The Voice 11 Live Blog and Recap Battle Rounds 1 VIDEOS

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Lauren Diaz, We' McDonald -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 11 Live Blog and Recap Battle Rounds 1 VIDEOS

We’re LIVE BLOGGING The Voice 11 Battle Rounds premiere. If you’re wondering who is singing what, Click for The Voice Song Spoilers.

Host Carson Daly is back to keep things moving. Celebrity advisers join the coaches including Sammy Hagar with Adam Levine, Bette Midler with Blake Shelton, Joan Jett with  Miley Cyrus and Charlie Puth with Alicia Keys.

Christian Cuevas vs Jason Warrior – Team Alicia Keys – Hello by Adele –Download from iTunes

Christian lost his dad at a young age. Jason grew up in the Chicago projects. Check out a preview of this performance HERE. Alicia chose the song because although “Hello” was made famous by a woman, it’s also a beautiful song for a male voice. Alicia and Charlie discuss Jason pulling back his powerful voice. OVERSINGING! Actually Charlie wants them BOTH to tone down the runs. He suggests a falsetto for Christian. Advice from both is FEWER runs, MORE emotion.

I said this in my review of the preview, but Jason is the clear winner in this battle, I believe.  His voice is so much stronger. Christian strains to keep up. It doesn’t matter. There’s gonna be a steal here. Alicia is on her feet screaming. Miley felt Christian was vulnerable and strong, but Jason was PERFORMING. Blake was wrapped up in Jason’s delivery. Adam can’t believe one will be eliminated. Alicia is SO taken by both of them and threatens to whoop someone if the loser isn’t stolen. Miley is totally game for that! OK THEN. Christian Wins the Battle. Interesting. Team Adam STEALS Jason.

Natasha Bure vs Riley Elmore – Team Adam Levine – Cry Me a River by Ella Fitzgerald – Download from iTunes

Natasha, daughter of Candace Cameron and some hockey dude, is hoping to step out from under her famous parents shadow. Sure she is. But not until they open a few doors for her!. Riley is the 16 year old John Stevens wannabe.  Adam calls the song choice “cute.” Interesting, the song pick is tailored for Riley. But Natasha claims she loves the standards. Adam calls her voice “unpolished.” He thinks Riley is the real thing. Riley is advised to stay loose.  A bit intimidated be Natasha’s constant stream of ad libs,  Riley throws some runs into the mix.  Sammy and Adam tell him to stop that. Good advice. Natasha has pitch problems. They are both pretty green, actually. 

Riley is still so stiff. Natasha tends to oversing and use runs indiscriminately. They BOTH could use work on the their phrasing. They both sing as if sounding out a language they don’t understand. There’s no emotional nuance in this performance. I think they should BOTH go home, to be honest. Blake calls it “adorable.” Natasha sold it, he says. Miley and Alicia both loved Natasha, But Alicia would choose Riley. Adam is proud of her improvement, but Riley is unique. Riley Wins the Battle. Aw. Riley’s crying cause he has to say goodbye to his friend. Natasha is eliminated. GOODBYE RATINGS GIMMICK. Not a moment too soon. I doubt Riley will make it past the Knockouts.

Ali Caldwell vs Courtnie Ramirez – Team Miley Cyrus – Hit or Miss by Odetta – Download from iTunes

Miley and Joan sing “Bad Reputation!”  Ali got a 4 chair turn. Courtnie’s parents are totally devoted to her career. Miley chose the song because it represents Team Miley! Joan thinks they have a great connection, but reminds them to remember it’s a competition. In the final rehearsal, Joan gives Courtnie breath control tips. Miley advises Ali not to be TOO professional.

Courtnie is only a teenager, but she sings with confidence and swag. I mean, compare her to Natasha and Riley. No comparison! Ali is polished and professional. Maybe a little too professional in comparison to Courtnie. But, I think they both deserve to stay! Miley is teary for her first battle. Adam calls Ali a “maniac.” He loved Courtnie’s confidence. Blake would pick Courtnie “You were strutting around like a little rooster!” Alicia calls them a testament to NOT fitting into any boxes. Ali wins the Battle. Blake and Alicia punch their buttons at the last minute!  Blake goes back to the rooster analogy. “There’s a certain joy that exudes from you…” says Alicia. Oop. We have to wait until after the break to find out whom she chooses. Courtnie Chooses Alicia. Yeah. I didn’t think that rooster analogy would fly vs Alicia and her smooth spiritual pitch.

