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Welcome, Bette Lovers! I’ve rounded up recent spoilers, rumors, and news from around the interwebs about the upcoming episode (Week 7, M 7/8 @ 8p on ABC), Des and her guys, and all of Bach Nation, to give you a update on the Meta universe that is Bach. Please catch up with my Week 6 Recap if you haven’t done so already. And now, with no further ado…

NEXT TIME on The Bachelorette

Des and her merry crew of 5 head off to the archipelago of Madeira, Portugal. Only one elimination this week, whittling them down to 4 guys for the HTDs (hometown dates) the week after. We get a whopping three 1-on-1 dates and one 2-on-1 date, but no roses on the 1-on-1s, and no elimination on the 2-on-1, giving Des time to consider her options and make her decisions at the RC (rose ceremony).

    1st 1-on-1 date: Brooks – a “cloud 9” picnic atop a mountain
    2nd 1-on-1 date: Chris – a picnic on a secluded oceanshore
    3rd 1-on-1 date: Michael G – a toboggan ride through town
    The 2-on-1 date: Drew & Zak – Zak gets a rose
    Surprise: Bach Sean’s Catherine, Lesley, and Jackie meet up with Desiree in Madeira for some “girl chat”
    Elminated: Michael G
    Going on to HTDs: Brooks, Chris, Drew, Zak

THIS SEASON on The Bachelorette

VIDEO: ABC Preview
VIDEO: TV Grapevine Extended Preview (scroll halfway down the page)
These new previews are throwing the spoilers for a loop – well played, ABC!
Here are some loops they threw us –

    Drew – What an emotional parting. Does Des let Drew go, or does Drew leave Des?
    Brooks – “This is the worst day of my life!” Does Brooks leave Des and come back on a later episode, ala Bette Jillian’s Ed? Or does Des let Brooks go, but he returns to propose, ala Bette Jillian’s Reid? Or neither?
    What’s up with Chris and Zak barely appearing in the previews?


    The James Case exit interview
    RealitySteve has dropped a little hint that not all is right in wonderland. “Brooks, Brooks, Brooks!”, RS has blogged & tweeted. But in his latest Reader Emails, he says he will clarify what he means by this vaguebooking in his Week 7 Tuesday recap post.


    Host Chris Harrison
    Recently divorced, Host Chris is looking for love! Along with Bach producer Mike Fleiss, Chris has launched a mobile video dating app called At First Sight. It is available for download on Android and iTunes/iOS.

    Creator Mike Fleiss
    Mike recently gave an interview on SiriusXM in June. Claims that BachPad will return and that Bette Des has the “weirdest ending you’ve ever seen”.
    AUDIO: Mike Fleiss talks Bachelorette 9

    Bette Desiree
    Reports are that Desiree Hartsock almost quit as the lead of The Bachelorette 9 after the James fiasco, piling on to Brian’s girlfriend, Bryden’s leaving, and the Ben fiasco.
    Des talked to PopSugar in June about Bach Sean’s and her own seasons.

    Bach Sean
    Sean Lowe competed in Dancing With The Stars, Season 16, this spring. Paired with dance pro Peta Murgatroyd, he made it to Week 8, leaving in 6th place.
    Rumor has it that Sean & his F1/fiance Catherine Giuducci plan to postpone their wedding till 2014. Coming off of The Bachelor + DWTS 16, they’d now like to enjoy the summer without any wedding-planning stress.
    SeanCat are spending 4th of July with Sean’s family in Dallas. Then it’s off to Cabo San Lucas for some R&R, followed by a trip up to Seattle to spend time with Cat’s family. Photo: US Magazine

    Bette Emily
    Emily Maynard is currently dating Tyler Johnson, a local guy in Charlotte, NC.
    Emily has launched her own lifestyle & fashion website,
    On July 10, Em will launch a jewelry collection for Town & Reese

    Bach Brad 1.0/2.0
    Austin resident Brad Womack has been dating Houston resident AshLee Frazier (Bach Sean) since the spring. Unfortunately, rumor has it that they might have recently broken up.
    AshLee has launched her own fashion & lifestyle website,

    Bette Ali
    Ali Fedotowsky is currently dating her F3 Frank’s celebrity doppelganger, Kevin Manno, the host of Lifetime’s Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, and the former host of MTV’s The Seven. They are currently vacationing in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
    Since Spring 2012, Ali has been the host of NBC’s travel show 1st Look for LXTV. It airs on NBC Saturday nights after SNL, but only in 10 markets – we hope it goes nationwide soon!

    Bette Jillian
    Jillian Harris has been dating fellow Canadian and pro snowboarder Justin Pasutto for the past year.
    On July 8, Jillian’s new venture will go live – a vintage jewelry webstore called Charlie Ford.

    Bach Jason
    Jason & Molly Mesnick welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Riley, on March 4!
    Jason & Molly have started a Podcast series for Seattle’s KIRO radio called “This Is Reality”. Catch all 8 episodes here.
    In particular, AUDIO: Episode 7, “Why Bachelor Love Fails”, divulges some behind-the-scenes producer manipulations from their season.
    During their recent Katie Couric appearance, Molly let slip that she was supposed to be the next Bette when Jason asked her out on national TV. :O

    Bette Meredith
    In this June interview with Good Morning America, Meredith Phillips came out as a recently recovering alcoholic. On the plus side, she is recently married to her high school sweetheart and living in Portland, OR.

    Bach Canada Brad
    Brad Smith & his F1/fiance Bianka Kamber celebrated their 1 year engagement anniversary by spending early June in Jamaica! On their actual anniversary date, June 28, the went out to see the Toronto Argos home opener.

    Arie Luyendyk Jr (Bette Emily)
    Arie has launched a racing career in the Stadium SUPER Trucks Series this spring!
    Follow his new racing-focused Twitter account, RacerArie, to keep up with Arie’s racing career.
    Rumor has it that Arie is being considered for the next Bachelor!
    Arie dishes on his time on The Bette and offers advice to future contestants.

    Jef Holm (Bette Emily)
    Rumor has it that Jef is also being considered for the next Bachelor!
    Jef parted ways with the company he cofounded, PeopleWater, this spring.

    Others in BACH NATION
    Emily O’Brien (Bach Ben) got engaged in June.
    Ashleigh Hunt (Bach Jake) got married in June.
    Jessie Sulidis (Bach Jake) got engaged in May.
    Shawntel Newton (Bach Brad 2.0) got married in May.
    Lucas Daniels (Bette Ashley) announced in April that he is expecting his first child with wife Catherine.
    Jackie Gordon (Bach Brad 2.0) got engaged in February.

    In true Wikipedia style, is building summary charts for each past season of the Bach franchises!
    The Bachelor seasons
    The Bachelorette seasons
    Seven Seasons of The Bachelorette – Where are they now?

RECAPS Roundup

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    AfterBuzz TV – with Krisily Kennedy (Bach Charlie) and guest-starring Graham Bunn (Bette Deanna)

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