duski – Team Blake 1.37%
  10. Chris Blue – Team Alicia 1.37%
  11. Brennley Brown – Team Gwen 0.97%

Who SHOULD be Eliminated?

Mark is an overwhelming favorite to leave the competition. Pop guys usually have a tough climb on talent competitions. Adam compared Mark to season 7’s Chris Jamison, but I think there are some notable differences. Chris was the same age as Mark when he competed by seemed much more mature by comparison. While he fit the contemporary mold he was retro enough to appeal across demos.

  1. Mark Isaiah – Team Adam 43.84%
  2. TSoul – Team Blake 22.34%
  3. Lilli Passero – Team Adam 7.31%
  4. Aliyah Moulden – Team Blake 7.1%
  5. Stephanie Rice – Team Alicia 4.59%
  6. Jesse Larson – Team Adam 4.18%
  7. Hunter Plake – Team Gwen 2.92%
  8. Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia 2.92%
  9. Chris Blue – Team Alicia 1.88%
  10. Lauren Duski – Team Blake 1.67%
  11. Brennley Brown – Team Gwen 1.25%

Prediction: Mark Isaiah and Aliyah Moulden will be the bottom 2 with Aliyah heading home. I’m choosing Aliyah rather than TSoul because his performance was more impactful. I think he’ll squeak by, but won’t make it past next week’s double elimination.

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