The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Final 6 Results – Live Blog (Videos)

Tonight the Super 6 remaining contestants compete on The Masked Singer! The remaining masks are Astronaut, Turtle, Kitty, Frog, Night Angel and Rhino. At the end of the night, ONE singer will be eliminated.

Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host. Gordon Ramsay sits in as guest judge.

Nearly forgot that Dr. Drew was on The Masked Singer. He’s holding a “therapy session” for the remaining 6 singers. Ramsey is SOOOO excited to judge the singers.


Clues: She’s been on many stages, and played many roles in her 9 lives. Caped piano player, sword fighting, , the sword fighting, an apple, jack in the box monkey, “Mind Your Manners Seal Sisters” label on an LP. She is served milk and roses.

Performance – Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe – Kitty shows the panel a different side of her TALENT. She’s got talent. Got it? Heh. The judges are on their feet. For a second she sails up into her soprano. The singers make something tasty as a clue. Masked Munchies: It’s a piece of cake. Super sweet and full of layers. It’s an “opera” cake. So opera. That’s a very good clue. Gordon guesses Charlotte Church SO DANG CLOSE. Ken guesses Lea Michele. Doesn’t sound like her at all. Jenny guesses Eva Longoria

Prediction: Kitty is Jackie Evancho. The cape, the sword fighting, the monkey refer to Phantom of the Opera, a musical that Jackie loves. Her Masked Munchies clue is an Opera Cake. Jackie began as an 11 year old opera singer on America’s Got Talent. The backstage scene in the clues could refer to being backstage at a talent show. Jackie moved to New York City from Pittsburgh, hence the “big apple.” Could the swashbuckling security guards refer to the Pittsburgh Pirates? Jackie reportedly has very good manners. Seal Sisters could refer to Jackie coming out against the Canadian seal hunts, 


Clues: He’s a solitary creature, needs to recharge with meditation and yoga. There is an American flag, a barstool, and a bunch of multicolored guitar pics.  He wants his family to know it’s never too late to write his story.

Performance: Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett  – He enters the audience to dance with a fan. He’s not the best singer, but he knows how to play to the (voting) crowd.  Masked Munchies: Spaghetti and Meatballs. Ken guesses Jeff Bridges because “spaghetti western” Such a ridiculous reach. But Ken! Gordon guesses Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum. Oops. Jenny nails it! She guesses Barry Zito.

Prediction: Rhino is Barry Zito. His Masked Munchie clue, Spaghetti with meatballs refers to Barry’s Italian heritage. Barry is well known for his meditation and yoga practice. He’s well known for turning his life around after abusing alcohol. He’s married to a beauty queen and has a couple of kids, converted to Christianity, hence “turning my life around.”


Clues: Frog P.D. Chocolates, Basketball, shirt with a backward 23, No 13. Twinkie?

Performance: Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons – The judges are immediately on their feet. Frog has got it going on. Electrifying dance moves. He’s gonna be in the finale. Masked Munchies: Fried Catfish. Gordon guesses Lil Jon. Robin guesses Bow Wow. DING. Nicole guesses Omarion. So far, Gordon’s guesses have been reasonable.

Prediction: Frog is Bow Wow. He starred in the basketball movie “Like Mike” at age 13. The basketball shirt with the “23” is also a clue. Bow Wow also has a single titled “Basketball.” The P.D. is another reference to CSI: Cyber, which he starred in. Bow Wow played a guy named Twinkie in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. 

Night Angel

Clues: A bunch of telephones “off the hook,”  Angel Hotline, Fish hooks, Must be “2000 years older to call.” 

Performance: Black Velvet by Alannah Myles – This is a better vocal performance than last week. I have no idea why she was terrible last time. Maybe a better song for her range, even if hopelessly dated. Jenny calls it the best performance on Masked Singer, ever. Uhm No. Masked Munchie: Some kinda bug on a stick? The panel wants Nick to try one. And FOX turns will he eat a bug or no into a commercial break cliffhanger. Hm. And he eats it. Gordon says they are a staple in Vietnam, and good for you! Ken guesses Chile. Jenny guesses Kandi Burruss. The panel is guessing ALL the contestants this week. Nicole guesses  Dawn Robinson

Prediction: Night Angel is Kandi Burruss. The telephones refer to Kandi’s “Off the Hook” album with Xscape. $2.85 refers to the 285 highway in Kandi’s hometown, Atlanta. The “2000” could refer to the year Kandi became a solo artist. 


Clues: A hand of cards that includes 3 aces and a joker, a book “exploring earth,” a bale of hay, a crawfish, paper airplane.

Performance: Story of My Life by One Direction – Astronauts voice continues to be super warbly. He also has breath issues. He gives the song a bit of a country twang. This vocal just is not good. He’s the weakest singer left, I think. Masked Munchies: King Cake with Mardis Gras beads. Ken guesses Jonathan Groff Nicole guesses Skylar Astin. Gordon guesses Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Robin agrees with Gordon. 

Prediction: Astronaut is Hunter Hayes. Hunter is from Louisiana and has cajun ancestry. Hence, the King Cake, Mardis Gras beads and crawfish. 


Clues: A giant chess board with chess pieces. A clock with Chess game. A heart on a rook. A clock that says 3:23 and 9:15. A book with a biohazard sign on the cover. A heart with a crown. And a Ram. 

Performance: Stay by Alessia Cara – Turtle has a timeless pop voice. His performances so far have been underrated. Robin thinks he killed the dance moves. Masked Munchies: Tortilla chips and apple salsa. Gordon is appalled.  Robin guesses Gavin DeGraw. Gordon guesses Adam Lambert. HELL NO. Ken guesses Zayn Malik.

Prediction: Turtle is Jesse McCartney. The heart with a crown, the chess board, the fighting, all refer to Jesse’s role in the video game series Kingdom Hearts. Plus, Jesse has a song called “Checkmate.” The biohazard sign refers to Jesse’s role in the Chernobyl Diaries. Jesse is an Aries, which is represented by a Ram.  The tri-colored “chips” could refer to Alvin and the Chipmunks, which Jesse voiced.


Leaving the competition tonight is ASTRONAUT. No surprised at all. He’s definitely the weakest singer left. Last guesses: Jenny guesses Ben Platt. Robin guesses Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gordon guesses Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Nicole guesses Hunter Hayes. DING.  She finally connects the Capitol 4th clue from earlier in the season. Ken guesses Skylar Astin.

And the Astronaut is…Hunter Hayes! 

  • The Orion constellation in Astronaut’s package is a clue to Hunter’s name, because Orion is a hunter.
  • The bridge in Astronaut’s package is a clue to Hunter’s hometown of Breaux Bridge Louisiana
  • Astronaut’s mention of getting help from the mob is a clue to “Godfather” star Robert Duvall, who gave Hunter his first guitar.


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