The Masked Singer 8 Recap Muppets Night: Who Was Unmasked?

The Masked Singer Lambs
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The Masked Singer season 8 continues with Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

A new format means only ONE mask survives every week. At the end of three rounds, three celebrities will compete in the semi-finals for a chance to compete in the finale.

Tonight, the Muppets take over The Masked Singer, with Miss Piggy serving as the guest panelist. Robo Girl survived last week’s episode. But can she defend her crown against new celebrity masks Beetle and Lambs? We’re live blogging the performances and eliminations here!  

The show kicks off with Nicole, Robin and Kermit singing “Rainbow Connection,” NATCH!  Even Nick, Ken and Jenny join in. 

Next, Miss Piggy yucks it up on the panel before the performances begin.

Robo Girl

Clues: She can’t believe she beat Gloria Gaynor last week. Lindsay Lohan is a clue! 

Performance: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – Big song for Robo Girl! She’s actually not a  phenomenal vocalist, but she is a good performer. The song is chopped up pretty good, and she’s tackling the parts she’s singing reasonably well enough. Kermit pretends to play the piano! Miss Piggy asks questions: Robo Girl loves pink, and is a singer and actor. She’s been in six movies. Jenny thinks Robo Girl is Zendaya. Lol. no Or Shay Mitchell. Nicole guesses America Ferrera. Miss Piggy guesses herself. She calls it advanced alien technology. OK then. Nicole guesses Liza Koshy


Clues: He gives Nick a hug like he knows him. He was born in a “land far away.” His family wanted to chase the American dream. He quickly became a household name, but was considered the worst in his field. He’s got that X Factor. You’ve definitely heard his voice before and yelled my name at your TV.

Performance: The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra – His voice is very trembly. He’s obviously not a singer. So who cares about the clues. He’ll be unmasked in about 20 minutes. He attempts to dance a little, like a comedian. It’s hilarious that the costum desigers gave him an old school Beatles hair cut. Miss Piggy Questions: He’s not known for his haircut. He’s won a number of Emmys. Miss Piggy guesses John Larroquette. Nicole guesses Rowan Atkinson. Ken guesses Mike Myers.  Jenny guesses Jerry Springer. Hm. Maybe. He was born in London, and people sure do hate him. Plus he hosted AGT, so that tracks with the Simon Cowell and Nick Cannon connections. Just looked it up. He’s won 7 Emmys for news commentary early in his career! And he did theater in London. It’s Jerry, for sure.


Clues: She and her Beverly Hills besties became famous. Venice is a clue.

Performance: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry – OK these THREE gals can sing. I wonder if this is Wilson Phillips??? It tracks. Robo Girl may lose her crown tonight. Miss Piggy asks their names. They can’t answer that! They worked with Paul McCartney. Ken guesses the Kardashians. LOL. NO. Nicole guesses Hyme. Nope. Robin guesses The Chicks. LOL NO. Quick Wikipedia hit: Wilson Phillips sang backup on Four Five Seconds by McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West. 1000 percent this is Wilson Phillips. But I have a feeling we won’t find out tonight. They gonna win the round. OH LOOK THE CARNIE WILSON COTTON COMMERCIAL IS ON MY TV.


The judges and studio have voted. Who is eliminated first? The Beetle is eliminated. Final guesses: Nicole: Rowan Atkinson. Ken: Mike Myers. Jenny: Jerry Springer Robin: Jerry Springer (For sure it’s Jerry Jerry Jerry). Miss Peggy: John Larroquette And the Beetle is…Jerry Springer!

Battle Royale!

Robo Girl and Lambs sing “Call Me” by Blondie in their own styles. Robo sounds weirdly muffled. The Voice Battles have proven that it’s hard to sing solo vs group. The Lambs breakout the harmonies and even go acapella at the end. They’ve got this. The panel chooses the winner.


The judges behave as if they don’t know who won, but they made the decision? This show is so fake. Anyway The Lambs aka Wilson Phillips are the new Queens of the Masked Singer. Robo Girl is eliminated. Final guesses Ken: Sidney Sweeney Jenny: Shay Mitchell Nicole: Liza Koshy Robin: Keke Palmer Miss Piggy: “That is definitely me.” Erm. And Robo Girl is….Kat Graham. She’s from the Vampire Diaries. Nicole is embarrassed, because they were recently hanging out together. 

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