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Groove For Thought Are EliminatedVIDEO

Yeah, I know Groove For Thought really biffed their first number–the lead singer missed a lyric and there were a few off-pitch spots–but I think they deserved to stay longer than the cheesy Backbeats, or EVEN dare I say it–Jerry Lawson and the yawners Talk of the Town. Oh, you know that when this thing goes to votes, Jerry and his pals will be the first to go. They’re very professional, but old fashioned and dull. The judges will be more than happy not to have to make that decision and appear to be the meanies.

My favorites right now are Street Corner Symphony. They managed to sing Radiohead’s “Creep”, a ‘capella, and still maintain the alt rock urgency of the tune. “Come On Eileen” was lots of fun without being totally cheesball. I think they have a shot at winning this thing. It’ll be between SCS and Committed. The gospel boys are fine singers, I just don’t find them as interesting as SCS.

On Wednesday, two groups will be eliminated. The remaining 5 groups will sing 2 songs–a song picked by the judges and “Superstar Medleys” whatever that means. That last show on Monday will feature the 3 remaining groups. The winner will be picked by viewer votes.

Videos and Live Blog after the JUMP…

There are 6 groups left! Each will sing two tunes and the themes are Rock Hits and guilty pleasures. One group goes home tonight.

Stick around for my live blog and videos later.

Group song: “21 Guns” by Green DayVIDEO

1st round – Rock hits

The Backbeats – “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi – They’ve only been together a few weeks before the competition? It’s obvious. I think they’re overrated. I like the girl singing lead this week more than the girl who sang “If I Were a Boy”. Nicole says, “Great way to start the night. The pistol was really cool. Kathrine, It’s good to see you step out of the group. I would have liked you to loosen up more, slow up the tempo.” Ben says, “It as good to see you do something fun. It was a little fast. Kathryn’s lead was really neat. The arrangements seemed a little confused until the bridge. Really good, but I wish the whole thing had been as good as bridge and on.” Shawn says, “I liked your solo, but I agree with Ben and Nicole.” Hm. I thought they were better than last week. – VIDEO

Street Corner Symphony – “Creep” by Radiohead – I really really like the lead singer from this group. For a “good ole’ southern boy” he’s doing an AWESOME job on “Creep”. BGV are perfect, not overpowering or ornate. Just WOW. These guys are my favorites right now. Ben says, “Great use of your range. When it hit the chorus it really took off. Standing ovation was well deserved.” Shawn says, “Jeremy, you did the Rockstar thing. Glad you didn’t do choreography. It would have been cheesy. You delivered. Good job.” Nicole says, “I loved that you all just stood there and kept it really honest. Your accompaniment was better than the original instrumentation that I heard.” – VIDEO

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town – “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones – Um. Do not wiggle your crotch at me plz. EEP. These guys are real good, but very old-fashioned. I think the judges are a little afraid of them, because the lead singer was in The Persuasions. I bet they last all the way to next Monday’s final. Shawn says, “Was that not fun? It was great, solid performance. Professionals.” Nicole says, “We got some satisfaction. I think that we saw a whole nother side of you fellows tonight. It was hot. Awesome.” Ben says, “It brought me back to being a little boy listening to Otis Redding. You’re going to get plenty of Satisfaction after this show.” – VIDEO

On The Rocks – “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard – Solid effort, but not very inventive. I’m a little bored. Some of these “Rock” songs could be guilty pleasures! Nicole says, “That was sweet alright. You all are just cracking me up. Alex, you’re just holding it down. Overall you did a really good job. Jonah, I would have liked you to own it a little bit more.” Ben says, “It just makes you smile. The posterior hump maneuver was awesome. I’m not sure we’ve made that transition from entertainer to artist, but it was really really fun.” Shawn says, “I would have felt better if you had more of a bottom. Overall, good job.” – VIDEO

Groove For Thought – “Changes” by Groove for Thought – WOW! Sensational arrangement. Loving the lead girl. Jazzy smooth. GFT are my second favs right now. Ohh…a couple of stumbles. She forgot the words, and there were a few pitchy spots. I hope it doesn’t screw them over. It was an ambitious effort. Shawn says, “You guys can make anything sound great. But, this is a rock and roll segment. I was hoping you might step out of it a little.” Nicole says, “I have to agree with Shawn. We’d like to hear a little more diversity. At the end you lost your place in the vocal.” Ben says, “You guys surprise me every time out. Only time I heard you guys fall off the horse, but beautiful.” Erm, why aren’t ya all calling out Talk of The Town for refusing to leave their comfort zone? – VIDEO

