The Sing-Off – Episode 2 – Videos and Live Blog

Eleventh Hour is eliminated.
The Whiffenpoofs are eliminated.

You know what I don’t dig? The two brackets deal. I would have totally traded in On The Rocks and their cheesy rapping for Yale’s the Whiffenpoofs. I liked those geeky (almost) white boys. Their sing out was awesome. The Michael Buble song was a bit predictable. They needed to dazzle with something crazy, like a Rihanna or Pink song-or something like that. I would have kept the ‘Poofs over the backbeats. Totally overrated if you ask me.

The “guilty pleasure” preview for next week was what I expected. Some of the groups get the concept (Backstreet Boys YES. Styx YES) and some don’t (Lionel Richie? Not really. Probably a song that Lawson and his group have been singing a long time.)

My personal favorites this week? Street Corner Symphony and Groove for Thought. How about you?

Videos and Live Blog after the JUMP…

Live blogging The Sing-Off tonight! 8 groups compete. Stay tuned.

Group Performance! “Use Somebody” by the Kings of Leon – Wow, this is pretty epic! – VIDEO

Like Monday, the eight remaining groups are divided into two brackets. Two groups will be eliminated tonight. The groups will sing “big hits” tonight.

On The Rocks – “Live Your Life” – T.I and Rihanna – They sang Lady Gaga last week. A rap song a’capella? This is a cacophony of sounds–almost too busy. But it’s good. I’m liking the breakdown. Ben says, “It’s infectious, you’re just busting out. You’re nailing the harmonies. I love rap, but your strength is in your singing and your energy. Right now, it’s 90% entertainment, I’m looking for the art part to happen.” Nicole says, “You had your own swagger. You guys did your thing on this. I liked the different vocal effects.” Shawn says, “The energy was great. Some of the harmonies flanged a little bit, but it was still a lot of fun.” – VIDEO

Street Corner Symphony – “Hey Soul Sister” by Train – Noooooo nooooo. HATE HATE HATE. Even my TV boyfriend, Darren Criss couldn’t save this song for me. Having said all that, these guys are definitely contenders. Their harmonies are sweet and tight and the lead singer is awesome. Very cool breakdown. Good stuff. Shawn says, “I thought it was a lot of fun. Jeremy I love your voice. It has a purity to it. John, loved your bridge. You came in and nailed it.” Ben says, “The blend was beautiful. The arrangement was fantastic. Jeremy, you’re a rockstar. I’m looking forward to you singing in your lower register.” Nicole says, “There’s something so warm and cozy about you guys. You’re perfect together. You guys a great example of why this show is so awesome. You can’t deny real talent and real voices.” (Unlike you, Nicole. Funny to hear a Pussycat Doll talk about “real voices.” – VIDEO

Eleventh Hour – “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars – High school kiddies! Hm. Hm. Not very impressed with the female lead singer. Even Corey Monteith is better! I’m hearing a little pitchiness in the harmonies. Liking the percussion, though. Nicole says, “They passed the test. Good job. I love this song. Kendall you did a lovely job with the lead vocals. I see how much it means to you. I see the passion. I would have loved to have blended a little bit better together.” Shawn says, “It does have a purity and a sweetness to it, it’s sincere because of that. It was very intricate. It was somewhat of a struggle in between, but I was very impressed.” Ben says, “it was a very clever arrangement. Sometimes it fell apart at the semes, but it was very intricate. The percussion thingy was really good. The last chord wasn’t totally in tune.”- VIDEO

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town – “Mercy” by Duffy – So, Lawson was in one of the biggest a’capella groups in the world, The Persuasions. Doesn’t that make him a ringer? Just askin’. And they sing like ringers too. This is pretty fabulous. Transported to the do-wop era, but without the creakiness of a PBS special (some of those old groups just look sad.). Ben says, “Mr. Lawson. You’re cool. The falsetto sounded wonderful. The blend is awesome, you all sound like lead singers. You’ve got a strategy issue coming up. Are we going to kick the kids asses at what they do? Go with your heart, do what you feel.” Nicole says, “I just want to thank you all for coming out here and show us how it’s done. Y’all are just so yummy. You’re food for the soul.” Shawn says, “Another classic performance. Off the hook. The whole feel. The way you guys delivered the song was flirty and fun. I loved it. Solid performance.” Ben brought up a good point. These guys can sing rings around the younger kids. Should they stretch themselves beyond their retro style? I think Ben would like to see that, but didn’t want to come right and say it. Personally, I would like to see it too. – VIDEO

My vote goes to ditching the high-schoolers, Eleventh Hour. We’ll see!

