The Masked Singer 9 Week 6 Recap: Who Was Unmasked?

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The Masked Singer 9 Week 6 Recap: Country Night!

The Masked Singer season 9 continues with Week 6 theme Country Night, featuring Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

The season 8 format remains unchanged. Three costumed celebrities will perform for the studio and judges panel votes. A celeb will be unmasked in the middle of the show. The remaining two celebrities will go head to head in a “Battle Royal.” The winner will move on to the quarterfinals set for sometime May. Next week, the start of a new round, three new celebrities will compete in “80s Night.”

There is a new twist, however, that allows the judges to save one singer per round. Each of the saved celebrities from each of the three rounds will compete against each other in a special wildcard show. Unfortunately the judges have already used the round two save in week 1.

Tonight’s celebrity costumes: The reigning winner, Fairy, will compete against new masks Axolotl and Macaw (As Ken Jeong would say…I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS). All three are hoping to win the round and advance to the quarterfinals.


Clues: The fairy is defending her crown this week. Linda Ronstadt has been a dear friend of Fairy, since she was 13 years of age! Music is a huge part of her life. A basketball and a rubber ducky are clues. A blue ribbon book is also a clue.

Performance: Angel from Montgomery by John Prine/Bonnie Raitt – This is a very pretty rendition of a beloved classic. It’s not really a country song. More Americana or folk. Fairy doesn’t have a big belty voice, but her tone is pretty and expressive. She knows how to use what she’s got. “I sang that song for the first time when I was 11” Fairy reveals. Bill Engvall delivers the On Stage Clue: The clue is a perfect blackjack hand, 21. “I know something about winning and with this hand, I can take you to school.” 21 Jump Street! Ken guesses Jennifer Aniston. The crowd is booing. Nicole guesses Mickey Guyton. LOL NO. There’s an American Idol alum performing tonight. It’s not Mickey! Robin guesses Lori Harvey

Prediction: Fairy is Holly Robinson Peete!


Clues: Pom poms. She was bullied as a kid. Porterhouse steak. She’s married to a famous musician. She rings a bell.

Performance: Can’t Fight the Moonlight by Leann Rimes – She’s not a good singer. And she’s not even trying to sing Leann Rimes in a country style. This weird costume is leaving first, She drops the mic to finish. She has hutzpah at least. On stage clue delivered by wide receiver Robert Wood. The clue is a 2.3 million” emblazoned on a football helmet. “That’s just on a Monday,” says Axolotl. Robin guesses one of the Bella twins. Jenny guesses wrestler Alexa Bliss. Nicole guesses Simone Biles.


Clues: “I’m so excited to become the Macaw because he’s everything I’m not: Flashy, confident, and he sings COUNTRY.” He started singing at a young age, but performing didn’t start out as a passion. His dad bribed him with quesadillas to perform at the local Mexican restaurant. He eventually spread his wings to perform on bigger stages. But the pressure to “always be the good son” brought him anxiety. He learned to take breaks and reset to deal with his anxiety. A thing he did to please his parents now “fills me with glee.” He adds, “This is the year I decided to be brave not only on stage, but in my own life. So this feels like the perfect opportunity to put my newfound courage on display.”

Performance: Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw – Any American Idol fan knows McCaw is season 7 alum David Archuleta. FOX dropped a preview earlier today. Check it out Here. I wasn’t sure at first until he hit that falsetto. Unmistakable. Macaw is relishing his role, dancing around the stage and hamming it up. He’s having fun. Jenny calls him a frontrunner! Country singer Deana Carter delivers the onstage clue which is a SILVER MEDAL. “It wasn’t until I left the nest that I struck gold.” Silver as in RUNNER UP. Plus, David’s dad controlled his career, until David eventually shook loose and did his own thing. Robin guess Elijah Wood. Jenny guesses Zayn Malik. LMAO. Nicole guesses Doug Rob from Hoobastank. LOL WUT.

1st Unmasking

Leaving the competition first is…Axolotl. Fairy and Macaw will compete in the Battle Royale. Final guesses: Jenny: Alexa Bliss Robin: Nikki Bella Ken: Brie Bella Nicole: McKayla Maroney. And Axolotl is Alexa Bliss. She’s a WWE superstar, married to musician Ryan Cabrera. She reveals that she did the show to conquer her stage fright.

Battle Royale

Now the Fairy and Macaw will battle singing the same song in their own styles. “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” by Shania Twain. Fairy sings first in a twangy style. Macaw keeps the female point of view! And then he does a talking bit THAT TOTALLY GIVES AWAY THE GAME. If the panel doesn’t choose him to advance I’m gonna be real mad.

2nd Unmasking

The singer advancing to the quarterfinals is…THE MACAW YAYYYYYYY. Fairy will be unmasked. Final guesses. Nicole: Tracee Ellis Ross Jenny: Corrine Foxx Robin: Lori Harvey Ken: Jennifer Aniston. And Fairy is….Holly Robinson Peete. Last week’s theme was a clue! Her dad was the original Gordon on Sesame Street! The fact that Holly isn’t known as a singer tripped everyone up. She not only starred in 21 Jump Street, she sang the theme song.

A new trio of celebrities will compete next week, starting the third and final round. A round lasts three weeks. A Wildcard show will follow. Macaw will appear again on the Quarterfinal the following week. It’ll be a Top 4 featuring the winners of all three rounds and the wildcard. Round one winners are California Roll aka Pentatonix! The Quarterfinals are already shaping up to be epic.

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