Dan Shafer vs Sundance Head – Team Blake Shelton – Feel Like Makin’ Love by Bad Company – Download from iTunes

Dan is 56 and the oldest contestant. He put off a music career to financially provide for a sick son. Sundance was a Top 24 contestant on American Idol season 6. Sundance loves “Beaches” Bette says, “You’re the only man who has ever said that.” Well…the only straight man, maybe. Heh. Bette and Blake are blown away by Sundance. She tells Dan to “show some spunk.” Blake says his challenge is to “step out.” The two work up their own arrangement. Oh. Dan let’s it all out in the final rehearsal! Blake thinks this battle might be the toughest decision of the season.

Dan harmonizes beautifully with Sundance. But the latter has the stronger more impressive voice and presence. And that’s true even though Sundance stays rooted to the stage and the other works it. Dan has a beautiful, youthful tone and would be the perfect backup singer. It’s no wonder he got so much jingle work way back when. But Sundance just pops. He comes through loud and clear. Miley can’t stay in her seat.  Alicia compliments Dan’s honesty, but admires Sundance’s control. Miley liked the way Dan worked the stage. But Sundance’s big note won her over. Adam loved it! “You how the men do it..” says Adam about Dan. Blake and Bette were worried about Dan as a performer. But Sundance’s voice “blows out my brain, it ends up in the toilet and flushes itself.” Sundance wins The Battle. Dan is Eliminated. That was a no-brainer.

Andrew DeMuro vs Billy Gilman – Team Adam Levine – Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson – Download from iTunes

Andrew is the Billy Joel wanna be. I smell cannon fodder! Billy had a Top 40 country hit when he was 12. He got a 4 chair turn. Adam calls Andrew’s voice “assertive.” Adam suggest Billy dial it back a little. The high notes are at the top of Andrew’s range. Sammy says go with it. He doesn’t think Billy is trying hard. Uh. Adam just advised him to hold back?

Andrew’s tone is too harsh for my tastes. It’s a weird juxtaposition. Billy sings effortlessly, while Andrew performs as if he were passing a poop. Billy’s range is incredible. Blake calls the battle “evenly matched.” He loves Andrew’s runs. Alicia loved the spirit and life they brought to the song. Miley loved the blend. Adam loves Billy’s rich tone, but Andrew works hard, he says.  Billy wins the Battle. Of course. Andrew is eliminated.

Lauren Diaz vs Wé McDonald – Team Alicia Keys – Maybe by Janis Joplin  –Download from iTunes

Lauren is an Alicia SUPERFAN. Wé was part of the Olympic preview. At 17 she blew the judges away with her powerhouse alto. Alicia picked a song that would force the duo to be vulnerable. Wé isn’t as experienced as Lauren, but she is determined to rise to the occasion. Alicia talks about staying in the moment and being great. “Leave every single thing on the floor.” Alicia advises Lauren, the singing coach, not to be so structured. Charlie suggests Wé pretend she was drunk in order to loosen up.  OOP UNDERAGE. He changes the word to “sloppy.” A STEAL IS COMING DEAD AHEAD. Do they spoil steals so viewers won’t change the channel? I don’t get it.

They are both fantastic singers, but I love Wé’s full throated, soulful alto. She sings with a tremendous amount of power. As Fantasia would say…Wé knows how to get ugly. Miley thought it was a great pairing, but she would go with Wé.  Adam says they were battling for their lives and calls the choice “brutal.” While Blake felt Wé was incredible, he also appreciated Lauren. Wé Wins the Battle. Awww. Lauren cut by the artist she stans. There is hope, however–Miley and Adam both steal Lauren. Adam apologizes for not turning during the Blinds. But Miley DID hit her button, which Blake rubs in. Who is it gonna be, the dad or the cat lady, says Carson. MEOW! Lauren Chooses Team Miley.

Three steals mean that NINE moved on to the Knockouts from tonight’s 6 battles. Three were eliminated. I think we might be a little front loaded here! Tomorrow night: Tuesdays have officially cut back to 1 hour! See you at 8 pm.

Moving on to the Knockouts

Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia
Jason Warrior Stolen by Team Adam from Team Alicia
Riley Elmore from Team Adam
Ali Caldwell from Team Miley
Courtney Ramirez Stolen by Team Alicia from Team Miley
Sundance Head from Team Blake
Billy Gilman from Team Adam
Wé McDonald from Team Alicia
Lauren Diaz Stolen by Team Miley from Team Alicia


Natasha Bure from Team Adam
Dan Shafer from Team Blake
Andrew DeMuro from Team Adam


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