Elimination! Talk of the Town is SAFE. Street Corner Symphony is SAFE. On the Rocks is SAFE.

Eleventh Hour has been eliminated. Their swan song is “Leaving” by Jesse McCartney. – VIDEO

Last year’s winners, Nota, come back to perform. Since they won the show, they’ve traveled, performed and recorded an album. They sing The Black Eyed Peas “I Got a Feeling”. So, yeah, this is pretty joyful. – VIDEO

I’ve got an awesome idea! Last year’s runner ups, The Beelzebubs, should be invited back to sing their hit song, “Teenage Dream”. In case you don’t know, they arranged and sang backgrounds on the Glee version!

The Backbeats – “Breakeven” by The Script – The big star of this group is the female lead singer. She’s very Beyonce-like. Kind of out of place in this group. The backups are decent, but I think I liked them better last week. Although, the last chorus gelled together well. Shawn says, “It’s nice to hear other voices in the group. You did your thing. You have a lock on melancholy type harmonies. When you sing Joanna, I believe it. Ben says, “You put together a great group, and that wasn’t a mistake. At times, it felt like it might fall to pieces, but you didn’t. Percussion was great.” Nicole says, “Courtney, you are one righteous babe. The only female percussionist in this competition. You guys are amazing.” – VIDEO

Committed – “Apologize” by One Republic – The gospel group. Lead singer is having problems with that deadly high falsetto (who doesn’t?) but I love the arrangement. The background vocals are smooth as silk. Shawn looks like he’s going to cry. Ben says, “I don’t know what to say. There are so many great things going on in that.” Speechless! “First and second violins were beautiful. Inventive arrangement–just amazing.” Shawn says, “When I hear you guys, you take me back to high school…the blends and the harmonies…that’s what it’s about man. We’re very passionate about music. You guys give a feeling.” Nicole says, “I had a musical climax during that. You moved me, and you moved everyone else here tonight.” – VIDEO

Groove for Thought – “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner – Jazzy music teachers! I kinda like the Manhattan Transfer thing they got going on. Nice arrangements, beautiful blend. Yeah. This is good. Shawn says, “Mike Posner is going to be very happy and very proud. You’re just like the record says…cool. The persona of the song fits you perfectly.” Nicole says, “Whatever Shawn just said, ditto. You tone is the epitome of cool. It got a little wild and we were all there with you.” Ben says, “You set us all up with all that teacher stuff, but really there’s nothing cooler than teaching. Peter, you’re the secret weapon. The harmonies were sick. The soprano thing was awesome. You took it up a notch.” – VIDEO

The Whiffenpoofs – “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble – Yalies! Whitebread! (except for Asian dude) They don’t use percussion sounds. Not digging this as much as Monday night’s “Grace Kelly”. Maybe it’s the song. The Whiffenpoofs are doing their thing. Nicole says, “They delivered. Whatever you were doing just melted my heart. You guys are lovely. I performed to this song on “Dancing with the Stars.” You have a beautiful choral sound.” Sean says, “I love you guys. I enjoy you guys quirkiness. The leads weren’t as strong as I hoped in certain spots. You guys are very unique.” Ben says, “You brought a Broadway element to it. I didn’t notice there was choreography.” – VIDEO

Hm. I think the Backbeats should beat it. But I have a feeling it’s going to be the Whiffenpoofs.

Committed is SAFE. Groove for Thought is SAFE. The Backbeats are SAFE.

The Whiffenpoofs sing “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue as their swan song. Wow. I’m sad they’re leaving. – VIDEO

The remaining 6 groups will sing two songs. The theme is “guilty pleasures.”

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