The Four 2018 Week 4 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM: Challenger Kendyle Paige in the “Week Four” episode of FOX’s all-new singing competition series, THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM airing Thursday, Jan. 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: FOX. © 2018 FOX Broadcasting.

The Four: Battle for a Superstar  Week 4 airs tonight on FOX. Musician, record producer and songwriter Sean “Diddy” Combs, record-producing hitmaker DJ Khaled, Recording artist and songwriter Meghan Trainor and record label executive Charlie Walk will sit on the show’s “panel of experts.” Pop star Fergie has been tapped to serve as host.

Four artists, spanning all music genres, will fight each week to defend their coveted seats on the show, as determined newcomers challenge them and try to knock them out of the competition. The singer who is the last standing at the end of the competition will earn the ultimate prize: the panel of industry experts becomes key players on the winner’s team, along with a record contract and a lucrative spot as one of iHeartRadio’s On the Verge artists.

After last week’s elimination of Cheyenne Elliott and Candace Boyd, The four reigning artists this week are  Zhavia, Jason Warrior, Rell Jerv and Tim Johnson Jr. Zhavia is the longest running member of The Four remaining. Jason heads into his 3rd week. Rell and Tim are newbies.

Time for a Group Number! The Four perform “Finesse” by Bruno Mars.  Rell comes out rapping. And Jason Warrior is out next. And then Zhavia, who apparently is over her vocal issues. Tim Johnson Jr. breaks out some dance moves.

Nicolina – 22 – Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers – From Orlando, Florida, she sings R&B pop. The singer has been posting YouTube videos since she was 16 years of age. She dropped out of college after a semester, disappointing the rents. Her college tuition now pays for new Youtube videos.  She’s super hot looking. But her vocals are just OK. She has a nice head voice? But something’s missing. Star quality? This performance lacks energy. Charlie notes it’s hard to break a new artist. He didn’t get goosebumps over her voice, but loves her swag and style. Meghan felt she was stiff and uncomfortable. Diddy doubts she’s ready for prime time. “You’re not better than the four at this moment,” says DJ. “School is good too.” OUCH. I think that’s a no. FOUR NOS. Brutal. – Eliminated.

Ravaughn – Carson, California – Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato – Singer/Songwriter. She backups on Glee for six years! The singer also performed backgrounds for a slew of artists. Afterward, she signed a contract, but felt she couldn’t be herself. When that ended, she didn’t sing for two years. DJ knows her. Has seen her around “on some big stages.” She’s good. Modern vibe–she performs with swag and confidence. I really like her look, too. Diddy likes that she didn’t try too much, but had “sexiness.” DJ whips out a mini-air horn to show his approval. Charlie doesn’t KNOW if she can beat the four but… She admits she hasn’t “locked down” a genre yet, which is not a great sign. That’s a negative. Still, she can sing. Zhavia, ever the peanut gallery, isn’t impressed. And it’s 4 Yeses. We have to wait until after the break to find out her challenger. Ravaughn Challenges Jason

Jason Warrior – Titanium by Sia – He regrets losing it on stage last week. He’s being told to maybe dial it back a bit. Good advice. Jason NOT going hard, like he usually does. Which is actually a good thing. His performance was emotional, without being overwhelming. Charlie didn’t like the song choice. “It isn’t him.”

Ravaughn – Have You Ever by Brandy – Hm. I’m not impressed with this song choice. She should have stuck with something fresh. I liked her audition better than this. She’s hitting some big notes. Probably why she chose it. Meghan thinks she could beat Jason, though.

Diddy thought Jason was a little rough around the edges. Ravaughn was good, but she didn’t do enough to beat Jason. Meghan thought Ravaughn won the challenge. Fergie says less than 1% separates the two! The winner is…Diddy wants a recount. But he doesn’t get it. Jason wins the Challenge. Ravaughn is eliminated. Ravaughn needed to choose a better song. Too bad. I liked her. Jason is safe for the night.

Edi Callier – 22 – Jealous by Nick Jonas – He’s struggled with self-confidence. This year, he was “this close” to a diabetic coma. It was a life changing experience. He calls his scarf “Miss Esmeralda.” He’s got a good voice, and stage presence. His runs are nice and tasteful. DJ isn’t sure he’s better than The Four. Charlie calls him sweet, but not a star. Meghan loves his confidence, “Your riffs were incredible.” Diddy thinks he has more work to do. OH MAN 4 NOS. I think he deserved a chance. – Eliminated.