Committed – “Every Breath You Take” by the Police – I dunno, does this sound “Rock” to you? Think they’ll get called out on it? Having said that, these guys are real pros. Great lead vocals, and the BGVs are intricate and pitch perfect. They sing it like they don’t understand the lyrics-which are all about obsessive love that borders on the CREEPY. Ben says, “You’re so good. Rock is often very simple, but you guys went post-doctorate on it. It was a gorgeous performance. But the judges want to rock. I can’t say that that rocked.” BEN CALLED THEM OUT! GO BEN. Shawn says “It would have been nice to start off with the original feel of the song. It’s very cold. That was not one of my favorite performances from you guys.” Nicole says, “I have to agree with Shawn, but it was still good.” – VIDEO

Round 2 – Guilty Pleasures

The Backbeats – “Love Shack by the B52s – I dunno. I love this song, and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. That was fun, albiet a bit corny. They’re missing the irony in the song. The B52s are cool, not corny. Ben says, “It was more fun than you can shake a stick at. That was more like it. It grooved it was fun.” Nicole says, “That was a lot of fun. You guys showed that you don’t always have to take yourself so seriously. It was kind of hot.” Shawn says, “That’s what I’m talking about. Hot and fun. You weren’t afraid, you let your hair down.” – VIDEO

Street Corner Symphony – “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Oh, the lead singer actually sang with a group called “Guilty Pleasures” lulz. OMG. The leg kicks are hilarious. Nice intricate, vocal harmonies from the guys. Once again, a really interesting arrangement. Not as good as “Creep” but still pretty good! Shawn says, “This is good. You guys aren’t afraid to be silly. You did a great job.” Nicole says, “You should un-practice more often! It was a lot of fun. The high notes–killing it.” Ben says, “You made it look easy, with 5 different tempos. You made it effortless and fun.” – VIDEO

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town – “Easy” by Commodores – I don’t think these guys have any idea what the concept of “guilty pleasure” means. To be honest? I have nothing to say, because I drifted off in the middle of it. Zzzzz. Nicole says, “Ladies can I get an hmm…That was so easy and sweet music to the ears.” Ben says, “Nice work on the bass. Great falsetto. I love that everyone has a different personality.” Shawn says, “Good job. I swore, I thought I heard Eddie Kendricks up on that stage. You did your thing.” Yep. The judges are afraid to criticize them. – VIDEO

Groove For Thought – “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oats – So far, mistake free! It’s fast, furious and fun. The lead singing is awesome. Ah, toward the end they really begin to loosen up. A nice comeback! I hope it saves them. Shawn says, “You guys did it justice. Amanda, the inflections you have in your voice are so sick. Bass, you held it down. I dug it.” Ben says, “The tempo was just about to break, but in a really good way. That’s your idea of keeping it simple? But that’s OK.” Nicole says, “You definitely found the joy and fun in this song. Beautiful on your leads.” – VIDEO

On The Rocks – “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister – Ha ha. This is definitely a guilty pleasure, but they’re performing the song totally un-ironically. But I STILL really like it. The harmonies are so sweet. I hate this song, but love this version. They’re making me believe! Ben says, “I think it’s funny that you waited til the guilty pleasure to show your artistry. That had a lot more rock in it. It was fun. I don’t even like that song, I thought it was amazing.” Shawn says, “It’s funny that you picked one of the cheesiest songs to sing seriously.” Nicole says, “I’m really happy with that. You killed it.” – VIDEO

Committed – “I Want it That Way” – Hahahaha. You know what? This is one of my guilty pleasures. *ducks*. The soaring harmonies in this song lends itself perfectly to a ‘capella singing. And Committed sings it beautifully. The breakdown in this song is one of my favorite things ever. For realz. *ducks again*. Boy band pose at the end…Cheeky! Nicole says, “I think y’all took the girls to a whole nother kind of church. You sounded so warm and beautiful.” Shawn says, “You made the vocals your own. You kept it fun and fresh. That was hot.” Ben says, “I pretended like it was for me. It’s cool to see you guys loosen up. A+ nice work. – VIDEO

Results. Hm. Who will go? Jerry Lawson, Street Corner Symphony and Committed are safe. It will be either Backbeats, Groove for Thought or On The Rocks.

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town, Street Corner Symphony are Safe. So are Committed and The Backbeats. On The Rocks are SAFE. Groove for Thought are ELIMINATED. – VIDEO

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