The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Group C Championship Live Blog (Videos)

Group C Championships conclude tonight with 4 remaining contestants on The Masked Singer. The remaining masks are: Night Angel, Astronaut, T-Rex, and RhinoKen JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host. 

A total of 18 celebrities are set to compete in The Masked Singer season 3, with the competition proceeding in rounds. Six celebrities will compete for three weeks in 3 sets that will eventually leave 9 celebrities to compete for the win. Tonight, ONE celebrity will be eliminated, leaving three to move on to the Super 9.

Tonight’s guest panelist is Will Arnett from the FOX show Lego Masters. It’s not his first appearance. Ken and Joel both starred on Community together.

YAY GROUP PERFORMANCE! The four masks sing the Jennifer Lopez tune “Let’s Got Loud.” T-Rex is kinda funny. Will calls it “The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Tonight, friends of the masks will dish out some clues. AND keeping with the Lego Masters promotion, the celebrity will offer up Lego models of each judge, with clues attached! 

Night Angel

Clues: She has been doing “this” since I was a teen. A friend from high school speaks up. Night Angel skipped a lot of high school events. But she made sure to get her diploma.

Performance: Shout by Isley Brothers – Weirdly this is might be her best performance. It’s fun, but doesn’t take a ton of vocal prowess. Except those high notes are a little wonky. Jenny believes Angel will win the competition. Robin thinks he recognizes her voice. Probably not–the rumored celebrity is mostly known as a reality star. Night Angel becomes emotional. She’s so nervous before she sings. The kind words boost her confidence. She’s weepy! “I’ve heard you say my name on your show.” Jenny: “That narrows it down to about 7000 people! She guesses Toni Braxton. Will guesses Mayim Bialik at first. Uh, no. Then he switches to Janet Jackson. Nicole is sticking with Taraji P Henson.

Prediction: Night Angel is Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her clues this week were delivered by a friend from high school. He shares that her career began in her teens in the mid 90s. Kandi first appeared in the BET series Teen Summit at 15, where her girl group, Xscape debuted. She missed her prom because she was in the studio recording “Off The Hook” with Xscape (hence the shot of the old fashioned phone.) Also, Kandi has guested on Jenny McCarthy’s show many times to chat about RHOA.


Clues: He forgets sometimes that he’s only human. Astro’s Bro-Pilot speaks!  Astro tripped on stage once, but didn’t say “Bye bye bye.” A pair of dice adds up to 10. Also, a coffee cup emblazoned with “coffee” and little beans. Also, a tiny model bridge flashes on the screen. 

Performance: “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran – Astronaut’s vocals are very…trembly. His falsetto is pitchy, too. “You’re just getting better and better each week,” Astro is in Nicole’s Super 9. He says if he makes it to the super 9, he’ll “Show my whole heart.” Hint: “Don’t you remember when we were together for a huge birthday?” The word is “Mall” – Ken guesses Eddie Vedder. “I give that a hell no,” says Robin. Will guesses JC Chasez. Robin is sticking with Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Prediction: Astronaut is surely Hunter Hayes. Listen to him sing. It’s obviously him. Also, Hunter did take spill on stage in 2013. Woops! I don’t remember this at all, and I should, because I record it every year! Hunter and Nicole performed on the 2015 Capitol 4th which takes place on the Washington MALL. That’s a great clue–Nicole is thinking the clue points to a person’s birthday. Hunter broke a record for performing 10 concerts in 10 cities in 24 hours. And, Hunter loves coffee and shot a promotional clip for Keurig. And, Hunter was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, hence the tiny model bridge in the package. 


Clues: A friend of T-Rex is on a private plane. He calls her meticulous and a perfectionist. “She’s got fans of all ages.” A shot of a boomerang appears. Plus, big red plastic lips. 

Performance: Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) – Pussycat Dolls – Again, T-Rex is a shouty singer. But she can move on stage. And she’s super energetic. Nicole is psyched that she sang her song. “I literally stayed up past midnight every night to make it perfect.” The clue is “poodle” and the lego is Will. “Lego Batman is how we are connected.” Will guesses Gabby Douglas. Has nothing to do with the clue! Jenny and Nicole guess Jojo Siwa. DING! That’s who it is. Ken guesses Honey Boo Boo. Hm. Nick says, “She’s got a plane full of snacks.” His way of saying. “Uhm. She’s fat.”

Prediction: T-Rex was Unmasked this week! See below. 


Clues: Rhino’s college roomate shares surfing stories. “We were terrible at it!” But Rhino kept at it and became a beast at it. He’ll outwork anyone. “He’s a total softy who wears his heart on his sleeve.” Three quarters and an up arrow appear. A map of the United States, Missouri highlighted with a crown. 

Performance: Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson – Rhino sings the Linda Ronstadt countrified version. He plays right up to the audience. “You got me with all the feels inside! You’re very large but you have an even bigger heart,” says Jenny. 1000 is the clue. “Robin, we think alike. You and I are on the same track, literally.” Robin thinks it’s Will Ferrell. They did “Ride Like the Wind” for Anchorman 2. Ken guesses David Hasselhoff. Will is losing his mind: “I think it’s ME!”

Prediction: Rhino is ex-baseball player, Barry Zito. Three quarters = 75 enters. Barry’s baseball jersey number was 75. And, is wife is a former Miss Missouri, hence the map and the crown. And, Barry and Robin both have tracks on the soundtrack for the movie A Thousand Words. Lastly, the planet wearing a cowboy hat points to Barry’s son Mars.


The singer with the least amounts of votes is…T-Rex. Aw. Final Guesses: Jenny: JoJo Siwa Nicole: JoJo Siwa Ken: Liza Koshy Robin: JoJo Siwa Will: Tara Lipinski.

And T-Rex is JoJo Siwa from Dance Moms! She paused her “world tour” to compete in Masked Singer. 

  • JoJo and Nick co-hosted Lip Sync Shorties (Hence, the candy lips and toy cannon in her package) “I knew that was you belting all around the stage!” Nick says. 
  • The U-Shaped balloon in T-Rex’s package is a clue to JoJo’s 10 million+ Youtube followers
  • The compass rose in T-Rex’s package is a reference to JoJo babysitting Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West.
  • JoJo was at the world premiere of Will’s movie Lego Batman and she was wearing her poodle shoes.


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