Nick Harrison – 28 – Chesapeake Beach MD – Bad Boy for Life by Diddy – Suburban white boy is a hip hop artist. Bullied as a kid, it affected the way he approaches music. It helped him break out of his shell. When he hits the stage, he asks the audience to make some noise. Rell is looking NERVOUS. He’s pretty good at rhyming and is sufficiently arrogant. So. He directs his ad libs at the panel. Meghan in particular is charmed. Diddy is speechless. Meghan calls him a star. DJ wants him to battle RELL NOW. Rell says, “I believe he just performed his best song.” Nick gets 4 yeses. And of course, Nick Challenges Rell.

Rell Jerv – Feeling Alright – The lyrics he wrote for this week, will be directed at his challenger. His kids gotta eat. He’s focused. Charlie feels Rell was off. Fergie mentions that today is Rell’s late brother’s birthday. Oh THAT’S not manipulative.

Nick Harrison – He’s good, but the whole privileged arrogant white boy thing he’s got going on irks me. Plus, his performance only lasted about 60 seconds.

Meghan felt Nick’s lyrics were best, but Rell had more hooks. She’d pick Nick, however. Charlie would choose Rell, he’s a real storyteller. Diddy agrees that he needs some hooks. However, he felt Nick was hungrier than Rell.

And Nick wins the Challenge. Rell is Eliminated. Bleh.

Josh Wyper – Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton – He’s the lead singer of a cover band. He stole a gal from another dude–with a song. They’re married now. This is a pleasant surprise. When I heard “cover band” I figured “karaoke” but he’s got a nice raspy voice, and is definitely putting his own spin on the song. I like this guy. Meghan wanted a “little more” from him. Charlie wants to nail down who he is. He’s a rock soul guy with a little pop, he says. Diddy says the song is about pain, but he didn’t feel the desire. 4 noes. Oh c’mon!!! Josh says, “I don’t think that performance deserved this.” I agree – Eliminated

Kendyle Paige – 20 – Circleville NY – Me, Myself and I – She works in a music store and comes from a very small town. If she doesn’t make it in music by 2018, her parents insist she goes back to school. Honey, if you REALLY wanted it, you’d leave the cocoon. Having said that, she’s a confident, energetic singer. Pitchy, but she’s got a unique sound. Meghan liked her growl, and respects her hustle. Diddy liked that she rearranged the song. He’d love to see her get a challenge. DJ pulls out a candle and lights it. Uh. Ok. Team meeting! Meghan is not feeling it. There are only 20 minutes left in the show, so it’s gonna be a yes. And 4 yeses. Zhavia says she already ate dinner, but wouldn’t mind a second plate. Tim sings “I’m hungry.” Diddy’s EAT EAT EAT dealio is still dumb. AND Kendyle challenges Zhavia

Zhavia – Diamonds by Rihanna – “I believe in you!” DJ shouts at her. Zhavia is totally the chosen one. I’m not in love with this cover, to be honest. She’s pitchy and its not the right song. In any case, Kendyle is going to have to REALLY step it up to overcome Zhavia’s overwhelming momentum.

Kendyle Paige – Pillowtalk by Zayn – This is less pitchy than her audition. It’s a really good song choice for her. She’s totally out singing Zhavia. Their voices are similar, actually. But Kendyle is smoother, her phrasing and intonation superior.

Meghan reminds everyone that Zhavia is still getting over vocal issues. She admits Kendyle was better, but she’s still team Zhavia. Charlie is also still Team Zhavia. DJ can’t say the word “circumstances.” Sad. So the coaches are admitting Zhavia sucked, but they don’t care. And the winner is…Kendyle!!!! Zhavia is eliminated. Total upset. But the right decision.

Meghan is crying. “I’m falling apart.” Good lord. Get it together, girl. Diddy says Kendyle killed it. So she won! Meghan is regretting putting Kendyl through. EH. There’s a whole “bring back” vote happening via twitter right now. Zhavia will be back.

The Four OG contestant Zhavia ELIMINATED along with Rell Jerv whose run ended after only two weeks. Kendyle Paige and Nick Harrison unseated them both, respectively. Jason Warrior won his challenge to enter his fourth week (and now is the longest running The Four contestant). Tim Johnson Jr. was not challenged.

Next week is “bring back” week and I’d bet everything on Zhavia not missing a beat. She’ll be back to re-challenge Kendyle. It’s so predictable.

Correction: Zhavia was the longest running member of The Four and the only one to have appeared on all four weeks, but she’s not an original member. She beat original member Elanese during week 1.

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