The Glee Project 2 – Sexuality – Results, Recap and Videos

This week’s The Glee Project features Naya Rivera. She’ll be on hand to help the kids find their inner sexy. This week’s music video is a mashup of “Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake”.

“I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd is the homework assignment.  Last week, NOBODY was eliminated. 11 contestants still remain.


Bottom 3 (Will Sing for Ryan Murphy)

Charlie –  “I Get a Kick Out of You” by Frank Sinatra
Tyler – “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin
Michael –  “Lucky” by Jason Mraz

The right person TOTALLY went home. The 0nly reason Tyler lasted this long was because Ryan liked the idea of writing for a transgendered teen. Tyler wasn’t further enough in the process of transitioning to be able to handle all the emotional work acting requires.

YES the videos are REVERSED. Otherwise, DM will reject them.

Homework Assignment and mentoring session with Naya Rivera

Last week, Ryan was so pleased with the last chance performances, everyone was called back. The kids were super happy! When the contenders learn from Robert that it’s sexuality week, they become super-ecstatic—which seems to be the default response to all of Robert’s pronouncements. Aylin frets that her Muslim family won’t be down with the theme, and Nellie admits her own sexuality makes her uncomfortable.

The homework assignment is “I’m Going to Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd which sends the kids into a fit of embarrassed giggles. Michael admits to being “fairly experienced.” TMI! The downside is that he thinks math is sexy.

The kids work on their assignment. Mario is trying to change his tude after pissing off the kids last week. Shanna thinks sexuality is about smiling a lot. Hm. Tyler, the transgendered kid, is so early in the process, he’s just not ready. Sexuality is not his only problem. He’s been mudding through every assignment so far, confused.

Tyler helped Abraham dye his hair black. He’s feeling super masculine and confident! Speaking of confidence—this week’s mentor is the self-possessed and SEXY Naya Rivera. Hooray. “She’s so sexy,” says Mario the blind kid, “Even I could see it.”

Naya stresses to the kids that sexuality is all about exuding confidence, and that “less is more.” With that, the kids launch into their homework assignment. There’s lots of groping and “sexy” looks exchanged, which makes the performance pretty hilarious, often not intended. Naya’s critiques: Blake should stick to his playful side. Aylin tries too hard (no kidding!) Nellie needs more confidence, She LOVED Charlie. Beatboxing is sexy! He wins the homework challenge, earning a one on one mentoring session with the sublime Naya and a step out moment in the music video.

Before saying goodbye to the group, Naya reveals that the music video will be an oddball mashup of “Moves Like Jagger” and “Milkshake”. She giggles as she announces it, because it is pretty silly. Robert explains the concept: The action begins in a high school sex ed class which turns into a boys vs. girls “sexy off.” Oh really?

tgp2-sex-mentor by mjsbigblog

It’s time for choreography with Zach and Brooke. I’m so glad choreography has returned. Last week’s oh-so-serious bullying themed music video needed no choreo.   Zach and his snark were sorely missed.

“Welcome to sex ed!”  he greets the kids.  Zach says some of the contenders need to really find a balance between overt sexuality coughaylincough and no sexuality coughshannacough.  “Shanna,” says an exasperated Zach, “When would you like to start becoming sexy?” OH SNAP.   She realizes she’s presenting WAY too perky.

Zach gives Nellie a butt arching move that completely freaks her out at first. She totally realizes that she HAS to figure out how to appear comfortable and confident even when she isn’t.

Next, it’s vocals with Nikki. As Charlie works in the booth he keeps sneaking glances at Aylin, whom he’s still  kinda showmancing.  Nikki is annoyed but forgives him when he delivers a solid vocal part. Also annoyed–Aylin when she discovers Nikki knows about their little dalliance.  Aylin likes Charlie OK, but has no intentions of allowing a boy to derail her march to the win. Good for her!

Vocals with Nikki – Charlie and Michael have a Hard Time

tgp2-sex-nikki by mjsbigblog

Michael is recording along with Mario, but continues to fudge the words. So badly, that Nikki dismisses him before he’s finished.  She’ll carry on without his vocal.  Michael feels TERRIBLE about this, knowing his problem will likely land him in this week’s bottom 3. He’s thinking too much in the booth.

Erik White leads the group through the video shoot. Zach is impressed that big girl, Lily, owns every part of her body.  Lily is determined to be a formidable rival to the uber-sexed Aylin.  The mentors definitely notice her.  Nellie gets in front of the camera and TOTALLY rises to the challenge! She’s sexy! YAY NELLIE. The mentors are VERY impressed.  Nellie has had a breakthrough, and now she’s just having fun.

