The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Final 5 Results – Live Blog (Videos)

Tonight the FIVE remaining contestants compete on The Masked Singer! The remaining masks are Turtle, Kitty, Frog, Night Angel and Rhino. At the end of the night, ONE singer will be eliminated.

Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host. comedian Jeff Dye sits in as guest judge.


Clues: Frog is calling “Little Frog” His kid! They brought along a renewal in his life. Three loaves of bread. And the clip ends with a bunch of Footloose clues.

Performance: Bust a Move by Young MC – Froggy isn’t very versatile. He sticks mostly to old school rap tunes. But he is hella entertaining. He raps and dances, all in a giant frog suit. Ken calls him one of the front runners. The Men in Black “stole” packages from the celebrities door steps. Clue: Private jet. Jenny McCarthy guesses Anthony Mackie from 8 mile. Robin is stuck on Lil Bow Wow. Ken guesses Derek Hough because his sister Julianne was in the Footloose remake. Jeff says “Derek Hough’s a white guy!” Jeff guesses Sir Mix A Lot. 

Prediction: Frog is Bow Wow – Bow Wow has a daughter named Shai. He was in a movie called “Roll Bounce,” hence the loaves. The “Bow Wow Challenge” on social media in 2017. Bow Wow was showing off his “private jet” which turned out to be stock photo. 


Clues: Kitty in a hot air balloon, travels all over the world, including Russia, Japan, New York City and a rainbow over Niagara Falls. The security guys have towels on their heads. The clips ends as Kitty declares, “Here I’m over the rainbow.” 

Performance: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse – Kitty sings every song, no matter what it is, like she’s belting it on Broadway or in a cabaret. I mean, she’s got a good voice, but not much originality. What’s on Kitty’s Doorstep: A bow and arrow. Jenny guesses Lea Michele. Jeff guesses “one of those Olsen twins.” Nicole guesses Vanessa Hudgens. I bet no one guesses this…

Prediction: Kitty is Jackie Evancho. Jackie has performed all over the world, including several trips to Japan, one with David Foster, she sang for the Imperial Family on another, and performed in Hiroshima. She sang in Russia for the opening ceremonies of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. She sang on the finale of Canada’s Got Talent (the Falls?). She currently lives in New York City. Also, Jackie sang Over the Rainbow on Oprah Winfrey’s farewell talk show episode. Reportedly, Jackie has been an archer since childhood, hence the bow and arrow clue. 


Clues: He talks more about how is wife helped him get out of a bad spot. She made him a family man. A photo of 3 little elephants. Ballet slippers. He draws a turkey hand for the security guys. 

Performance: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by Righteous Brothers. Oh no. Rhino should stick to country. He’s not strong enough vocalist to tackle this huge blue eyed soul classic. He’s off key this week. All of his vocal weaknesses are on display. I think he’s leaning on working the ladies in the audience. What’s on Rhino’s Doorstep: It’s a Navy hat. “I’ve won many different hats, but this is special. Nicole guesses Jason Aldean. He named his kid Navy? Jeff guesses Trace Adkins. Ken guesses Jason James Elliott from JAG. 

Prediction: Rhino is former baseball player turned country singer Barry Zito. The panel laughed when Ken yelled JAG! But actually, Barry guest starred on the show. The elephants AREN’T don’t represent his kids (he only has 2). Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry were “The Big Three” on the Oakland A’s baseball team. Reportedly, the elephant was their mascot. 

Night Angel

Clues: Night Angel singing a 4. Her aunt taught her to sing. “You haven’t always known me from music,” she says and declares “This kid from the south.” We see a map of Columbia and some lipsticks sitting on the piano as she plays.

Performance: Last Dance by Donna Summer – This song is right in Angel’s wheelhouse. She doing a great job this week. Hitting those high notes! What’s on Night Angel’s Front Porch: Ski goggles and boots. Snow. Ken guesses T Boz. Jenny guesses T.I’s wife, Tiny. Jeff guesses Alicia Keys. 

Prediction: Night Angel is Kandi Burruss – Kandi started in a girl group as a teenager, became a songwriter and solo artist and eventually a reality star on Real Housewives of Atlanta. So, not just a singer. She was signed to Columbia records, hence the map. Xscape released an album called “Traces of my Lipstick,” but Kandi also has a lipstick line. 



Clues: Turtle feels like a “superhero.” He works on his car wielding a giant wrench. Wanted Reward: $1999. Turtle shadow in the bat signal. A lime green mop. And a wedding top. He blindfolds and ties up the security guys. Red, green and blue poker chips.

Performance: Fix You by Coldplay – Turtle gets the big emotional ballad to close the show. Ain’t no way he’s leaving tonight. This isn’t an easy song to sing. He doesn’t have the best voice, but his intonation is very good. Standing ovation! Robin notes the song is hard to sing. What’s on Turtle’s Front Porch: A life size Zombie! Jeff guesses Norman Reedus. Ken guesses Howie D. Nicole guesses Jesse McCartney! 

Prediction: Turtle is Jesse McCartney – The red, blue and green chips refer to Jesse’s role as Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks. 1999 is the year he started in the boy band Dream Street. The wedding cake could refer to his engagement last year. The many superhero references refer to Jesse’s role as Robin in the Young Justice series. The zombie reference in his “What’s on Turtles Front Porch” clue refers to his appearance in Fear of the Walking Dead.


The singer who received the least amount of votes is…KITTY! That’s a little shocking. I expected Rhino to hit the road. His performance was terrible. Final guesses Nicole: Vanessa Hudgens. Jeff: One of the Olsens Robin: Ashley Tisdale Ken: Anna Kendrick Jenny: Lea Michele

And Kitty is America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho! Nick is shocked! Jackie gives him a big hug. He notes that the two of them stood on that very stage almost 10 years ago as she was declared the runner up that season. Nick had no idea. Jackie did the show, because she had been stuck in the stereotype of  a 10 year old girl. She wanted the world to see her grown up. 

  • The Pope hat and Vatican are clues to Jackie’s performance for Pope Francis on his U.S. visit.
  • The Christmas clues in Kitty’s package signify Jackie’s best-selling album, “Someday at Christmas” and “Heavenly Christmas.”
  • Kitty’s reference to Robert Redford is a hint to the film “The Company You Keep” in which Jackie played the role of his daughter.


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