The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Group C Playoffs Live Blog (Videos)

Group C continues tonight with 5 remaining contestants on The Masked Singer. The remaining masks are: Night Angel, Astronaut, T-Rex, Rhino and Swan. Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host.

A total of 18 celebrities are set to compete in The Masked Singer season 3, with the competition proceeding in rounds. Six celebrities will compete for three weeks in 3 sets that will eventually leave 9 celebrities to compete for the win. Tonight, ONE celebrity will be eliminated, leaving five to move on to the next round.

Tonight’s guest panelist is Joel McHale. It’s not his first appearance. Ken and Joel both starred on Community together. 


Clues: “I’m loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning,” Astronaut adds, “I feel like I’m getting a foothold in this new world.”  He says, “When I was young, I was a bright star, but then I overreached and got burned.” So a child celebrity whose star has faded over the years.  A bunch of colorful balloons pop up. “I found myself isolated and so very lonely,” he says.  But in the wild, I kept wandering for what felt like 500 days using sign language until I found my own voice.” A french horn pops up. 

Performance: Signed Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder – Astronaut needs to come back to earth. He’s having trouble staying in key. Maybe the most boring cover of this Stevie Wonder classic I’ve ever heard. Astro was better last week. A bad song pick, I think. Nicole loves his energy and heart. He is Nicole’s favorite! Yearbook quotes tonight: “We can all reach the stars. Sometimes it just takes help from an organized crime family.” Ken guesses Donald Glover. Joel thinks he’s crazy. Joel guesses Corey Feldman. Robin guesses Joseph Gordon Levitt

Predictions: This is most likely Hunter Hayes. He was a popular teen country singer during the aughts, and his star has faded in the last five years or so. Additionally, it sounds like him. (He’s not a great singer, especially live.)

Night Angel

Clues: “Years ago, I was sitting up in my room, surrounded by other angels that lost in the crowd,” says Night Angel. “So bang, bang, I left my safe place and chose to fall down to earth.” There is a castle and a strawberry drawn in chalk on a wall. On her own, she felt rejection for the first time. Night Angel says, “I taught myself how to survive” as she’s fanned and serves sweet tea. “I hustled, and with hard work and commitment, I built and empire.” 

Performance: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga – Welp. Night Angel is no Lady Gaga. This song is revealing her vocal limitations. This performance is very shouty.  Nicole loves her song choices. Yearbook quote: “If you want me to lend a helping wing…”  Jenny guesses Regina King, because of Down to Earth clue Joel guesses Jessica Simpson. Nicole Taraji P. Henson because of the Empire clue. 

Prediction: The internets are convinced that Night Angel is Kandi Burruss.  The sweet tea is a reference to Atlanta. She was a Real Wives of Atlanta cast member. “Built an Empire” is apparently her tagline.


Clues: OMG! There’s a globe with a party hat! “I was hanging with my friends on T-Rex Island when out of nowhere, BOOM right on the island. After the impact, I looked around and was devastated to see only singles and doubles of us were left. I didn’t want my career to go downhill fast,” says T-Rex.” My heart was beating like a bumble bee.” T-Rex explains, “To survive, I had to dive or survive. No one wants to be a one-hit wonder!” 

Performance – Push it by Salt-N-Pepper – The singing is really bad tonight. T-Rex is yelling her way through this song. Nicole noted that she’s a good singer. She practically falls into a split, which is impressive considering the costume. Jenny calls her energy crazy. Nicole is loving her energy. T nearly kicks Nick in the face. Yearbook quote: “If you dream bring your face can be everywhere. Unless you go extinct.” Ken guesses Lilly Singh. Robin guesses Liza Koshy. Joel guesses Mikaela Shiffrin, who win a gold medal for skiing. 

Prediction: T-Rex is most certainly is Jojo Siwa from Dance Moms. The person behind the mask is obviously very young, and she’s a better dancer than singer. The clue about T-Rex island exploding I think refers to Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller having a melt down, quitting the show, and eventually going to jail for tax fraud. JoJo ended up signing a contract with Nickelodeon. 


Clues: Now it’s like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole into the most amazing wonderland.” She adds, “See, here’s the tea. I know my life seems all new moons and rainbows, but I came from nothing. Only through illusions did I transform my family to a better place.” Says Swan, “Thus from a frozen white snowbird did I move west to this wicked world of sunshine. There’s a tag that says, “Made in Japan.”

Performance: I Hate Myself for Loving’ You by Joan Jett – OK. This is a night of terrible performances. Group C is made up of the worst singers in the competition. Maybe that was by design. IDK. Ha ha. Swan has a crush on Ken. His face is flashed all over the video backdrop. After the performance, Ken acts all embarrassed. Yearbook quote: “I think the black swan, against all odds, I’ve been able to spread my wings for all to see. Life is truly magical.” Joel guesses Mila Kunis. Jennifer guesses Kristen Stewart. Ken guesses Kristin Bell or Sandra Bullock

Prediction: The swan was eliminated tonight! See results below.


Clues: “You’re probably wondering what I’m doing on this plane…standing on these wings is wild and nerve wracking.” The plane flew over a city. That’s gotta be a clue. “But I’ve always been a risk taker which has led to many ups and downs. Rhino holds a sign that says “south.” And just when he thought he might hit bottom, he met his wife, his “guardian angel.” There’s a thing where the guard cuts a bun in half with a knife while wearing a giant diamond ring? And they play tennis or raquetball. 

Performance: Nice to Meet Ya by Niall Horan – Rhino is a country singer, for sure. Which one? Hm. It’s the night’s first really good song choice. NOT a country song, but it’s a little bluesy and fits Rhino’s southern style. Nicole was impressed with Rhino’s moves. Yearbook quote: “Family is very important for success. Especially when performing for a king is in your blood.” Robin is sticking with Tim Tebow. Ken guesses Chris Pratt. What a horrible guess. Nicole thinks Rhino is a swimmer, Ryan Lochte, because of his alcohol problems. Uh. No. 

Prediction: OK Rhino might actually be an athlete after all. Some folks think he’s former MLB baseball player, Barry Zito. In 2011 he converted to Christianity and married former Miss Missouri, Amber Seyer. They had some kids. He comes from a musical family! His father composed and arranged music for Nat King Cole “hence the King reference in the yearbook quote.” Here’s a youtube performance.  Plus, the sandwich cutting refers to his pitch, the “cut slider.” Sounds reasonable.


The singer who must unmask is….The Swan! Oh boy. Ken is heartbroken. Final guesses: Robin: Nina Dobrev. Ken: Olivia Munn. Nicole: Megan Fox. Joel: Mila Kunis Jenny: Kristen Stewart. And the SWAN is Bella Thorne! She and Ken were co-stars in a movie. She is also pals with Nick Cannon.

Ha ha. The guesses encompassed a panoply of aughts actresses, which can, frankly, be hard to tell apart. I thought maybe Swan was Kristen Stewart. But, really, she’s too famous for The Masked Singer

Bella decided to compete on the show after Ken kept guessing her last season for the Flamingo, she started watching the show and thought it was “so amazing, so dope.”

  • The “fans and followers” mention in Swan’s package is a reference to Bella’s 22 million social media followers.
  • The “Sunshine” reference and dolphin figurine in Swan’s package are hints to Bella’s upbringing in Miami.
  • Shaking thermos in Swan’s package is a hint to Bella’s starring role on Disney Channel’s “Shake it up.”
  • Bella and her sister own a record label called Flippy Fangs, which refers to the vampire and fangs. in the video package.

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