The Masked Singer 9 Week 8 Recap: Who Was Unmasked?

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The Masked Singer 9 Week 8 Recap: Movie Night!

The Masked Singer season 9 continues with Week 8 theme Movie Night, featuring Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

The season 8 format remains unchanged. Three costumed celebrities will perform for the studio and judges panel votes. A celeb will be unmasked in the middle of the show. The remaining two celebrities will go head to head in a “Battle Royal.” The winner will move on to the quarterfinals set for sometime in May. This week’s winner and two new celebrities will compete next week in the final week of round 3 which is themed “Space Night.”

However, there is a new twist that allows the judges to save one singer per round. Each of the saved celebrities from each of the three rounds will compete against each other in a special wildcard show.

Tonight’s celebrity costumes are returning champ Doll, in addition to Dandelion and Mantis.

The show is celebrating “100 years of Warner Brothers Classics.”


Clues: Doll won last week’s round. He’s back to defend it. “I may have sung this once or twice before.” A lollipop heart is a clue

Performance: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley – Last week’s song choice was better. The performance is more impressive than the vocal. On Stage Clue: King Status and a guitar case “Besides making movies the king and I share platinum records.” Robin guesses Gene Simmons. Ken guesses Austin Butler. The boos begin. Nicole guesses Sebastian Bach.

Prediction: Doll is probably Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. We’ll find out soon enough.


Clues: She compares her life to Wizard of Oz. She began singing as a kid and performed with big stars. A storm hit her “home.” but from the ruins, she rebuilt. “Music City” is a clue.

Performance: Over the Rainbow from Wizard of Oz – WELP BYE DOLL. Unless Mantis is a phenomenal singer, Dandelion has got it. She’s obviously a pro who has been singing a long time. Her voice is beautiful. And beautiful voices always win the votes. On Stage Clue: “Billboards” and Dorothy’s slippers. “These heels were made for performing…even charting next to Olivia Rodrigo. Nicole guesses Zoey Deschanel. Nope. Zoey doesn’t sing like that. Jenny guesses Emmy Rossum. Ken guesses Reese Witherspoon. BOOING.

Prediction: FOX posted a preview of this performance earlier today, and many commenters think Dandelion is Vanessa Williams. The clue about her “home” being destroyed and rebuilt could be about her nude photos scandal in the 80s that stripped her of the Miss America title. She became successful anyway.


Clues: Known for his “brooding” persona. He almost won an Emmy for comedy. He’s a published author, done Shakespeare, Broadway, movies. “Dancing with Wolves” is a clue.

Performance: Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger – For sure not a singer. He can carry a tune, but barely. He’ll probably be eliminated immediately. On Stage Clue: “True Story.” Representing a legend” kicked off his career. Robin guesses Dennis Quaid. Jenny guesses Kevin Bacon. Ken guesses Bruce Springsteen. LOL.

1st Unmasking

The results are in. The first singer eliminated tonight is…Doll! Mantis and Dandelion will compete in the Battle Royale. Final guesses. Nicole: David Lee Roth. Um no. Ken: Austin Butler Jenny: Iggy Pop. HELL NO. Robin: Gene Simmons And Doll is…Dee Snider. I mean, the clues fit Dee perfectly. Surprised the judges missed that. “How did we not get that!” said Jenny. Precisely. Dee can’t believe they didn’t get it either.

Battle Royale

Dandelion and Mantis will perform the same song in their own styles. The two sing “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Dandelion sings first. Mantis sings it more comically. And he’s actually pretty good. He’s holding his own against Dandelion. The song actually suits him better than the more classical Dandelion.

2nd Unmasking

Moving on to next week’s show is…The Dandelion! Mantis is eliminated. Final guesses. Ken: Bruce Springsteen. Nicole: Keanu Reeves. Jenny: Kevin Bacon. Robin: Dennis Quaid. AND THEN ROBIN HITS THE DING DONG BELL. Mantis gets to stay. He’ll compete against Medusa and Gargoyle in the wildcard show. NO ELIMINATION. That means, NO saves remain for next week.

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