The Masked Singer 10 Recap: Who Was Unmasked on Harry Potter Night?

The Masked Singer 10
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The Masked Singer 10 Week 5 Recap Harry Potter Night: Find Out Who Was Unmasked!

Tonight, for week 5 of season 10, The Masked Singer celebrates the enduring children’s fantasy series, Harry Potter.

Nick Cannon is host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger sit on the judges panel.

The Group B round continues as celebrity masks Hawk, Tiki, Husky and a new WILDCARD Sea Queen takes the stage. One celebrity will be unmasked by the end of the night.

The Masked Singer 10 Harry Potter Night
CR: Michael Becker / FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Former The Masked Singer 2 contestant Flamingo, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton performs “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin Jay Hawkins. Each of the judges are costumed like a Harry Potter character. Jenny’s Dumbledore outfit is something.


Clues: A piano. Watered Down. Partying in the background. Family on tap. He takes his kid to school now instead raising heck at parties. ‘This Tiki is still on the rocks.”

Performance: Magic by Pilot – Tiki has a rock voice, but it’s a distinctive high tenor. He doesn’t have much of a vibrato, but he knows how to hold out a note. On Stage Clue involves sorting hats choosing the celebrity’s Harry Potter house. Tiki’s is the brave and daring Gryffindor He says “You got to be brave to be front and center on the type of stages I’ve been on.” Ken guesses Dave Grohl. The crowd boos. He’s back to being ridiculous. Nicole: Jon Bon Jovi Robin: Robert Plant. As if.

Prediction: Many on the internet believe Tiki is Sebastian Bach. He’s a rock singer who has also performed on Broadway.


Clues: As a kid he was underestimated and bullied. He began working out and and bulked out. Three king of hearts. He still lacks confidence, he confesses.

Performance: Super Freak by Rick James – He might be an actor or maybe a rapper? It’s possible, with the working out clues that he’s some kind of a sports figure who can sing. He seems to be having trouble vocally behind that mask. On Stage Clue: The sorting hat says “Just and loyal true…Hufflepuff.” Husky relates to Puff because he has a connection to Mr. Puff, P. Diddy.” Nicole guesses Ginuwine. Robin also guesses Ginuwine. Jenny guesses Brian McKnight. Brian signed Robin to a record deal. He says HELL NO.

Prediction: Ginuwine is a good guess, say the internets. He was featured on a No. 1 P. Diddy track.


Clues: Someone close to him lost her battle with cancer. He became lonely and depressed. He got help and now he works to inspire others.

Performance: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – What a song to sing. It’s really hard! He’s the weakest vocalist of the three competitors. He may end up in the Smackdown again. He could be a a pop/punk singer. Not all indie rock singers could survive a singing competition. On Stage Clue Sorting house says…”A ready mind you belong in Ravenclaw.” Hawk says, “I was a good student. At least you saw me on TV pretending.” Robin guesses Ryan Phillippe. Ken guesses Andrew Garfield (who lost his mother). Nicole guesses Billie Joe Armstrong. NOPE. The clues point to Hawk being an actor who also sings.

Sea Queen (Wildcard)

Clues: Train tracks. Fashion. Black widow. She gave museum tours at 14. She attended a boarding school, but got kicked out. She’s a comedian, writer and singer. She’s preparing for a new tour.

Performance: Love Potion No. 9 by The Searchers – She’s got an unusual voice. Hm. She sounds like Macy Gray. She competed on American Song Contest a few years ago. The internets are going to guess this one, because her voice is so distinctive. NOT a voice that everybody would love. But she’s an interesting stylist. On Stage Clue: Sorting hat says “Cunning shrewd…Slytherin!” Sea Queen says, “I’ve always been clever in my career.” Nicole guesses Erykah Badu. Ken guesses Queen Latifah, which prompts the typical audience BOOING! Nicole guesses Jennifer Lewis.

Prediction: Don’t need to check what other people are saying on the Internets. Going out on a limb to say Sea Queen is Macy Gray. Her Wiki entry reports she got kicked out of boarding school. She’s a singer, writer AND has appeared on a bunch of TV shows and movies, including several reality shows, comedies and dramas. PLUS she has already competed on The Masked Singer in Australia as Atlantis. So, yeah. Sounds just like her and the clues fit.


Tiki and Hawk will compete on the Smackdown! Sea Queen and Husky are SAFE. The two will sing the same song, Monster by Lady Gaga in their own styles. Tiki sings the song in a very boy bandy style. He hits some big rock notes at the end. Hawk’s version is similar. I’d say Tiki is a better singer. The judges panel will pick the winner.

And the celebrity unmasked is…Hawk aka Tyler Posey

The singer taking a spot in the Group B finals next week is…Tiki! Hawk is eliminated. Final guesses: Robin: Ryan Phillippe. Jenny: Chad Michael Murray. Ken: Cole Sprouse. Nicole: Billie Joe Armstrong. And the Hawk is…Tyler Posey. He starred in Teen Wolf. Major Millennial Heartthrob! He is cute. Aw. He’s competitive and “a little hurt.” The person close to Tyler who died was his mother who lost her life to breast cancer in 2014.

Next week the theme is “Classic One-Hit Wonders”

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