In need of a breakthrough, is Tyler. He’s still disappearing in the videos. Abraham, on the other hand, seems to be owning his masculinity. Could it be the new dark hair?

Charlie and Erik work out his “step out moment.”  Naya advised Charlie to stalk like a lion when he’s coming on.  Can Charlie take direction from Naya? He sure isn’t able to take it from Erik! Charlie has his own ideas for blocking and proceeds to tell the actress who plays Miss Hegberg how the scene will be played. OH NO HE DI’INT!  Erik does NOT appreciate Charlie’s arrogance.  For the most part, the mentors are happy with the contenders’ work on the video.  The kids who get called back will have been consistent all week and true to the theme.

The video wraps with Charlie slapping Miss Hegberg’s ass.  INAPPROPRIATE

Video Shoot – “Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake”

tgp2-sex-shoot by mjsbigblog

It’s time to choose the bottom 3.  The kids line up in front of Robert, Nikki and Zach. Nellie is called first. She walked with amazing ease through an assignment that frightened her. She came so far this week, that she’s the first name on the call back list. Blake, Mario, Aylin, Abraham, Ali, Lily are all called back for next week.  Lily is so relieved she’s not in the bottom once again.

Charlie, Shanna, Michael and Tyler are left.  Robert notes that Tyler is growing fast and on the right track, but he’s having trouble popping in the videos.  Nikki is concerned with Michael’s problems in the booth. “This business is 50 percent mental,” she says.  Shanna is already crying. She’s one of the chosen ones! What the heck is she doing in the bottom?  Zach says Shanna has to reveal more than just her “happy glowy” personality.  Nikki calls Charlie’s behavior in the booth and on the video set “unprofessional.”  Charlie admits that he has problems with boundaries.

Charlie and Tyler will both be performing for Ryan Murphy. The decision was down between Michael and Shanna. They decide to send Shanna back.  So far, she’s dodged a bullet.

The song assignments are handed out. Charlie will sing “I Get a Kick out of You,” for Ryan Murphy. He’s never heard of it.  Michael’s song is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. Tyler’s song is “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin. Tyler has never heard it. I guess he never saw “Mattress”—the season 1 Glee episode that featured a performance of the song. This is Tyler’s THIRD time in the bottom 3.

The B3 is Chosen

tgp2-sex-b3a by mjsbigblog

Ryan Murphy arrives for the kids’ last chance performance. Robert explains that nearly everyone performed well, except for Charlie, who overstepped his bounds during the video shoot.  Charlie performs and it’s very very good. The song is perfect for his smooth voice. All three mentors are impressed. Charlie is lucky that Ryan has a little crush on him.  Yeah, I think he does!  Ryan admits that he likes “a hot mess,” which may be why Charlie got a HUGE pass last week, despite nearly sending Mario careening into a fence after grabbing his cane during a scene in the video shoot. It was a move that was NOT part of Erik White’s direction.  And while I’m on the subject of Charlie—am I the only one who remembers him revealing that he was placed on the autism spectrum as a child? That would explain SO much about his inappropriate behavior, but nobody has mentioned that little bit of info since. Anyhoo.  Ryan DOES call him out for not taking direction from either Erik or Nikki.  Charlie is warned that he could be eliminated based SOLELY on his attitude.

Tyler is next. Ryan wants to root for him, but unfortunately, Tyler is not there in his evolution yet.  His performance of “Smile” does little to change Ryan’s mind. It’s lackluster and boring.  The mentors all acknowledge how brave Tyler is, embarking on gender reassignment at such a young age. But he’s like an infant in the process. He may simply not be ready yet.

Michael is last. The math nerd is so analytical; he can’t get out of his own head sometimes. He sings “Lucky” by Jason Mraz, and ONCE AGAIN HE FORGETS THE WORDS.  He was also boring. He makes the mentors a laugh when he subs in some of his own words. But still!  “What the hell happened?” asks Ryan.  He keeps choking, like poor Rachel in front of Madame Tibedeaux.  The mentors love him. But choking is not good. Zach begs him not to get in his own way. Robert notes that he takes direction well and has improved every week.

Last Chance Performance in Front of Ryan Murphy

tgp2-sex-lastchance by mjsbigblog

Robert arrives with the call back list. After some long hugs from their fellow contenders, Charlie, Tyler and Michael head off to learn their fate. Abraham and Shanna are already crying. Charlie is the first to look jubilant. He’s safe. So is Michael. Tyler is going home. He’s thankful to have had the opportunity to begin with. “Every single moment has been amazing, and a huge growing process,” says Tyler. The end. Next week, Kevin McHale mentors the kids on “Adaptability.”

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